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Reviews of Goodfellas Cleaning

  • PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU BOOK WITH THEM!!! They are a SCAM company. DO NOT book with them for cleaning. First of all, they quoted me over the phone for a price of $330 to do bond clean for the whole house and carpet clean as well. I agreed to the price and they asked for my credit card details. I immediately asked them if they are going to charge the credit card after the service is done and they promised me with a yes. Still I reluctantly gave them the details. So, the day that the cleaning meant to be done. We were they around 40 mins before and 1hr15mins after the agreed time. They NEVER came.Nor did they try making any attempt to contact me why they didn't show up. There were not a single telephone number on their website I can call that doesn't go to a voice mail. Then I checked my credit card account and they charged me 2 days before the cleaning meant to be done and they also over charged me an extra $10 of service they never provided. So I emailed them on the same day asking for a full refund and email them again 2 days later. Up to today, I still haven't heard back from them and no refund for my money yet. SO DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM FOR CLEANING!!
  • Hi I actually have a fantastic review. I look forward to leaving reviews and I can say this company have done superb jobs on everyone of my clients homes. Sam is always respectful and I've overheard him on his phones calls with other clients and he handles complaints very well I couldn't believe how much he is provoked by demanding customers I commend him for telling them that he'll sort out whatever the problem if they have a better approach towards him and don't curse. I know from a business standpoint you can't please everyone and the minority on here are trying to do just that and that's ok! But my opinion is the opposite I say thank you for your cleaning services you are a nice person to all of us. Cheers!!!
  • Extreamly rude, cant belive they are still in business. Had them booked for full rental vacate ie carpets pest and cleaning. Didnt turn up and im glad now as i can see i would have been left more distresssd. I Phoned at 8.30 (Booked for 7.30am) was told would be there by 9.30am. By 11 am no show ( i was vacating rental property that day a Saturday) I phoned again and he said i was booked for next weekend and it was my mistake. He then procedwd to swear at me before hanging up. I had to phone around very short notice to get other cleaners etc.

  • You did my house today wish i found this before i booked you and i am not happy at all.

    Firstly you charged $109 when we agreed on $99 like your ad states on website for 5 bed i have 3 bed 1 lounge and a hallway. The price was agreed on when i booked!
    You also didn't need to move furniture so why the extra charge? And don't tell me gst because that is not present in your ad!

    Secondly why did you not vacuum like stated? Obviously another rip off!

    And thirdly why didn't they move this mat photo attached

    We both work in a very successful business that we could of passed on business your way, but not now!
    You are lucky i was not home or i would of pulled you up on this as soon as you didn't vacuum.

    Don't advertise what you cant deliver #reviewtowin
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  • Never use these cleaners. I've written a proper review on Google, but to summarise;

    1. Asked for credit card to put deposit, $440 immediately, eventhough the agreed amount on the phone was $240.
    2. Smoked on the property and in the house, can you believe it. Could smell cigarettes when I walked in and our toilet airfreshener had been sprayed throughout the house to mask the smell which was still potent. Cigarrette butts left all over outside, one was left lit and burnt into the back deck.
    3. Pathetic clean. Literally could have cleaned it to the same standard in 1 hr for free. Rental agency is now asking for $350 to clean because they didn't even think it had been cleaned professionally.
    4. Please just don't do it.
  • I have to say I was concerned, I booked in with Goodfellas and then read the reviews and was worried that I was going to have a problem.
    I thought I will give them a chance and for the price I surely they couldn't be that bad.
    The cleaners turned up on time and I left them to it, came back to have a look before paying and was amazed at how good a job they had done, the carpet cleaner was there and he was very friendly and did a fantastic job.
    After he had finished we had a bit of a chat, I asked him whats with the negative reviews and he explained that was old management who had terrible cleaners, the new management must be on top of things now!
    Great job at a great price, Highly Recommend!!!!
  • HI ,I had a excellent service form these guys they were helpful and sent me a confirmation with all the terms and conditions , i paid for the job had the job completed , my real estate didn't pass it but the ladies in the office are fantastic they rebooked me straight away to fix up the small things that needed rectifying .I would use them again was very happy with the service .I had used these guys in sydney and now on the gold coast
  • Dfinately not even worth the half star Twice the worst experience ever, a job not anywhere completed. Wish i had read the reviews!! Stupidly paid cash, have had nothing but grief trying to get a partial refund. Had a txt from the cleaner clearly stating they had not completed the job yet no word from the management of this business. I advise people to NOT employ these people.
  • WORST EXPERIENCE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Booked in for bond clean, others could do a better job, they don't do even half of what they say they will and when you ring to complain they fob you off and then just ignore your calls. They demand cash up front and then take 2 days to give you all of the tax invoices which doesn't cover the full amount. One hand written tax invoice for cleaning covered about 2/3 of amount, carpet cleaning didn't have a dollar value and required re-cleaning with carpet spot cleaning a dozen areas, pest control didn't have a dollar value on it and took 2 days to provide, I don't actually believe that it was done. I did ask them to get the cleaners back around OR give me at least a partial refund Neither of which happened of course, just IGNORE ALL CALLS AT THIS POINT. I have a photograph of the cleaners white ute with registration number and plenty of video showing the NOT EVEN ATTEMPT AT CLEANING. The kitchen and windows were the only things cleaned properly but not the top of the cupboards, spent 5 hours there going over the most basic things in order to get bond back, you know, window sills, light fittings, light switches, wardrobe shelves, carpet, bathrooms. so much for there guarantee. The only guarantee you will get is 'They will guarantee to do a very minimal cleaning job and ignore you if you dare to complain about their pathetic attempt at BOND CLEANING. Half a star is way to generous, but nothing less is accepted.
  • They don't even deserve half a star. I hope you have time to read the extensive list of problems I had.

    Firstly they took money from my Credit Card 5 days before I gave them permission to which left my account overdrawn.
    I received a text asking what time should they arrive on Saturday when I made the booking for 9am Sunday.
    The cleaner I was provided with had to leave half way through the job. Not to mention the fact that cleaner illegally parked blocking the entrance way to the tenants car parks (right under the tow away sign) resulting in my apartment not getting fully cleaned on time for my real estate agent to do the bond check.
    My keys were not returned so I had to wait 2 days until I could check my apartment.
    I asked if I could receive a refund or discount considering all the trouble they had caused which lead to them just ignoring me and refusing any sort of compensation. So much for making their customers number 1 priority!!
    After sending several emails and making loads of unanswered phone calls I got a reply pretty much stating that the unprofessional behavior of the cleaners has nothing to do with Goodfellas Cleaning as a company and that it is in the best interest of the company to no longer provide me with services.

    Overall poor service, unprofessional and a bunch of ignorant time wasters.
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