At Goodfellas Cleaning our clients are our number 1 priority, to guarantee the highest level of service we utilize quality control programs which include regular onsite inspections. We constantly monitor our work and encourage customer communication as their input to heighten our level of cleaning services. 

We manage sites of all sizes so there is NO JOB TOO BIG OR SMALL that we cant handle; from large sites that require permanent staff to a large team of after-hours cleaners, to small sites requiring daily or weekly visits.
As a professional cleaning company there are no hidden extras and should we fail to perform to your highest expectations then we ensure that we will fix the problem on our next visit and if we dont, then you get that weeks cleaning for FREE!!

Our aim over the last 10 years is to be a growing family business delivering a professional service with a smile and ensure each customer receives 100% commitment and value for there money.

Through Goodfellas Cleaning achievements of various cleaning services, we are a successful and professionally managed all round cleaning company, a market leader in every field of cleaning, providing a wide range of services. Why shop around for quote after quote when we can provide you with all your cleaning services in one unique phone call on 1300 489 589!

The Goodfellas Cleaning team are all highly trained and experienced staff who are owner operators and passionate about their work and  looking after your home or business as if it were their own. All of our work is of highest importance with not only meeting but exceeding our customer's expectations with every service.

Services - Residential Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Commerical Cleaning, Strata Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, High Pressure Cleaning, End of Lease Cleaning.

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  • LEMK Newbie   1 review
    The way a company treats you on the phone will reflect how they treat you while they do a service. Goodfellas Cleaning this afternoon on the phone to me were arrogant and rude, the person swore (repeatedly) at me and then hung up on me. The reason why I got this behaviour? I have no idea. I was simply asking about their prices and how they compare to other companies.
    I would not use this company and am taking my business else where. I strongly recommend other people do the same.

    2 weeks ago - 16/07/2014

  • ErinJ82 Newbie   2 reviews
    We had the worst experience with this company!!! First, they did not show up on the day that we scheduled them to come, we should have stopped there,but they agreed to come on another day and did show up, however, they did a horrible job of cleaning the carpets! They were far too wet, and did not dry for THREE DAYS so our house smelled damp and felt wet for that time. Then the pest spray they did had no effect what so ever!!! We tried to get them to come back and respray, and they agreed on a time but did not show up!! And didn't even bother to call! This is by far the stupidest decision I have ever made and will never be using this service EVER AGAIN!!

    3 weeks ago - 11/07/2014

  • Natsf Newbie   1 review
    I booked this company at the weekend for end of lease cleaning and had the exact same experience as everyone who commented here! They were suppose to arrive at 9am but called to say someone had rang in sick so they were running late. A worker showed up at 16:30 and said it would take them 6 hrs hours as they were on their own. At 11pm after not hearing from them my boyfriend went to check on them and they still hadnt finished, they said it didnt look like they had even started, nothing looked clean, i dont know what they actually did in over 6 hrs! They said they would need another hour and a half!! So my boyfriend had to ask them to leave as it was very late on a sunday night when we have work the next day. Even though they requested it we did not pay anything as the work had not been done. I sent an email to the person i had originially booked with explaining everything and asked them to call me in the morning i have not heard anything since.Most bizaare experience ever, but now that i see all these comments it all makes sense, i wish i had seen these before i booked, i will definitely be reading reviews in future, what a sham of a company, very unprofessional.

    1 month ago - 02/06/2014

  • Sydney resident Newbie   1 review
    I stupidly did not look up reviews and chose this company for my End of Lease cleaning and boy did I regret it. The communication was fine during booking process but when it came to communication during the day and afterwards it was ridiculous. I had to call them during the day to ask how they are going and none of my calls were picked up, I had to go over to the unit to check on them. I was told they will be done by midday however did not finish until god knows when, as the last time I went over to check on them was at 5.30 and they still wasn't done. I was promised they would call when they are done to give me a receipt and I never received a call. I was not entirely happy with the cleaning, however I thought it would be a lot worse than what it was. I did have to go and fix some things which I shouldn't have to as I paid them to do it. Who uses and DIRTY BLUE cloth and rubs the walls with it so hard that some of the paint came off and also left big blue marks and drops of dirty water running down WHITE walls. I just cannot understand!!!! I tried to call the head office and they sounded like they didn't care about a customer complaint, were rude and just kept referring me to different people. They also claimed that they did not receive my complaint email which was sent as a reply to the trail of emails when I initially booked the cleaning, so I resent it and 2 days later I still haven't received a response to that or a receipt.

    I DO NOT recommend for anyone to go with this company, don't make the same mistake I did.

    2 months ago - 21/05/2014

  • Kymmy Jame Newbie   1 review
    For anybody that rents.. Do not.. I repeat DO NOT use Goodfellaz cleaning for a bond clean.
    Remember when I had all that drama about them not showing on Good Friday. Well they showed the following day (Saturday) then when our property manager did the exit report they said our cleaning wasn't up to standard and we would have to return to rectify. I then told them that I didn't understand. .. we had a professional company go through the house?... they were shocked. They said none of the cleaning was carried out.

    For the past MONTH I have been fighting with this company for a full refund. I am now in the middle of going through the Office of Fair Trading to get our money back as they (Goodfellaz) say they will look into it and contact us... Needless to say, they don't contact us.

    • Sydney resident Newbie 
      Definitely agree! Their service is atrocious!

      2 months ago - 22/05/2014

    • Natsf Newbie 
      100% agree shocked by the whole experience, what a waste of time.

      1 month ago - 02/06/2014

  • Vibe13 Local Star   71 reviews
    Recently used this company to clean my unit on the Gold Coast and they did an excellent job. The two ladies commissioned to do the job were prompt, friendly and thorough. Can't ask for much more than that.
  • Stephanie92 Newbie   1 review
    Absolutely disgusted with the lack of respect I recieved whilst asking for a quote. Was told "Dont bother calling back cause we don't want your business" because I said I will call around for other quotes and get back to them.
  • Dukenewcombe Newbie   1 review
    Made an appt, however after shopping around, cancelled the appt based on a much better quote with a more reputable company. My girlfriend rang to cancel and they responded with "that's b******" and became verbally aggressive. Needless to say, she hung up on them.


    8 months ago - 02/11/2013

  • Amanda L21 Newbie   1 review
    Terrible company never use! They send you an email qoute then turn up ask for more money when you talk to the management they are rude, I have email of the qoute and they wouldn't honour it. do the clean and now we are fighting to get our bond back DO NOT USE
  • Fran Liddl Newbie   1 review
    The absolute worst Cleaning company ever. I booked an end of lease clean and they didn't even clean the bench tops in my bathroom nor the walls or the bathroom cabinet. I have never been more disgusted in my life with their complete lack of service. I had to re clean the house myself! I will be contacting the Dept of Fair Trading.

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