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Reviews of Gormans Big Oyster

  • I have not visited the upper restaurant but I visited the takeaway shop underneath today and what can I say, the service was absolutely horrible! I walked in there and the buzzer at the door went off to signal that I was entering. I standed there for around a minute before I decided I should walk through the buzzer again to get their attention. Still no one came to serve me. I kept making the buzzer go off but no service. It wasn't until TEN MINUTES later that someone came down to serve me. The shop assistant had no personality at all and spoke so soft that I could barely hear.

    The food is alright but nothing special. They absolutely haul on the salt.
  • Appalling. Having visited the restaurant in 2008 and had a lovely family experience we were all raving about until now. We went tonight Jan 2010. What a let down. My husband was served beer he didnt order and was then told he was wrong when he commented about it. The food was totally over priced for what it was. Worst of all A RAT RAN UNDER OUR TABLE!!!! I told the waitress and she said "oh we get rats when Yamba floods". Well Yamba didn't flood in the past year!!!!! I said "maybe you shouldn't be operating then...she said "we don't usually see them"!!!!!!!!!!!! The owner then "looked" for the rat half-heartedly. Do not go there!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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