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Greener Cleaner Dry Cleaners Offers Free Pick-Up, Free Delivery & $10 Dollars Worth Of Free Dry Cleaning

I'm gonna give you $10 worth of FREE dry cleaning just so you'll give my pick-up and delivery service a try. Why? So the risk is on me--not you! What have you got to loose?  Nothing!

You should be having your dry cleaning picked up and delivered. It's crazy if you're not. It doesn't cost any more--actually you'll save some petrol money and the time to go get it because we do that for you for free.

I want your business, and once I have it, I don't want you to go anywhere else. So why don't you let me pick-up and deliver your dry cleaning for you and help simplify your life? You don't need the hassle of doing something that I can do for you--and on top of that, it doesn't cost any more.
Why not let me show you the luxury and simplicity (without the cost) of our FREE dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service?

Besides dry cleaning and laundering your shirts, we clean doonas, tablecloths, linens, wedding dresses, blankets, drapes, suede, leather, rugs and almost anything you can think of.  We will also do alterations, recycle your hangers and take away your clothes donations on behalf of charities.

I don't know about you, but I get really mad when a shirt comes back from the cleaners with a broken button. So here is what I've done: you'll get $5 dollars cash for any buttons we miss that are broken. Don't get me wrong, we didn't set up this policy so that we could give away five-dollar notes--we set it up so that we would meticulously check your buttons to find the broken ones so we don't loose the five bucks.

No start-up fee!  Try with no obligation!  You get $10 worth of FREE dry cleaning!

Your neighbourhood dry cleaner,

Kris Anderson
Greener Cleaner dry cleaners
1300 796 776

P.S. Remember, it doesn't cost any more to have us pick up and deliver your dry cleaning. Plus you'll get $10 of FREE Dry Cleaning, a FREE bag, FREE pick-up, FREE delivery and we say please, thank you and we smile.

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  • Envirofriend   2 reviews
    I support environmentally friendly businesses and started going to this cleaner about 10 years ago. Then they were small,friendly and.I used the service every month and was satisfied. I recently moved back to the area and took a suit to be repaired and cleaned. Although the place looked the same my experience was really disappointing ! It took 2 days longer than I was originally quoted . The staff didn't seem to care about their customers either. I was left at the counter waiting for more than 10 minutes both times I went. First I waited while a staff chatted on the phone and the second time nobody came to the counter at all until I started calling out for service. Both visits I left without my clothes.I was offered delivery but that wasn't convenient so I had to come back a third time to pick it up. Finally I got my suit back only to find my jacket was not repaired and only one trouser leg had been pressed. Shoddy job, shoddy service, and high prices instead of being offered a voucher for my trouble or a refund on services not provided I was actually overcharged! I won't go again.
  • Naremburn Dad Newbie   1 review
    Very unreliable. Staff are rude. Clothes were not ready until 3 days after they had indicated they would be. WIll not be using their service again.
  • QiTTT Newbie   1 review
    Greener Cleaner Dry Cleaner at Naremburn are my choice for FREE dry cleaning pick-up and delivery. They always make sure if we are happy about the result.I definitely recommend them because they always work hard for the customers satisfaction.
  • A True Local User Newbie   1 review
    I have been a customer for a few years now.
    They never disappointed us.
    They always do a good job and if we are not satisfied with the job from any reason,
    They pick up the material and do their best with no cost and bring them back to us.
    They always make sure if we are happy about the result.
    For instance, the other day I asked them to wash the bed skirt but I was not satisfied with the
    Result because there were still some stains on it. The reason is they just followed the care instruction so they drycleaned. Unfortunately dryclean did not work very well.
    So I called to try removing the stains.
    And the result was brilliant.
    It looked like a brand new one.

    I will definitely recommend them because they always work hard for the customers satisfaction.

  • aquaregia Newbie   1 review
    If I could give this business a negative rating I would.
    I left an Italian Nino Cerruti suit jacket here to be cleaned on Friday. When I cam in on Monday to pick it up I was told it was still being worked on. I cam in again on Tuesday and was told the same story. When I cam in on the Friday i was told that the jacket had been given to another customer but they knew it had to be one of two customers as their orders were stacked on the rack either side of mine. I came in again the following Monday to be told that I needed to give them two weeks as that was the cycle that these other customers used for the dry cleaning deliveries.

    Despite being very skeptical about this, I called on Friday and was told that it needed to be two weeks from the Monday. I then waited until the Saturday, now 3 weeks and one day. I went in and was told that my jacket had been lost and I would be compensated. I said I could not find an exact replacement as this suit isn't made any more, but to buy something equivalent would be in the range of $400-450. Since I didn't trust them to pay I gave them two options. Put it in writing that they would pay for a replacement up to a maximum of $450, or just pay me $300 cash.

    This where things got really ugly. I was told that I would accept $170, which was utter fiction and irrelevant since I was the customer. I was finally told 200, take it or leave it. Sue us if you want we don't care we won't pay you one more cent unless you can show us the original receipt - for a suit bought more than 8 years ago.

    Yes, they actually told me that I should be keeping the receipts of every piece of clothing I ever buy for over $300 just in case a dry cleaner loses it at some arbitrary time in the future.

    BOTTOM LINE: Utterly disgraceful customer service. By far the worst experience I have ever had dealing with any business, bar none.

  • J Cammeray Newbie   1 review
    We have been using Greener services weekly for about 6 months. Kris's service has been impeccable. We changed to Greener as we had things go missing and shirts weren't coming back clean with another provider and also because of his environmentally conscious products. Our shirts beautifully done, door to door pick-ups and drop offs on time, text message reminders - terrific service, so convenient! Janet, Cammeray
  • Fatherof3 Newbie   1 review
    We have been using The Greener Cleaner for many years after they were recommended by a friend.

    We have found their services to be amazing!

    It is so convenient to leave our drycleaning by the front and to have the freshly pressed shirts and drycleaned frocks dropped off two days later.

    With a friendly service, a competitive price and a reminder text every week to put out your bag, I could not recommend The Greener Cleaners enough!

    And more than anything, theyre a really good drycleaner!!

    Belinda Finlay, Cammeray

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