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Crows Nest, NSW
Open today - 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Mon 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Tue 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Wed 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Thu 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Fri 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sat 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sun 11:00 am - 10:00 pm


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Reviews of Grill'd

  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star 959 reviews
    Great burgers live here! The crows nest store is up there with the best. What really sets it apart is the staff. I once walked in here after a long day and the lovely lady who served me said, 'it looks like you have a had long day. Spot on. I felt very welcomed and it made my meal so much more pleasant. She followed up with 'You just relax and let us get you something to eat'. Thank you. Great lamb burger followed. Yum!!!
  • atan7 Local Star 1,301 reviews
    They have renovated the store and it looks great! Plenty of seating spaces for small or larger groups and the food is as good as ever! Tried the salads and they were filling and delicious, especially with a sneaky serving of fries!
  • atan7 Local Star 1,301 reviews
    Great burgers which as consistent in quality. Came here pretty late at night (10pm) and they still served us a great burger. The staff are super friendly and even have us some bonus fries!
  • Bella.Blue Local Star 395 reviews
    If you're gluten intolerant, like me, you'll know how hard it is to find decent burger joints with tasty food. others might say the burgers at their place are better, but let's be honest: Grill'd does burgers well -fresh & delish! My faves are The Hot Mama & the Zen Hen. Loved this place so much, we ended up going to the Darling Harbour store the next night!
  • Great service beautiful burgers always perfectly cooked..
  • atan7 Local Star 1,301 reviews
    The burgers here are fresh and delicious. The staff are friendly and you always know you're going to get a great meal. My personal favorite is the 'Almighty'- a burger with all the trimmings including a fried egg! The must-have item on the menu are the fries... Perfectly cooked covered with a myriad of herbs and salt.
    Great place for a casual meal with
  • Parge Local Star 254 reviews
    Compared to its main competition down the road Grill'd is so much more superior. Down the road they have a "build your own burger" place called "the Counter". Even when you build it yourself, it doesn't compare to Grilled who's burgers have more flavour and is much cheaper.

    You may suggest that I should build a better burger, but I say stick with the professionals and order from Grill'd. They will add some awesome chips and sauces as sides and generally leave you super content, filled and happy. Not just full and fat.

    The different types of buns, as mentioned by the other truelocal reviews, is a massive plus. Well worth the visit.
  • ann85 28 reviews
    I am a massive burger fan, so I can get pretty critical when it comes to burgers, but these are good every time to go. They advertise themselves as the healthy burger, now Im not sure a burger can ever be really healthy but these sure feel a lot better than your average burger. The ingredients are all really fresh, the salad crisp, the buns freshly toasted (and your choice of 3 different buns) and the patty itself cooked to order.

    These come in beef, chicken and veggie options, each with around 5-6 options, so everyone is sure to find something they like. I cant go past the beef burger with bacon and cheese, so yummy! But the chicken is also great, tender and moist, and there are many vegetable alternatives, not just patties but a big field mushroom as well.

    Then I come to the fries, I can hardly rave enough about these thick cut fries, crisp and fluffy, in a blend of herbs and salt that makes them so much better than the average chip. Dip them in the herb mayo and you will be in heaven!

    Definitely worth a trip, although these are popping up all over Sydney now, so you shouldnt have to go too far to try your favourite Grill'd burger!
  • It would have been five stars except they're so busy, so I had to wait 15 mins in line just to order and then another 10-15 to receive my food (in my opinion, too long to wait for a burger).
    Having said that, there is a reson WHY they are so busy - their burgers and chips are INCREDIBLE! A burger and a small chips will leave you absolutely full as a goog 'til dinner. They have loads of options, small snack burgers if you're not that hungry, kids' meals, vegetarian and even gluten free ($1.50 extra though - rip off).
    I love that further down the back they provide decent reading materials (Frankie, Yen, Daily Newspapers, Drum Media, etc) and that on Mondays and Tuesdays there is a student deal that you get a free drink (speaking of drinks, if you like a beer with your burger, you can get that, too!).

    For a 5 star dining experience I suggest you go between Wed and Sun if you prefer a quieter dining experience, and to ring ahead and order if, like me, you hate to wait.

    Take note, Grill'd, I like you, but you only got four stars because you could be cheaper (especially for Coeliacs), and you could do coffee.
  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    I finally tried Grill'd this week and I loved it! There were too many options to choose from, which is great, and I ended up trying their "Almighty" burger, the largest you could order. It was incredibly juicy and delicious -- definitely different from other burgers I have ever tried!

    The dining section of the restaurant was nice and relaxing -- however their restroom, which is located up the back via stairs, felt like grandma's old apartment corridor back in the 60s!

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