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I am a professional guitar teacher with over 30 years experience.
Styles include- Rock, Metal, Blues, Fusion, Jazz, Country, Funk, Reggae and Classical.
For people interested in Shred i teach speed picking,sweep picking, string skipping and 8 finger two handed tapping.
Levels from beginners to advanced and all ages are welcome.
I have taught hundreds of children over the years with excellent results.

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Reviews of Guitar Lessons Coogee

  • I've had about 4-1/2 months of lessons with Rob and he's taken me from absolute beginner to being able to play some cool songs. He's given me lots of different techniques to progress and has made learning really enjoyable. I've studied piano and flute in the past, but gave up because the teachers made it boring. I'm really enjoying the lessons and have found Rob inspiring.
  • If you want to improve your guitar playing, Rob is the guy to see. I had been mucking around strumming for 5 years, and hadn't made an improvement for at least two before i saw Rob. Straight away I saw results, and it wasn't even that hard work! Rob knew pretty much every style of guitar i put to him, and he knew the right way to play it. His communication is great, and he is very generous with his time. I have gone from being an average guitar player to one somebody people want to see play within a short time. I'm sure Rob would be a great teacher to beginners, given his patience and simplified approach to guitar playing, but from my experience, if you've hit a plateau with your guitar playing, see Rob and you will improve your skills after only a few lessons.
  • Rob is a fantastic teacher. I've been wishing I could play guitar for 40 years. Finally did something about it. Rob was recommended by my local guitar shop. Awesome. Now my 9 year old is taking lessons as well. Highly recommended!
  • Learning to play with Rob has been a great experience. He's a great teacher and has alot of experience and I've learnt more in the 2 months with him than I have my whole 5 years of playing guitar.
  • This is Saul here - been a student of Rob for a little while. I am always surprised at the level of diversity that this bloke has with his playing and teaching; from delicate blues to Jazz, country to shred. Nothing is out of bounds to learn. He is easily able to depart knowledge and help me learn stuff that I would have never thought possible... I came in a 'camp fire' guitar player with the basic chords and one or two scales and have progressed to another level completely. I actually enjoy the lessons! There is no sign of rigidity in his teaching style or pressure, just a willingness to meet me where I am at and help me to extend from that point. All I can say is that it started as some casual lessons and it has ended up as a guitar journey.
  • I have been able to play half a dozen chords badly for over 40 years. Finally I decided to bite the bullet and get some structure into learning to play the guitar. I'm so glad I did. Rob knew exactly where to start and has been wonderful in encouraging me. I'm getting a huge amount of enjoyment from the rapid progress being made and I'd love to write more but I'd rather practice!
  • Rob is an awesome teacher. I come from a classical guitar background and have always found it difficult to compose my own music but Rob has really helped me become more of my own player with a unique style. Thanks!
  • I have known Rob since I was a kid. I've always been into guitar but I didn't really get better until Rob gave me the training and encouragement I needed. I'm really happy with the patience he showed, because I was not an easy student. The sad part is that I've now moved to Melbourne and only see him when he comes and visits.

    Miss ya mate and hope to get some more lessons when you come visit!
  • My son and daughter have been having learning to play guitar with Rob for the past four years, and they are still loving their weekly lessons. They started with Rob as complete novices, but through his knowledge, patience, enthusiasm and encouragement they have developed into two very proficient young guitar players. Rob has a vast range of songs and styles to suit all musical tastes and levels of ability. He has a wonderful way with children of all ages, and I would definitely encourage any parent who is considering music lessons for their child to give Rob a call - I'm certainly glad I did!!
  • I've been getting guitar lessons from Rob for many years now and with his teaching ability,he really does make you feel like you've achieved something.
    I highly recommend him to anyone who truly wants to learn the basics or become more professional.

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