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Reviews of Gusto Espresso Bar

  • jojostuff Local Star 365 reviews
    Popped in here for a quick mid-beach break. I ordered a mango smoothie to go and sat at the counter chatting with friends and watching the foot traffic on Coogee Bay Road.

    The girls were really apologetic about the wait though I hadn't noticed. The smoothie was amazing and the girls even offered us the extra smoothie left over in the blender.
  • Great coffee! We went for breakfast here and man was it good. Great buzz on the street. Perfect for a sunny day on a weekend!
  • Best coffee in Sydney! Love it!
  • Ads1 24 reviews
    I've now moved on to Espressos, and they're equally as good. Keep it up!
  • Ads1 24 reviews
    Best Coffee in Coogee. Long black, one sugar please!