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Sacro-Occipital Technique & Upper Cervical Adjustments

Haberfield Chiropractic specialises in S.O.T. (Sacro-Occipital Technique) and Upper Cervical Adjustments, as well as using state of the art analytic procedures such as thermal scanning and the Foot Leveller scanner.
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Reviews of Haberfield Chiropractic

  • John has helped me to overcome crippling back pain that left me quite unable to play sports or really have an active life. And at that time I was only 20!!
    It was not a quick fix, but I got educated on what really caused the condition, and now of course I understand that a quick fix would have been a painkiller - completely ineffective at handling the problem.
    Now I am pain free and living a very active life. I do martial arts and other sports, and am rarely troubled by my back. I make sure to still go and see John, as I want to continue to have my health improve - and that's the other interesting thing, that John treats more than just back pain. He treats a whole range of holistic things - if you've got colds, headaches or even organ problems like indigestion or even a stressed liver, he can help. How cool is that?
    Plus John uses non-force techniques to get the job done. So it's not an ordeal of "neck-cracking."
  • I went through a successful course of treatments for a neck pain with John and his team. Was very happy with the service and treatment and have since recommended John to others.
  • After seeing many chiros over the years I've finally found a good long term solution chiropractor. John is experienced, gentle, but effective..no scary big crunches. Gabriella on reception adds to the friendly caring team.
    No rush throughs. Complimentary therapies and methods in house. I've been there for 3 years on and off whenever I have pain or if seeking a maintenance check up.
    • It is a good point you raised about -long term solution. Many people have yet to experience the benefits that chiropractic contributes to a healthy life style. It is a wise choice, I always feel.Dr John
  • A gentle and safe alternative to chiropractic treatment with facilities for x-ray and foot analysis.

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