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We LOVE what we do. Transforming hair is our passion. We are honest, professional and commited to giving you the best hair ever. Can't wait to meet you!

We all love that 'just done' hair feeling. How gorgeous do u feel when u walk out swishing your hair, feeling your most fabulous self? We love that feeling and we really love giving it to our clients. 
Consultation is the most important part of the hair appointment for us, finding out what your dream hair is and what plan we can put in place to make that come true. 
Amazing hair is a process & we will give you honest advice on what needs to be done to achieve the very best result for your hair. 
Our focus is on your hair not on products. We became hairdressers to transform your hair not to become sales people. 
Our passion for what we do is reflected in the gorgeous text messages and emails we receive weekly and of course in the reviews on sites such as Tru local. 
This is not just a job to us, it is our passion and we simply love what we do. 
We are very excited to meet you and looking forward to giving you the best hair you have ever had. 
Deborah & Francesca xo 

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Reviews of Hair Angel

  • I have thick, straight, blonde hair which for 95% of hairdressers it seems is very difficult to get right (both colour and cut). I have previously had some shocking hairdressers and when I turned up to Deb 12 months ago my hair had snapped off and was block gold - eeak! Both Deb and Francesca are both technically brilliant and insane knowledge of their colour products that fills me with a sense of calm, relief and excitement every time I have my hair done. I can not recommend them more highly.
    • Thank you Hockey girl!!! It is lovely to be so appreciated. We get so much satisfaction transforming hair and to get such great feedback puts a really big smile on our faces. We will continue to take great care of you and your hair hopefully for years to come :) thanks again! Deb & Francesca
  • Hair Angel's excellent reviews got me in the door and I think they are spot on. Deb and Francesca are an amazing team with great technical skills. I've had so many compliments about how much younger I look! Most importantly is that they are an absolute delight to spend several hours with. I completely trust their advice regarding cut, colour and products and have always been delighted with the results. My hair has never looked so good or been so healthy. Thanks angels!
    • Hi Catherine thank you so much for your lovely review. Thank you also for all the lovely ladies you have been referring to us. Both Francesca and I love spending your appointment time with you. Thanks for trusting us with your hair! See you soon, Deb & Francesca
  • Thanks Hair Angels for yet another fabulous hair cut and highlights. Thanks for fitting me in even though you were very busy and for always making me feel like nothing is too much trouble. I usually find individual hairdressers are brilliant at first and then their enthusiasm slowly disappears the more times you visit but I've been going to Deborah at Hair Angel for about 6 years now and I'm always treated like its my first visit and made to feel special.
    • Thank you so much for your lovely review! It's so nice to know that the care and attention we give our clients is still felt years later. We want to make every appointment as special as the first. Thanks for taking the time, we really appreciate it. Deborah & Francesca
  • I have been going to see Den and Francesca now at Hair Angel for 18 months. They have transformed an overly frizzy, driwd, burnt mop of blonde hay into art during that time with great care and advice. Deb's passion and knowledge of colour correction is second to none. I have found Deb to alway be accomodating with scheduling me in despite my manic and busy schedule with travel and work and she has always fit me in where possible and to my satisfaction. I have equally given her the the respect of as much notice as possible where a change is required. I highly recommend Angel Hair's expertise for anyone who wants to experience true colour consultation. Thanks Deb for giving me life back to my hair!!
    • Thanks Corrie! We love seeing you every time you come into the salon and I love improving your hair with every visit. Thanks for trusting us with your hair, we will continue to make it the very best it can be. Thanks also for the lovely review, it means a lot to us. See you at your next appointment, Deb & Francesca
  • The first cut was amazing. An excellent experience. The 2nd time I came it everything was in a rush, as if pleasant and my hair was unevenly cut. Just before a business trip. When I asked to come and attend to my bad cut I was scheduled an appointment 3 weeks ahead. Leaving the office in the middle of the day! To go to the hair dresser my bus was late and I notified them that I'll be 15mins delayed. Their reply was not to.come as they can't accept me if I'm late... There are other customers after me.... I was 15mins delayed and in the middle of a bus ride on a business day.... I never called to schedule a new appointment. Bad castumer service. Awful experience.
    • Hi Anna, really disappointed that you have left this review. You called me the day before your appointment to say you wanted to change the time. I told you that unfortunately we were fully booked and that I was so sorry but could not change your appointment on this occasion. I asked if you would like another day and you said no you would keep your appointment. The next day five minutes before your appointment you text to say you would be 40 minutes late. I said if u could make it within 15 minutes I would do my very best to fit u in even though we were fully booked. You said your GPS said you were at least 30 minutes away and u didn't know how traffic would be. You knew our next client would be arriving and there was simply no time left for your appointment. You knew the day before we were fully booked all day and you knew your appointment time. We are so flexible with our clients and do our very best for them, you have been very unkind & unfair in this instance.
    • I have been a client of Hair Angel for some time now, and I have never had anything but excellent customer service, excellent hair cuts, amazing colours, and a professional and friendly experience. I have not once, but twice now, missed an appointment for reasons that were completely my fault. In circumstances where they had every right to make me pay a fee for missing an appointment (let's not forget, they are running a business here), the team were so accommodating and bent over backwards to try and re-schedule me. We should be supporting our valuable local small business operators - they provide us a boutique and one on one experience that you will never get from a large franchise or multi-national. They do not always have the staff or resources to accommodate last minute changes in appointment times, as hard as they might try to do so. That said, I bet ANY hairdresser with a diary full of back to back clients would have struggled to accommodate you being late Anna.
    • To leave a comment stating your flexibility is extremely far from the actual reality. I knew your were booked and planned to arrive on time. Not leaving a space for a 15mins delay for a regular cliet that had a rough experience with you in the past that what i call unfaie. You may rock the comments here, but... This was not the case in reality. You were the most inflexible and unfair business I've met in Sydney
    • 15 minutes would not have been an issue Anna, we are very accommodating. I am very sad that you think it is ok to post an untruthful account of what occurred. You knew exactly what you were going to do when u called the day before. You wanted a later appointment and didn't care that we were fully booked. Even after I offered you a different day you declined and said you would be at your appointment. You had no consideration for the client booked in after you or for the fact that with you going to be nearly 40 minutes late that it was totally unacceptable. I cannot imagine any business being fine if I called and said I would be so late for an appointment.
  • I have now been to Hair Angel twice since moving over from the States, and the whole experience has been nothing less than stellar. I was referred to Hair Angel by a friend who had beautiful blonde highlights, but also super healthy hair, so I felt confident that she was steering me in the right direction. I have to say, just from when I first walked in to the salon, I felt so comfortable, as if I had been coming to Hair Angels for years. What really struck me though was how Deb cares so much about achieving the look you want, but doing so in a way so that your hair is at its healthiest and requires the least amount of maintenance. My first appointment I had a single process to bring my roots to a color that would grow out to be a really nice low-light and break up the blonde. Everyone I saw after that complimented me on how great my highlights came out, which is a testament to Debs talent, as I have never had my roots done in the past and be told that it looked like highlights!
    Yesterday, I did in fact go back for highlights, and WOW, I am completely and utterly obsessed. I can say without question, its the best color I have ever had!! Let me also mention the highlights are down to the scalp, which, from my experience, rarely, if ever, happens with highlights. When I came home, my husband, who never notices when I get my hair done, said and I quote, WOW your hair looks phenomenal!. Lets just say I wont be going anywhere else, and if/when I move back to NY Im taking Deb with me!
    • Oh my gosh Mellytor I am blushing. How lovely of you to take the time to write such an in depth review. I am really so happy that you love your colour so much and I am delighted that this wonderful job I have introduces me to such kind lovely people such as you. Thank you so much again....., (and I've always loved NYC lol) Deb
  • Fantastic, friendly and most of all the most fabulous hair dresser I have ever been too. Deb has been doing my hair for a few years now and being blonde it's very hard to maintain a great colour and keep your hair in good condition however Deb has been able to do it and it still GROWS! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a hairdresser to go here. You won't be disappointed! Thanks Hair Angel you are a super star :)
    • Thank you so much Messinaj It really is so lovely to get the feedback and know that we are still making you happy after many years with us. Thanks for for taking the time to review us, see u at the salon soon. Deb & Francesca
  • I have been a regular client at hair angel for the past year and what can i say other than what an incredible hairdresser. I have spent 5 years going backwards and forwards to different hairdressers with varying degrees of disastrous results. That was until I found Deb and her assistant Francesca. The two angels are absolutely amazing. Debs technical skills and passion in her work shine through and are a rare gem in Sydney. My hair has never looked so good and Deb is one of those few gems who can cut a style that will last 8 weeks and still look as good as the day she cut it. Thank you Deb for being my Hair Angel.
    • Hi Britinoz, with lovely Clients like you to take care of it's no surprise that we look forward to work everyday. It means so much to us that you love your hair and we greatly appreciate your review. We will continue to ensure you love your hair for many years to come. See you soo. Deb & Francesca
  • Deb has given me THE BEST colour and cut I have ever had. She's transformed it from a very dull blonde to the most beautiful colour and I've had so many compliments. I wanted it thicker and her cut has done that - it feels so much healthier too. I'm so glad I found her - through others' recommendations on this site actually. So skilled, affordable and lovely. Go!
    • Thanks so much for your lovely review Ruby cat! Getting compliments and feeling great about your hair is what getting your hair done is all about. We aim to please and really appreciate you taking the time to review us. Look forward to seeing u soon, Deb & Francesca
  • I was very disappointed with the service. Cost me $95 dollars and all I got was a trim at the back and to my fringe. I would not recommend this business as felt it was a total rip off
    • Hello Lily T. I am very sad to read your review. We take so much time to talk to each client before we start their appointment to ensure they are happy with what we are going to do. I also discuss the price beforehand so there is no ambiguity. I am also especially disappointed because we ensure every client knows that if for any reason they are not happy to let us know even if that is a week or two after they leave. We would have loved the opportunity to turn your experience into a better one and to know why we missed the mark with you on this occasion. We have so many happy clients and it is because we truly care how your hair looks when you leave. I do also appreciate that not every one realises that it takes the same skill to trim someone's hair as it does to cut a few inches off and with a beautiful blow wave included in the price of all of our services we feel we are giving value to everyone who walks in our door.
    • We do however strongly suspect that this in fact you again Lisa. It seems that after two years of your hate campaign against our business you have not given up. We have ignored your continual malicious reviews against us up to this point but as you seem to be unrelenting in your campaign against us we will now be taking steps to ensure your misrepresentative and slanderous comments end here. There is plenty of business for everyone and we are not even in the same area as your sisters salon.
    • I am a customer that had a bad experience. I arrived to your salon/shed with a photo of a hair style that I wanted and ended up with a very quick trim and a fringe that was in my eyes. I texted post my trim with my dissatisfaction and you replied that you had left a voice message that I did not recieve. I felt leaving a review was important as I really did feel that the service that I was provided was not good and rather expensive. It is a shame that you are unwilling to take my experience as an experience.
  • I contacted Deb after a disastrous experience at another salon left me with a frizzy mop of ashy brown (greenish!) hair. My first appointment required colour correction. I arrived feeling sorry for myself and left feeling fantastic! My second appointment was yesterday and my hair now looks gorgeous. It is soft, bouncy and the perfect colour for me. Deb is highly skilled, with a real understanding of the technical aspects of colouring and cutting hair. Yesterday, my husband said that I looked like a movie star.....I have found my holy grail hairdresser! Thanks Deb. #reviewtowin
    Review to win highlight
    • Hi Naomi, you are so lovely to leave a review for me. I am so delighted we are achieving the colour you want, it really does suit you. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks :-) Deb
  • I have just walked out and my hair feels amazing, which means I do too! I can't recommend Deb highly enough she is just the best hairdresser who really listens to what you want and gives great advice.
    • So nice of you to leave such a lovely review for me:-) look forward to seeing you soon lovely. Enjoy your new hair !
  • Deb has been cutting my hair for over 2 years and from thin stringy no volume hair I now have thick shiny locks. Thought I could colour my hair myself but it went disastrously wrong, Deb suggested some highlights and am looking in the mirror at a transformed head of hair which really works with my skin colour, so exciting, thanks so much Deb.xx
    • Hey Sally, you are so lovely to leave me a review, thank you. It was great transforming your colour yesterday, you look fantastic! See u soon for more great highlights.
  • Deb is truly amazing. I am loving my highlights more and more each day and getting so many compliments. My colour has been a shambles and she has already improved it out of sight from just one visit. I cannot wait for my next visit. She also gives great tips and really really works with the hair you have.xx
  • Deb has been doing my hair for almost 2 y and she is doing great cuts and respecting my natural colour while doing magic hidding appearing grey hair. Always on Time and great atmosphere un her private salon ! I recommend her highly
  • Deb really just is amazing. I've just come home from my first appointment with her; she's fixed my previous hairdresser's colour mixup and given me a delicious new base colour in just one visit. Add to that a very competent cut and a lovely blow wave in my heavy hair in under 90 minutes and I'm absolutely over the moon. I'm so happy with it already and we haven't even done any highlight work yet, it's going to be hard waiting six weeks for my next appointment. I'm left wondering why I didn't jump ship from my old hairdresser years ago.
    • Hey Jenna thanks so much for your lovely review. It was great hanging out with you this afternoon. Looking forward to putting our dream hair plan into action over the next couple of appointments. See u soon :) Deb
  • Deb is amazing. I came into deb with really damaged, very dark hair which did not suit me one bit. Deb has transformed my hair both health wise as well as look wise. Deb suggested a different approach to colouring my hair and within a few sessions you could see the difference- I am about 4 shades lighted and loving this new look. Deb is a hairdresser you can trust to be honest with what suits you, which is hard to find in the hairdressing world. and the atmosphere of the salon is amazing. Wouldn't ever think of going anywhere else!
    • Thanks so much Belinda, It is such a pleasure taking care of you. I love seeing how happy you are each time we have an appointment. Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks! Deb
  • I have been in love with my hair for the past 18 months now.. No miracle shampoo, styling product or extensions but a pair of magic hands coupled with great talent, creativity and fabulous style. That's Deb. She has not only transformed my hair but also completely changed 'getting my hair done' experience. Being a blonde for the past three decades I've had my share of salon visits with various results, some great, some just ok and some left me unhappy and rather disheartened about money wasted. Looking back now, as much as I like having my hair looking good, I really just dreaded sitting in a salon for hours, wasting time and being asked repeated times if I was doing anything special that evening. All that is a distant memory now. Having my hair done by Deb is a completely different experience. Every time I see her I feel like hanging out with a good friend. Great conversation and good laughs while she works her magic. So when it is time to go home I not only look but also feel great.
    Chances are you might be reading this review because (like me 18 months ago) all you want is a great hair and excellent service but just don't know where to go. And if you (just like me) decide to give Deb a call, the next time you visit this site you will most likely be writing about your fabulous hair.
    • I am blushing, Thanks for such a lovely review, I am so lucky to have such lovely clients. See u soon hon :)
  • Deb is a great hairdresser! She listens to what you want and is honest about what will work, so you never walk out with a cut or colour that doesn't suit you. I have struggled for years to find a hairdresser who really understands what I want, I have finally found one who does and I would highly recommend her!
  • I went to see Deb for the first time a couple of months ago. She listened to what I wanted and made a plan to get there. After the first visit I was already so happy with my highlights and cut, and a couple of days ago after my second visit it's even better! She made me feel very relaxed without all the fluff and nastiness you get in the salons. Definitely ditching my old salon and sticking with Deb!
  • I met Deb yesterday for the first time in a desperate state. My hair was unsalvageable, or so I thought, but somehow she has left me feeling much better about not only my hair, but myself. Deb is an absolutely lovely woman who made me feel not like a client but a friend within the first few minutes. My hair is now well and truly on its way to being my ideal hair. The condition is already much better, and the insane amount of frizz I had when I arrived yesterday is all but gone. Can't wait to see her again. Without a doubt I would recommend her to everyone I meet.
  • What can I say that the other reviewers haven't? I found Deb on True Local, as well, after my previous hairdresser did his own thing one too many times. A colourist that does a good blonde is hard to find, but Deb does a great blonde! She corrected the colour and gave me exactly what I wanted, but better. She has a great flair for style in every way, from hair to home to fashion. Bonus: plenty of free parking in front (no having to feed the meter in foils, girls!), double bonus: I could walk if I wasn't so lazy! Thanks, Deb.
  • I was looking for a hairdresser who specialises in changing from dark brown to blonde hair and upon reading many reviews decided to give Deb of Hair Angel a go she is amazing and has transformed my hair into beautiful multi-tonal blonde. I was worried about the dreaded orange hair phase, however I didnt have this problem seeing Deb. Im so happy to have finally found a hairdresser thats honest, caring and definitely knows hair! Thanks Deb!
  • Having recently moved to the area, I found Deb through TrueLocal and after visiting for a cut and colour, I cannot agree more with all of the positive reviews. She has saved my hair, given it a new lease of life, not to mention the brilliant curling technique she does with just a hairdryer and brush, I was in awe watching her transform my hair this way.
    She is simply amazing, a true professional and what she doesn't know about hair isn't worth knowing!
    • Thanks Sasha, its been great getting your hair to such a beautiful blonde and you know how much I love your hair you lucky girl:) Your hairdresser is envious of you gorgeous hair. Its great hanging out with you too, always a un appointment.
  • After moving to the area, I found Deb through TrueLocal. I couldn't agree more with all of the great reviews - they are definitely warranted. Deb is a real professional with a fantastic knack for interpreting what you want (when you are not sure yourself!). I'm not great at self styling and on my first visit wanted something new and fresh but wasn't quite sure what or even how I would manage something new (having had the same style for years). Deb helped me with a perfect colour and cut that's easy even for me to manage but still looks like I've just had my hair done, even after several weeks. I can't recommend Hair Angel highly enough, Deb's talent and service is the best I've experienced in Sydney.
  • I found Deb through true local after reading so many other positive reviews. Well I am here to add yet another positive review.
    After many dud hair do's, I can honestly say Deb is a pro & knows her stuff. Deb nurtured my hair with safe colouring, corrected a very bad haircut and more recently gave me what I believe is my best cut ever!
    That to me is a true hair angel.
  • I've been with Deb for 4 years now and she is simply fabulous! She always manages to get the perfect shade/tint of blond that brings out my complexion. Other hair dressers around the world (tried many all the way from the US to Germany and Hong Kong) don't do such a perfect job like Deb. And that's just the hair - Deb is a lovely person that I always enjoy having a chat with. Get your appointment with her - you will love it!
  • I'm just back from 2 months overseas and I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is to be back with my hair dresser who knows how I like my blow dries, makes me feel pretty abs looks after me so well
  • I've been seeing Deb for 3 years now and every time is just as fabulous as the last. She has really taken care of my hair, transformed it when it was dead and makes me feel great every time I walk out. I couldn't recommend Deb more - I trust everything she says and does to my hair!
  • This is the best hairdresser in the Pacific! I'm currently sailing around the world and my colour and hair was in need of some serious care and attention. Most people have a bad hair day, I've have a bad hair quarter! I was referred to Deb by a friend living in Sydney. She coloured and cut my hair to perfection. She's taken me from salty sea dog to glamourous city slicker!
  • Deb is great! She is personable and friendly and most of all knows all about hair. I went to Hair Angel after reading these reviews and every persons review on here is 100% right. I love the colour, cut and blow wave she does. My blonde has never looked so bright and healthy. Thanks Deb, you are the best hairdresser I had. Keep up the great work!
  • The relationship with your hairdresser is a special one. In my experience, it often starts out amazing, with a couple of great colours, cuts and blow dries, but over time, it gets samey, or less effort goes in... NOT WITH DEB. I keep going back because her service gets better and better. This latest colour she has given me gets so many compliments I spend half my life blushing and she helped me achieve a look I was worried wouldn't work... and the result is the best hair style I've ever had. Forget the rest: Hair Angel's the best.
  • I just moved to Sydney and have been looking for a new hair stylist when I found Deb at Hair Angel. She was everything I wanted in a hair stylist; friendly, personable, funny and great to talk to. Enjoying my experience at the salon is as important to me as getting my hair done; Deb provides the one-on-one relationship that big commercial salons can't. The price was super reasonable and Deb had tons of great ideas for what to do with my hair. All in all I had a great experience at hair angel and I will definitely be going back the next time I need my hair done!
  • What a great winter pick me up! Deb has lifted my spirit and hair with a fabulous new cut and colour. Everyone in my office keeps asking me where I get my hair done. Deb is my hair angel secret! If you want a new season style and colour, get to deb today!
  • The best hair dresser I've ever had. I have one hand so have struggled with hair styling and maintenance my whole life. Since I've come into her care and expert guidance, I've never felt so glamorous. A godsend, I now couldn't live without her.
  • I always struggle to find a great hair dresser who understands what i want, i find i jump from one to the next and am never completely satisfied, i find they are often too pricey and dont listen when i say im rubbish at maintaining a style and colour etc.....hardly ever brush it! but Deb at hair angel welcomed me with open arms into her hair angel sanctuary and actually listened to me! so i now have a perfect set of hi-lights that are natural and easy to maintain and a cut that suits me! there will be no more jumping form salon to salon because ive now found my hair Angel! I highly recommend her to everyone! Thanks Deb
  • From the moment I walked in I felt like I was a part of the 'hair angel family'. Even though I was exorbitantly early I felt at ease as I was sat down chatting to Deb and her client. Not only was Deb completely honest in a way that you can only wish every hairdresser was, but she actually cares about who you are and what best suits you. I walked in, as I do, with ideas about what I thought I wanted (which is always a complete change) and found that what I really needed was a hairdresser that really knew what she was talking about). Amazed by her insight, I have now been back for the second time within 5 weeks, and will never go back to any other pretentious hairdresser again!!! Amen! I have found someone who listens to who I am, the woman within, and now more confident with my haircut then I have ever been. Thank you Deb, you are amaze balls!
  • Deb is great. I found her by pure luck when I was looking at reviews for a good hairdresser in Rozelle. Deb gives honest and excellent advice about what suits you best. Gives you a great haircut and is nice to hang out with for an hour. Looking forward to getting a colour done once I've had my bub. Thanks Deb!
  • Deb at Hair Angel is just amazing, Im so happy I found her! I've spent too many years going to hairdressers only to have a pompous art director colour my hair and a haughty head stylist hack at it with neither of them listening to what I actually want and who charge me exorbitant amounts of money for the privilege..
    Hair Angel is such a welcome change, Deb is not only a very experienced and talented hairdresser who listens and provides what the client has asked for but shes also an extremely lovely person. Debs Salon has real charm and I love that she only takes 1 client at a time...no more being forgotten at the basin ever again...
  • Deb was recommended to me by my friend a year ago. My hair was in terrible condition and after 2 visits she had totally changed my life. My hair has never looked so good and healthy. Deb is friendly, super positive, honest and very accommodating. I would recommend her with confidence to anyone.
  • When I first went to deb, I was still 'shopping around' for a hairdresser. I tried another hair place and then realized how fantastic hair angel is! Deb always greets me with a lovely smile and great vibe. I also often turn up not knowing what kind of cut I was after and deb always gives me honest advice about style cut and colour and I always leave happy. Great atmosphere, lovely hairdresser and always fabulous hair. I highly recommend hair angel.
  • I've been going to Deb for nearly three years, and love her to death. My hair has never looked better or healthier - Deb listens to what I want but will always give honest (and much needed!) feedback. I've recommended my sisters to her and they love her as much as I do. Not only is she incredibly skilled as a hairdresser, she is also a bubble of fun. I always leave her salon with a big spring in my step!!
  • I decided to visit Hair Angel after reading a lot of good reviews and I totally agree with them! Deb really cares about you being happy with your hair, and while she cuts it the way you want, she's also considerate about what fits your face best. Perfect. I love my haircut! Will be visiting again for sure.
  • I found Deb nearly two years ago and I'm not going anywhere. She's considerate, obliging competitively priced, professional and creative. I also love the one on one environment in her little studio - and my hair has never looked better.
  • I am a regular client of Deborah (for 3 years now) and I am always leaving her feeling absolutely fabulous. She is honest about your hair, very flexible and she will always fit you in, no matter if it is a weekend or after business hours...Plus of course my hair has never looked better.
  • I've been seeing Deb @ Hair Angel for years now - I followed her from her last job because she was so good! She listens to what you want, gently offers realistic opinions about how it will look, and offers solutions that you would never have thought of yourself but end up being perfect! Plus her little hair studio is elegant & Deb always makes you feel special (including a cuppa or glass of wine!).
  • Hair Angel is fabulous! It's my little sanctuary in Rozelle and after regular visits Deborah has my hair in really good condition and I get lots of compliments on it. The service is easy and friendly and prices are very competitive.
  • I tried Hair Angel for the first hime and I am so happy with my hair style and colour. It's healthier looking and it feels great. I now only go to Hair Angel.
  • Finally a fabulous haircut and colour!! Deb is a fantastic hairdresser that is up to date with the current trends. The one on one boutique experience in her salon is exactly what makes for a 5 star experience. She spent time discussing the look I wanted and transitioned my hair from a brassy red to rich brown. I will definitely be back. She's a keeper.
  • Deb is fabulous she always fits in with my schedule! I love the personal service she provides and always walk out so happy with the results! My hair is the healthiest it's ever been! Thanks Deb you really are my angel xox
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