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Hair Angel is committed to giving her Clients what THEY want! We always provide the best results we can achieve for our customer's hair. Please take the time to look through our service offerings on our website, as well as viewing our client testimonials and photo gallery. 

Hair Angel Provides a one on one exclusive salon experience so Book Now for the best hair of your life!

With over 15 years of hair dressing experience, Hair Angel will make you look fabulous. We offer the full range of hair dressing services including:

- Cutting
- Colouring
- Styling
- Weddings
- Keratin straightening

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Reviews of Hair Angel

  • EmerByrne 0 review
    I love going to see them - it's one-to-one attention on me and my hair, and all for great value for money too. I've lost count of the amount of times I've been stopped and asked 'who colours your hair?'.
  • I contacted Deb after a disastrous experience at another salon left me with a frizzy mop of ashy brown (greenish!) hair. My first appointment required colour correction. I arrived feeling sorry for myself and left feeling fantastic! My second appointment was yesterday and my hair now looks gorgeous. It is soft, bouncy and the perfect colour for me. Deb is highly skilled, with a real understanding of the technical aspects of colouring and cutting hair. Yesterday, my husband said that I looked like a movie star.....I have found my holy grail hairdresser! Thanks Deb. #reviewtowin
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    • Hi Naomi, you are so lovely to leave a review for me. I am so delighted we are achieving the colour you want, it really does suit you. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks :-) Deb
  • I have just walked out and my hair feels amazing, which means I do too! I can't recommend Deb highly enough she is just the best hairdresser who really listens to what you want and gives great advice.
    • So nice of you to leave such a lovely review for me:-) look forward to seeing you soon lovely. Enjoy your new hair !
  • Deb has been cutting my hair for over 2 years and from thin stringy no volume hair I now have thick shiny locks. Thought I could colour my hair myself but it went disastrously wrong, Deb suggested some highlights and am looking in the mirror at a transformed head of hair which really works with my skin colour, so exciting, thanks so much Deb.xx
    • Hey Sally, you are so lovely to leave me a review, thank you. It was great transforming your colour yesterday, you look fantastic! See u soon for more great highlights.
  • Deb is truly amazing. I am loving my highlights more and more each day and getting so many compliments. My colour has been a shambles and she has already improved it out of sight from just one visit. I cannot wait for my next visit. She also gives great tips and really really works with the hair you have.xx
  • Deb has been doing my hair for almost 2 y and she is doing great cuts and respecting my natural colour while doing magic hidding appearing grey hair. Always on Time and great atmosphere un her private salon ! I recommend her highly
  • Deb really just is amazing. I've just come home from my first appointment with her; she's fixed my previous hairdresser's colour mixup and given me a delicious new base colour in just one visit. Add to that a very competent cut and a lovely blow wave in my heavy hair in under 90 minutes and I'm absolutely over the moon. I'm so happy with it already and we haven't even done any highlight work yet, it's going to be hard waiting six weeks for my next appointment. I'm left wondering why I didn't jump ship from my old hairdresser years ago.
    • Hey Jenna thanks so much for your lovely review. It was great hanging out with you this afternoon. Looking forward to putting our dream hair plan into action over the next couple of appointments. See u soon :) Deb
  • Deb is amazing. I came into deb with really damaged, very dark hair which did not suit me one bit. Deb has transformed my hair both health wise as well as look wise. Deb suggested a different approach to colouring my hair and within a few sessions you could see the difference- I am about 4 shades lighted and loving this new look. Deb is a hairdresser you can trust to be honest with what suits you, which is hard to find in the hairdressing world. and the atmosphere of the salon is amazing. Wouldn't ever think of going anywhere else!
    • Thanks so much Belinda, It is such a pleasure taking care of you. I love seeing how happy you are each time we have an appointment. Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks! Deb
  • I have been in love with my hair for the past 18 months now.. No miracle shampoo, styling product or extensions but a pair of magic hands coupled with great talent, creativity and fabulous style. That's Deb. She has not only transformed my hair but also completely changed 'getting my hair done' experience. Being a blonde for the past three decades I've had my share of salon visits with various results, some great, some just ok and some left me unhappy and rather disheartened about money wasted. Looking back now, as much as I like having my hair looking good, I really just dreaded sitting in a salon for hours, wasting time and being asked repeated times if I was doing anything special that evening. All that is a distant memory now. Having my hair done by Deb is a completely different experience. Every time I see her I feel like hanging out with a good friend. Great conversation and good laughs while she works her magic. So when it is time to go home I not only look but also feel great.
    Chances are you might be reading this review because (like me 18 months ago) all you want is a great hair and excellent service but just don't know where to go. And if you (just like me) decide to give Deb a call, the next time you visit this site you will most likely be writing about your fabulous hair.
    • I am blushing, Thanks for such a lovely review, I am so lucky to have such lovely clients. See u soon hon :)
  • Deb is a great hairdresser! She listens to what you want and is honest about what will work, so you never walk out with a cut or colour that doesn't suit you. I have struggled for years to find a hairdresser who really understands what I want, I have finally found one who does and I would highly recommend her!
  • I went to see Deb for the first time a couple of months ago. She listened to what I wanted and made a plan to get there. After the first visit I was already so happy with my highlights and cut, and a couple of days ago after my second visit it's even better! She made me feel very relaxed without all the fluff and nastiness you get in the salons. Definitely ditching my old salon and sticking with Deb!