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We LOVE what we do. Transforming hair is our passion. We are honest, professional and commited to giving you the best hair ever. Can't wait to meet you!

We all love that 'just done' hair feeling. How gorgeous do u feel when u walk out swishing your hair, feeling your most fabulous self? We love that feeling and we really love giving it to our clients. 
Consultation is the most important part of the hair appointment for us, finding out what your dream hair is and what plan we can put in place to make that come true. 
Amazing hair is a process & we will give you honest advice on what needs to be done to achieve the very best result for your hair. 
Our focus is on your hair not on products. We became hairdressers to transform your hair not to become sales people. 
Our passion for what we do is reflected in the gorgeous text messages and emails we receive weekly and of course in the reviews on sites such as Tru local. 
This is not just a job to us, it is our passion and we simply love what we do. 
We are very excited to meet you and looking forward to giving you the best hair you have ever had. 
Deborah & Francesca xo 

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Reviews of Hair Angel

  • sandrabrown 0 review
    My sister found them on google and loved them. They have transformed my hair and gave some great tips too. Thanks.
  • I've been seeing Deb now for about 3 years, and she is a star. Not only is she a delightfully warm and funny person to have a chat to, she will also give you AMAZING hair while she does. She has transformed my greying, mousy brown, unruly mop into something that is so easy for me, who is incapable of using a hairdryer, to manage. She's literally given me the best haircut of my whole life! She's so good I even had her do my hair for my wedding, and the first thing everyone said to me on the day was that my hair was amazing - she truly is an angel given that she somehow managed it all with only one bobby pin to take out at the end of the night!

    Deb truly takes the time to help you to get what you want out of your hair, and help you to figure out something that works best if what you do want doesn't work for the hair you have (I know she's right when she refuses to give me a bob every time I ask for one!). I can't recommend her highly enough.
    • Casey u literally just made me cry. I am so lucky to have such lovely clients, I absolutely love every appointment with you. Thank you so much for your extremely flattering comments. I loved doing your wedding and felt so honoured. Thank u so much ☺️
  • I have thick, straight, blonde hair which for 95% of hairdressers it seems is very difficult to get right (both colour and cut). I have previously had some shocking hairdressers and when I turned up to Deb 12 months ago my hair had snapped off and was block gold - eeak! Both Deb and Francesca are both technically brilliant and insane knowledge of their colour products that fills me with a sense of calm, relief and excitement every time I have my hair done. I can not recommend them more highly.
    • Thank you Hockey girl!!! It is lovely to be so appreciated. We get so much satisfaction transforming hair and to get such great feedback puts a really big smile on our faces. We will continue to take great care of you and your hair hopefully for years to come :) thanks again! Deb & Francesca
  • Hair Angel's excellent reviews got me in the door and I think they are spot on. Deb and Francesca are an amazing team with great technical skills. I've had so many compliments about how much younger I look! Most importantly is that they are an absolute delight to spend several hours with. I completely trust their advice regarding cut, colour and products and have always been delighted with the results. My hair has never looked so good or been so healthy. Thanks angels!
    • Hi Catherine thank you so much for your lovely review. Thank you also for all the lovely ladies you have been referring to us. Both Francesca and I love spending your appointment time with you. Thanks for trusting us with your hair! See you soon, Deb & Francesca
  • Thanks Hair Angels for yet another fabulous hair cut and highlights. Thanks for fitting me in even though you were very busy and for always making me feel like nothing is too much trouble. I usually find individual hairdressers are brilliant at first and then their enthusiasm slowly disappears the more times you visit but I've been going to Deborah at Hair Angel for about 6 years now and I'm always treated like its my first visit and made to feel special.
    • Thank you so much for your lovely review! It's so nice to know that the care and attention we give our clients is still felt years later. We want to make every appointment as special as the first. Thanks for taking the time, we really appreciate it. Deborah & Francesca
  • I have been going to see Den and Francesca now at Hair Angel for 18 months. They have transformed an overly frizzy, driwd, burnt mop of blonde hay into art during that time with great care and advice. Deb's passion and knowledge of colour correction is second to none. I have found Deb to alway be accomodating with scheduling me in despite my manic and busy schedule with travel and work and she has always fit me in where possible and to my satisfaction. I have equally given her the the respect of as much notice as possible where a change is required. I highly recommend Angel Hair's expertise for anyone who wants to experience true colour consultation. Thanks Deb for giving me life back to my hair!!
    • Thanks Corrie! We love seeing you every time you come into the salon and I love improving your hair with every visit. Thanks for trusting us with your hair, we will continue to make it the very best it can be. Thanks also for the lovely review, it means a lot to us. See you at your next appointment, Deb & Francesca
  • The first cut was amazing. An excellent experience. The 2nd time I came it everything was in a rush, as if pleasant and my hair was unevenly cut. Just before a business trip. When I asked to come and attend to my bad cut I was scheduled an appointment 3 weeks ahead. Leaving the office in the middle of the day! To go to the hair dresser my bus was late and I notified them that I'll be 15mins delayed. Their reply was not to.come as they can't accept me if I'm late... There are other customers after me.... I was 15mins delayed and in the middle of a bus ride on a business day.... I never called to schedule a new appointment. Bad castumer service. Awful experience.
    • Hi Anna, really disappointed that you have left this review. You called me the day before your appointment to say you wanted to change the time. I told you that unfortunately we were fully booked and that I was so sorry but could not change your appointment on this occasion. I asked if you would like another day and you said no you would keep your appointment. The next day five minutes before your appointment you text to say you would be 40 minutes late. I said if u could make it within 15 minutes I would do my very best to fit u in even though we were fully booked. You said your GPS said you were at least 30 minutes away and u didn't know how traffic would be. You knew our next client would be arriving and there was simply no time left for your appointment. You knew the day before we were fully booked all day and you knew your appointment time. We are so flexible with our clients and do our very best for them, you have been very unkind & unfair in this instance.
    • I have been a client of Hair Angel for some time now, and I have never had anything but excellent customer service, excellent hair cuts, amazing colours, and a professional and friendly experience. I have not once, but twice now, missed an appointment for reasons that were completely my fault. In circumstances where they had every right to make me pay a fee for missing an appointment (let's not forget, they are running a business here), the team were so accommodating and bent over backwards to try and re-schedule me. We should be supporting our valuable local small business operators - they provide us a boutique and one on one experience that you will never get from a large franchise or multi-national. They do not always have the staff or resources to accommodate last minute changes in appointment times, as hard as they might try to do so. That said, I bet ANY hairdresser with a diary full of back to back clients would have struggled to accommodate you being late Anna.
    • To leave a comment stating your flexibility is extremely far from the actual reality. I knew your were booked and planned to arrive on time. Not leaving a space for a 15mins delay for a regular cliet that had a rough experience with you in the past that what i call unfaie. You may rock the comments here, but... This was not the case in reality. You were the most inflexible and unfair business I've met in Sydney
    • 15 minutes would not have been an issue Anna, we are very accommodating. I am very sad that you think it is ok to post an untruthful account of what occurred. You knew exactly what you were going to do when u called the day before. You wanted a later appointment and didn't care that we were fully booked. Even after I offered you a different day you declined and said you would be at your appointment. You had no consideration for the client booked in after you or for the fact that with you going to be nearly 40 minutes late that it was totally unacceptable. I cannot imagine any business being fine if I called and said I would be so late for an appointment.
  • I have now been to Hair Angel twice since moving over from the States, and the whole experience has been nothing less than stellar. I was referred to Hair Angel by a friend who had beautiful blonde highlights, but also super healthy hair, so I felt confident that she was steering me in the right direction. I have to say, just from when I first walked in to the salon, I felt so comfortable, as if I had been coming to Hair Angels for years. What really struck me though was how Deb cares so much about achieving the look you want, but doing so in a way so that your hair is at its healthiest and requires the least amount of maintenance. My first appointment I had a single process to bring my roots to a color that would grow out to be a really nice low-light and break up the blonde. Everyone I saw after that complimented me on how great my highlights came out, which is a testament to Debs talent, as I have never had my roots done in the past and be told that it looked like highlights!
    Yesterday, I did in fact go back for highlights, and WOW, I am completely and utterly obsessed. I can say without question, its the best color I have ever had!! Let me also mention the highlights are down to the scalp, which, from my experience, rarely, if ever, happens with highlights. When I came home, my husband, who never notices when I get my hair done, said and I quote, WOW your hair looks phenomenal!. Lets just say I wont be going anywhere else, and if/when I move back to NY Im taking Deb with me!
    • Oh my gosh Mellytor I am blushing. How lovely of you to take the time to write such an in depth review. I am really so happy that you love your colour so much and I am delighted that this wonderful job I have introduces me to such kind lovely people such as you. Thank you so much again....., (and I've always loved NYC lol) Deb
  • Fantastic, friendly and most of all the most fabulous hair dresser I have ever been too. Deb has been doing my hair for a few years now and being blonde it's very hard to maintain a great colour and keep your hair in good condition however Deb has been able to do it and it still GROWS! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a hairdresser to go here. You won't be disappointed! Thanks Hair Angel you are a super star :)
    • Thank you so much Messinaj It really is so lovely to get the feedback and know that we are still making you happy after many years with us. Thanks for for taking the time to review us, see u at the salon soon. Deb & Francesca
  • I have been a regular client at hair angel for the past year and what can i say other than what an incredible hairdresser. I have spent 5 years going backwards and forwards to different hairdressers with varying degrees of disastrous results. That was until I found Deb and her assistant Francesca. The two angels are absolutely amazing. Debs technical skills and passion in her work shine through and are a rare gem in Sydney. My hair has never looked so good and Deb is one of those few gems who can cut a style that will last 8 weeks and still look as good as the day she cut it. Thank you Deb for being my Hair Angel.
    • Hi Britinoz, with lovely Clients like you to take care of it's no surprise that we look forward to work everyday. It means so much to us that you love your hair and we greatly appreciate your review. We will continue to ensure you love your hair for many years to come. See you soo. Deb & Francesca
  • Deb has given me THE BEST colour and cut I have ever had. She's transformed it from a very dull blonde to the most beautiful colour and I've had so many compliments. I wanted it thicker and her cut has done that - it feels so much healthier too. I'm so glad I found her - through others' recommendations on this site actually. So skilled, affordable and lovely. Go!
    • Thanks so much for your lovely review Ruby cat! Getting compliments and feeling great about your hair is what getting your hair done is all about. We aim to please and really appreciate you taking the time to review us. Look forward to seeing u soon, Deb & Francesca
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