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  • AmbaBoo Newbie   2 reviews
    I have been in love with my hair for the past 18 months now.. No miracle shampoo, styling product or extensions but a pair of magic hands coupled with great talent, creativity and fabulous style. That's Deb. She has not only transformed my hair but also completely changed 'getting my hair done' experience. Being a blonde for the past three decades I've had my share of salon visits with various results, some great, some just ok and some left me unhappy and rather disheartened about money wasted. Looking back now, as much as I like having my hair looking good, I really just dreaded sitting in a salon for hours, wasting time and being asked repeated times if I was doing anything special that evening. All that is a distant memory now. Having my hair done by Deb is a completely different experience. Every time I see her I feel like hanging out with a good friend. Great conversation and good laughs while she works her magic. So when it is time to go home I not only look but also feel great.
    Chances are you might be reading this review because (like me 18 months ago) all you want is a great hair and excellent service but just don't know where to go. And if you (just like me) decide to give Deb a call, the next time you visit this site you will most likely be writing about your fabulous hair.

    2 months ago - 20/06/2014

  • Maz10 Newbie   1 review
    Deb is a great hairdresser! She listens to what you want and is honest about what will work, so you never walk out with a cut or colour that doesn't suit you. I have struggled for years to find a hairdresser who really understands what I want, I have finally found one who does and I would highly recommend her!
  • PhoebsM Newbie   1 review
    I went to see Deb for the first time a couple of months ago. She listened to what I wanted and made a plan to get there. After the first visit I was already so happy with my highlights and cut, and a couple of days ago after my second visit it's even better! She made me feel very relaxed without all the fluff and nastiness you get in the salons. Definitely ditching my old salon and sticking with Deb!
  • AlexandraSkye Newbie   1 review
    I met Deb yesterday for the first time in a desperate state. My hair was unsalvageable, or so I thought, but somehow she has left me feeling much better about not only my hair, but myself. Deb is an absolutely lovely woman who made me feel not like a client but a friend within the first few minutes. My hair is now well and truly on its way to being my ideal hair. The condition is already much better, and the insane amount of frizz I had when I arrived yesterday is all but gone. Can't wait to see her again. Without a doubt I would recommend her to everyone I meet.

    7 months ago - 03/01/2014

  • Texanaussie Newbie   2 reviews
    What can I say that the other reviewers haven't? I found Deb on True Local, as well, after my previous hairdresser did his own thing one too many times. A colourist that does a good blonde is hard to find, but Deb does a great blonde! She corrected the colour and gave me exactly what I wanted, but better. She has a great flair for style in every way, from hair to home to fashion. Bonus: plenty of free parking in front (no having to feed the meter in foils, girls!), double bonus: I could walk if I wasn't so lazy! Thanks, Deb.

    8 months ago - 13/12/2013

  • Ivonne78 Newbie   1 review
    I was looking for a hairdresser who specialises in changing from dark brown to blonde hair and upon reading many reviews decided to give Deb of Hair Angel a go she is amazing and has transformed my hair into beautiful multi-tonal blonde. I was worried about the dreaded orange hair phase, however I didnt have this problem seeing Deb. Im so happy to have finally found a hairdresser thats honest, caring and definitely knows hair! Thanks Deb!

    8 months ago - 12/12/2013

  • SashaLillis Newbie   1 review
    Having recently moved to the area, I found Deb through TrueLocal and after visiting for a cut and colour, I cannot agree more with all of the positive reviews. She has saved my hair, given it a new lease of life, not to mention the brilliant curling technique she does with just a hairdryer and brush, I was in awe watching her transform my hair this way.
    She is simply amazing, a true professional and what she doesn't know about hair isn't worth knowing!

    9 months ago - 15/11/2013

  • CiaraB Newbie   1 review
    After moving to the area, I found Deb through TrueLocal. I couldn't agree more with all of the great reviews - they are definitely warranted. Deb is a real professional with a fantastic knack for interpreting what you want (when you are not sure yourself!). I'm not great at self styling and on my first visit wanted something new and fresh but wasn't quite sure what or even how I would manage something new (having had the same style for years). Deb helped me with a perfect colour and cut that's easy even for me to manage but still looks like I've just had my hair done, even after several weeks. I can't recommend Hair Angel highly enough, Deb's talent and service is the best I've experienced in Sydney.

    9 months ago - 29/10/2013

  • Happy katie Newbie   1 review
    I found Deb through true local after reading so many other positive reviews. Well I am here to add yet another positive review.
    After many dud hair do's, I can honestly say Deb is a pro & knows her stuff. Deb nurtured my hair with safe colouring, corrected a very bad haircut and more recently gave me what I believe is my best cut ever!
    That to me is a true hair angel.
  • S-Brina Newbie   1 review
    I've been with Deb for 4 years now and she is simply fabulous! She always manages to get the perfect shade/tint of blond that brings out my complexion. Other hair dressers around the world (tried many all the way from the US to Germany and Hong Kong) don't do such a perfect job like Deb. And that's just the hair - Deb is a lovely person that I always enjoy having a chat with. Get your appointment with her - you will love it!

    11 months ago - 03/09/2013

  • Deb Roach Newbie   2 reviews
    I'm just back from 2 months overseas and I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is to be back with my hair dresser who knows how I like my blow dries, makes me feel pretty abs looks after me so well
  • Tinajed Newbie   2 reviews
    I've been seeing Deb for 3 years now and every time is just as fabulous as the last. She has really taken care of my hair, transformed it when it was dead and makes me feel great every time I walk out. I couldn't recommend Deb more - I trust everything she says and does to my hair!
  • Audrey Adamson Newbie   1 review
    This is the best hairdresser in the Pacific! I'm currently sailing around the world and my colour and hair was in need of some serious care and attention. Most people have a bad hair day, I've have a bad hair quarter! I was referred to Deb by a friend living in Sydney. She coloured and cut my hair to perfection. She's taken me from salty sea dog to glamourous city slicker!
  • jamie_s   2 reviews
    Deb is great! She is personable and friendly and most of all knows all about hair. I went to Hair Angel after reading these reviews and every persons review on here is 100% right. I love the colour, cut and blow wave she does. My blonde has never looked so bright and healthy. Thanks Deb, you are the best hairdresser I had. Keep up the great work!
  • Deb Roach Newbie   2 reviews
    The relationship with your hairdresser is a special one. In my experience, it often starts out amazing, with a couple of great colours, cuts and blow dries, but over time, it gets samey, or less effort goes in... NOT WITH DEB. I keep going back because her service gets better and better. This latest colour she has given me gets so many compliments I spend half my life blushing and she helped me achieve a look I was worried wouldn't work... and the result is the best hair style I've ever had. Forget the rest: Hair Angel's the best.
  • SierraJean Newbie   1 review
    I just moved to Sydney and have been looking for a new hair stylist when I found Deb at Hair Angel. She was everything I wanted in a hair stylist; friendly, personable, funny and great to talk to. Enjoying my experience at the salon is as important to me as getting my hair done; Deb provides the one-on-one relationship that big commercial salons can't. The price was super reasonable and Deb had tons of great ideas for what to do with my hair. All in all I had a great experience at hair angel and I will definitely be going back the next time I need my hair done!
  • Emer Byrne Newbie   1 review
    What a great winter pick me up! Deb has lifted my spirit and hair with a fabulous new cut and colour. Everyone in my office keeps asking me where I get my hair done. Deb is my hair angel secret! If you want a new season style and colour, get to deb today!
  • Debzillah Newbie   1 review
    The best hair dresser I've ever had. I have one hand so have struggled with hair styling and maintenance my whole life. Since I've come into her care and expert guidance, I've never felt so glamorous. A godsend, I now couldn't live without her.
  • slcowton Newbie   1 review
    I always struggle to find a great hair dresser who understands what i want, i find i jump from one to the next and am never completely satisfied, i find they are often too pricey and dont listen when i say im rubbish at maintaining a style and colour etc.....hardly ever brush it! but Deb at hair angel welcomed me with open arms into her hair angel sanctuary and actually listened to me! so i now have a perfect set of hi-lights that are natural and easy to maintain and a cut that suits me! there will be no more jumping form salon to salon because ive now found my hair Angel! I highly recommend her to everyone! Thanks Deb
  • kbird07 Newbie   1 review
    From the moment I walked in I felt like I was a part of the 'hair angel family'. Even though I was exorbitantly early I felt at ease as I was sat down chatting to Deb and her client. Not only was Deb completely honest in a way that you can only wish every hairdresser was, but she actually cares about who you are and what best suits you. I walked in, as I do, with ideas about what I thought I wanted (which is always a complete change) and found that what I really needed was a hairdresser that really knew what she was talking about). Amazed by her insight, I have now been back for the second time within 5 weeks, and will never go back to any other pretentious hairdresser again!!! Amen! I have found someone who listens to who I am, the woman within, and now more confident with my haircut then I have ever been. Thank you Deb, you are amaze balls!

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