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Welcome to Hair Solutions Sydney, London, New York. Indulge in the luxurious experience of our award winning, international Hair Salon. Located in the elegant Grace Hotel Sydney

With international Salons in Sydney, London and New York, we are a six star, award winning sensation. Our 10 Salons established since 1974 exhibit the continuing excellence of our services. Our aim is to make you look good and feel great. At Hair Solutions it's all about you. Our staff are senior stylists with the expertise to give you everything you have been looking for in a Salon experience. Our long standing relationship with Joico hair products has allowed us to provide superior service and results, every time.

We specialise in hair colour, cut and style. Using only the most advanced techniques, we provide cutting edge services for all occasions. To add to your experience, each Salon station has its own lcd screen where you can sit back and enjoy a variety entertainment channels.

We take pride in our exclusive formal and wedding services. Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can make your special day more memorable with our custom pamper packages which include complementary drinks and delightful dishes.

Anyone can match our price but no one can match our deluxe experience.

Free Hair Consultations are Available

Cut & blow Dry	$65-$85
Blow Dry	$40-$50
Mens Wash & Cut	$30-$40

Hair extension, $9 a piece
Colour correcting
Advanced foil techniques
Cutting-edge hair styling for night and daywear

Highlights/Lowlights	$110	
Tint Regrowth	$110
Half Head	$130	
Pre-Lightener & Toner	$115
With Cut	$160	
Natural Glossing	$95
Full Head	$180	
Permanent Wave	$120
With Cut	$220	
Relaxing Full Head	$130

All above services include blow dry

Hair Treatment	$20


Service Options

Tints Bridal Hairstyling Perms Highlight Blow Waving Barbers Straightening


All Ages Men Women

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Reviews of Hair Solutions

  • I went this salon 3 weeks ago for keratin treatment bought voucher they try to charge me 50$ the voucher say for extra length my hair passed my shoulder this not called extra long I paid the money the staff spoken to me was the rudest person no help all staff's interests with money also staff was screaming @ the other staff doing my keratin telling staff not use to much product because to expensive also. I paid 50$ extra after 3 weeks called the shop the keratin didn't work the answer was again from this person to bad I can't help
    When I bought this voucher I should checked with all reviews which there are 38 bad ones
    Iam wondering this companies selling cheap deals they don't check the companies before they selling deals
    My advice keep away
  • This salon not worse no star from the time u cal the salon the voice rudeness the staff answer the phone should go and learn a manner
    I can't describe how rude staff is
    Like doing u a favour going to their shop now I know al the bad review they are true
    Before I called the salon I read the reviews then I thought some people hard to please then I tried for the appointment
    They all correct reviews
    Keep away don't bother
    • I agree. Went yesterday to severi hair solutions the staff is rude and don't want to listen. The worse experience in my life I did my keratin I could c while the hairdresser applying the product on my hardly any keratin I ask the hair to put more keratin as of this result and the end horrible my hair was still curly and dry then the management start to talk them away out by trying to straight in my hair stil next stil was horrible I don't recon and this salon they are bad experience after I been charged 50$ extra I read al the review before my fault I should not gone to this salon. Also the salon very dirty watch out for the white towels they use absouloutley dirty. Advice keep awayyyyyyyyy
  • previously had a cut wash and blow dry had a female that done my hair , staff are friendly and down to earth love my new hair colour 0% greys 100% happy colour lasted well, owner suggested me for keratin treatment and can't wait to get it done THANKS HAIR Solutions I` love the service and my hair feels so hot !! : ) : )
  • I am not surprised by the reviews that this business has received. Never before have I experienced such rudeness from any person wanting to sell me a service. I wouldn't even give them half a star but that is the minimum review rating. If you purchase a three month voucher it should be valid for three months, not two. I cannot believe how disgustingly I was spoken to over the phone for trying to explain my point on redeeming a voucher 3 weeks in advance of the expiry date. Utter rudeness that I will be sure to tell all my friends about.
    • You have to read the fine print you are getting a $400 keratin treatment for $79 and you must book 1 month before expire read your voucher I have done nothing wrong
  • I was extremely disappointed with this deal. The salon was dirty, and when I arrived I was told that my voucher only bought me the "brown" keratin treatment, which was apparently not so good, but that I could pay $30 extra and get the "white" treatment, which would be great. Then I was left to wait in my chair for 20 minutes, with a pair of dirty scissors covered in hair in front of me and dirty bottle of hair product everywhere. The staff who finally came to do my hair was very rough with me, and didn't apologise. Even so staff was the nicest person there, as the rest of the staff were rude. I would not recommend this salon (if you can even call it that) to anyone. You couldn't pay me to set foot in there again.
  • I bought the keratin treatment voucher from Living Social and as soon as I called to make the appointment I knew I was going to hate it. The management/reception staff is the rudest person I have ever met. No "hello how are you", they went straight to business! Then I got there and the customer service was even worse. The staff kept trying to sell me stuff and every time I said "no" they'd fight it and made a disappointed face saying: "It's not going to work if you don't buy this and that and this and that"...well they were right, it did not work! Even though I have a Redken shampoo at home, far better than the one they wanted to sell me... I don't understand why they're offering a product that's not working in the first place.
  • Worst salon I have been too, cramped, definitely not 'award winning'!!! instantly felt put off by management, no customer service skills at all, definately don't know how to win back repeat business. Don't buy vouches online to this salon as you will be expected to fork out more cash when you get there on top of what you have already paid, never before at other salons/deals has this happened, don't care about the customers positive experience. Never again.
  • The worst experience ever. I bought a CUDO voucher and the staff were rude and dismissive from the get-go. I bought the Keratin Hair Straightening treatment because Cudo sold this deal as lasting up to 6 months. When arrived they said nope! Just 2 months - you need to pay extra for the 6 month treatment. I showed them the deal on my iPad and they just shrugged and said they "just worked there".
    They were extremely rude, and I would recommend that customers avoid this place at all costs!
    Whats worse is Cudo has ignored my 2 emails, my phone message - I have called their customer support line 5-6 times with no answer.
    • You are not telling the truth do you know he meaning of up to 6 months means sounds like you don't you where told it is guaranteed to last you at least 2 months if your does not grow or you don't wash it will last you more then 6 months
    • Seriously what kind of advice is "don't wash" your hair from a hairdresser. Your rude responses to customer complaints has only confirmed your lack of customer service.

      Thank you to all other reviewers, I will definitely stay away from this store.
  • I wish I had read these reviews before I even bothered with this place, how are they even still in business! The management is so rude and being a first time customer you think they would treat you with a little more respect!

    6 star award winning salon? you are kidding right!
  • I bought a $69 voucher including cut, colour, ghd. After reading all the reviews I thought I might have wasted my money...but I enjoyed the experience, except a couple of things. When I first called I had the rudest person answer and be ended up saying couldn't book me in and the management would call me back. The management did, but when I complained about how the first staff treated me just said 'that person shouldn't answer phones ' and 'we are very busy' - it's not my fault they're busy, I should have got an apology. I booked in despite this initial impression and I'm glad I did.
    I had Zophie and she was fabulous. She spent quite a while with me trying to pick a colour (I'm choosy and I haven't colored my heart for ages) and then spent good time making sure she knew what style I wanted cut. I got tea while my colour set, there's a tv right there to watch, it had a nice atmosphere. I'd recommend bringing your own magazine unless you love hair magazines - boring! I'm 100% happy with my hair and I would recommend the place if you get a voucher.