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Reviews of Hair To Stay

  • I have been getting my hair done at this salon since it was in Clayton and I have never had any problems with the service. As a busy mum of two, the owner is very accommodating with appointment times and if I have to cancel at the last moment she is always understanding. I had been getting my hair done in salons in St Kilda and Kooyong prior to this salon and I can honestly say the quality of the service is second to none. My colour, cut and blow waves are always done well and I really like the fact that the owner is fast and doesn't waste time fussing around.I also love the fact that I can get my eyebrows done during my hair appointment! I am really happy with the current girl who does my eyebrows (threading) and the girl who does the nails is excellent. The previous beautician was OK, however, she does not compare to the attention to detail the current girls give to your beauty needs. I'll be going back soon and I always recommend the salon to friends.
  • Please don't go to this place.I went in for a hair cut and they did a such a bad job I had to complain.The management was careless. Please avoid this place if you can.
    • Hi there my names Nadia the hairdresser, and owner of Hair to stay, as I have had a successful business for 5 years, we don't let clients leave the salon unhappy and out policy is if u are unhappy we are more then happy to fix any of our mistakes for a free charge. So I'm sure if I had of given us this opportunity we would have been more then happy to fit you until u were satisfied.
  • I have been going for about a year for waxing and hair cuts and have not experienced any of the negative stuff on here. I am very happy and have recommended it to my friends. I have not used any coupons mentioned by other posts so I cannot comment on that. I will continue to go as the service is fine and the price is great.
  • I purchased a voucher from Scoupon for foils, cut and blowdry. I have never experienced such rudeness on the telephone from someone in customer service. It was very clear they treat the "scoupon" customers very differently. I was told there was plenty of availability however when mentioning I wanted to use my scoupon all of a sudden they were booked out for 3 weeks even though I could go on any day! I then made an appointment only for it to be cancelled on the day by calling my mobile phone because said I was late and it was void!! I wasnt!! Said my appointment was earlier than it was, it had been written on the sheet after the phone call. I asked if I could come in and could do what they could in the time frame but of course not. I was disgusted at the level of service and professionalism and would not recommend this hairdress at all. They should not offer deals such as scoupon if they are not willing to honor them and treat customers like their own. Thankfully I received a refund from scoupon.
    • I too purchased a scoopon for the same thing and had made 3 appointments, each time with a new excuse. I am
      Horrified to see all these bad reviews. Maybe the owner should take a look at this negative feedback and learn better customer service. I was furious after being cancelled the third time so I have lodged a complaint with scoopon! Very very disappointing!
  • I have never been to a hair salon where i have been treated so poorly as i have at Hair To Stay. The hairdresser was running very late, which i understand happens but the hairdresser was also very rude in tone with the way I was spoke at after asking what was going on with my appointment. While i was finally getting my color done i was made to feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. The hairdresser put very poor effort into my hair and the result was an example of it. I have had many stylists color my hair and have never had my hair break and snap so badly after. I have never been so disappointed by a hairdresser. Absolutely appalling.
  • I've purchased vouchers and never had a problem using them. Also had hair and nails done here. I get my kids hair cuts here as well because you can't go wrong with paying $8 for a childrens cut. I like the place. I enjoy the coffee they make too. :-) Also nice and easy to get parking (which is always a bonus).
  • I've been a loyal customer of Hair to Stay for the past four years... After reading the below reviews I have to put my own review in as I find them a little unfair. I can totally empathise with people being annoyed at their vouchers not being honoured (as I too would be) however, the beautician who ran her own business within this hairdressing salon no longer works there due to her terrible customer service with not honouring her vouchers. The owner and other nail technician though are extremely good at what they do so please don't be dis hearted by this business. Sometimes you find a bad egg amongst a good batch and now this bad egg has left you should only encounter good service. I use to spend heaps of money paying to get my hair done (prior to being a mum) now that my priorities have changed it was refreshing to find a place where I could get a great foil colour, cut and blow wave at a price that was extremely reasonable and affordable. I have referred family and friends all to this place and have had no problems in doing so. Please give this place a chance as the owner has worked so hard to build her business and feels disappointed that one person has gone and put her companies name in the firing line.
    • Hi there, i dont think its being unfair darl, i think we are entitled to say what we feel as we have been dealt with very poor customer service on the hairdressing side, in fact i could even say the staff whom i had spoken to numerous times was very rude. Im very disappointed that this turned out that way as i had only just moved into the area and would have liked to have used this place as my new hairdressers.
    • We must have been to completely different salons because from what i remember it was the managent that was rude and had a bad attitude. I never got to meet the beautician your talking about but your mistaking about the service in this place. My experience was uncomfortable and i will never be going there again. My hair was snapping off for days after i went there. My hair was fried. Absolutely appalling service and unprofessionalism. I don't think you should praise this place.
    • My experience here was terrible and was regarding hairdressing not beauty. I am also sure I spoke with the management who was very rude.
  • I purchased a scoopon voucher for this hair salon and after 3 attempts I was finally able to secure an appointment. On the day I was running 10 minutes late so called to let them know and was rudely told that I should not bother turning up. I decided to go in, politely and attempt to organise a new appointment time to which I was told they could not fit me in until after the voucher expired, unless I was prepared to pay. Very poor customer service, don't bother!
    • I also purchased a scoopon and my appointments were cancelled FOUR TIMES each time a different excuse. absolutely disgraceful service! Regardless of it being scoopon we are still paying customers. Interesting to see im not the only one to have been dealt this disgraceful way to run a business. If the management didnt want scoopon customers then dont bother running it through scoopon.
    • same thing.. i brought a voucher from jigocity.. i called and tried to book in, but the staff who did the vouchers was never there. I called at least 8 times before i got an appointment (which was today) I took a day off as annual leave and when i got down there after my hour drive, they told me that the waxing staff no longer works for them and she was supposed to call and cancel, but she never did. They told me i had to sort it out with jigocity and get my money back. Not even an apology or anything. Such bad BAD customer service.
    • I also booked using the Living Social voucher and was called back a week later to say they could not fit me in until after the voucher expired. When I said 'that's fine, i'll just get a refund', I was told that they would book me a week after the expiry given that I had already given them my redemption code when I had initially booked. Having being assured that this was all "ok", I agreed. Then got a call back last week and was told the beautician had left the salon and therefore they could no longer fulfil my appointment! Needless to say Living Social did not provide a refund as it was past the expiry date. This business did not provide the service promised and Living Social did nothing to assist either! In addition, the level of customer service provided throughout from the salon was woeful! Hair to Stay??!! I doubt they could "stay" in business much longer with appalling service like that!!!
    • I too would be really annoyed with what has happened. However, that beautician has been asked to take her business and leave the salon due to her non commitment to honour her vouchers. Glad she has gone.
    • I only ever dealt with the owner of Hair To Stay and had nothing to do with the beautician therefore my initial review remains a reflection of this lack of service.
    • I must have been lucky as I also used a voucher and never had a problem but this was a few months back. Sorry to hear of your ordeal.
    • This does not surprise me at all. I am still very upset with how rude the hairdresser was and how badly i was treated. I agree, don't bother.

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