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  • Honda2008 Newbie   1 review
    What a joke!! called and explained that the problem with my car and said I am coming from Wollongong. They did not show any interest in understanding my problem and said bring the car and we will scan it. Came on time on the date the car was booked for just to find out that their scanner is not working. Did not bother calling me or anything. Rubbish customer service

    5 months ago - 15/11/2014

  • mxr1979 Newbie   1 review
    i got charged 500 dollar for repair 2007 honda accord power steering hose , am i got rip off from this business ? one of my friend told me the part only a bout 200 , i really don't know.

    6 months ago - 07/10/2014

    • R6 Newbie 
      No. You didn't get ripped off
      Genuine Honda Power Steering Hose is close to $500
      Second Hand Genuine Honda Power Steering Hose is about $350.
      Aftermarket is close to $200.

      Calling Honda Parts Department and Google Search will help in the future.

      6 months ago - 19/10/2014

  • maxremix Newbie   1 review
    Just got my Honda accord euro serviced from Hanny's for the first time. I was worried due to latest two reviews but I have looked up ozhonda and knew this place can be trusted. I am glad I have went to Hanny's - they are quick, professional and prices were in line with what I was quoted from Kmart mechanic. In fact I can't help but think latest two reviews here are from some random competitors in the area.

    TLDR; Hanny's Performance lived up to their reputation. Will be visiting the place for all the maintenance needs for my car. Highly recommended!

    9 months ago - 05/07/2014

  • vtc11t Newbie   1 review
    probably the worst mechanics i have ever been to.
    they act all friendly when you want to get work done by them in order to get your money and then if you have issues with the work they perform they act like it is your fault.
    i would not recommend them to anyone and will definitely not go back to them ever again.

    I went to them due to the reputation and being advised that they are the best for the Honda application but after the experience i had would not recommend them to anyone..

    my S2000 never felt the same after going to them and cost an arm and a leg to get work rectified by Honda australia
    • R6 Newbie 
      What work was done to your car? Your post is more emotional than helpful. The mechanics say that it is your fault because it is your car and you should know the modifications,service and repairs done to it thus far.

      From my understanding Hanny's Performance do quick services at a reasonable price. The customer service can be good and ordinary at times. But what kind of service are you expecting when you pay a small price in comparison to Honda dealers for the service and repairs?.

      These guys use Genuiine Honda and Elf Oils. Some Honda Dealerships don't even bother to change the oils and still charge you an arm and leg. Therefore leaving the car feeling the same. Common sense dictates the car should feel smoother after a service.


  • Dave 99 Newbie   1 review
    Oil Change + filter + rocker cover gasket + 4 Spark Plug 0' rings = $250.
    Extremely rude staff sorry to say.
    I travelled 35ks to see them bcos of the good reviews. I would rather have paid $200 more than been humiliated. Nothing they did couldnt be done by my local mechanics.
    One mechanic was good enough, otherwise I would have taken my car and left that place in an instance.
  • I_reckon Newbie   1 review
    If you own a Honda vehicle and don't use Hanny's,( Robert ), you are missing out and paying too much.
    I have no affiliation with this company whats so ever, but am very grateful they are my mechanics.
    I have 2 very old vehicles and could not afford to go any where else to keep them going.
    These guys are amazing mechanics, they work like automated machines, so professional in every way, you know you will never be ripped off as Robert is so honest.

  • friggyfrog   3 reviews
    These mechanics are the best they dont try to sell!
    I have been going there for 3 years and as a female I dont feel like I am getting ripped off because I dont know much about cars.
    I recommend them to all honda drivers.
    Keep up the good communication and work guys.
  • TQP   31 reviews
    Definitely the BEST Honda cars mechanic specialists ever! Service is great and prices are very reasonable. Customer service and care is fantastic, the best I've ever had from any car service places. An honest mechanic car service that is very hard to find nowadays. Clients will not be dissappointed. Highly recommended to all!!

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