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Brisbane, QLD
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Happy Cat Enclosures, we are guaranteed unbeatable on quality and workmanship.  

3 YEAR WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEE (the longest in the industry) 

10 YEAR NETTING GUARANTEE for sag and deterioration. 

We encourage people to ask elsewhere if this will be provided. 

Our enclosures are far superior from the standard design commonly used in the industry, why? 

Our designs are rock solid. Our vast experience in the construction industry has enabled us to greatly improve on the common designs you may see elsewhere.

ALL of our fittings and fixings are stainless steel which we personally import and back with a mill certificate to ensure quality. We don't use any galvanized, high tensile, zinc or FAKE stainless steel like is done elsewhere. 

We don't use cheap weak wall plugs with a light load rating of 4kg to attach fittings to brick concrete or rock. We use chemically anchoring which essentially binds the fitting to its housing. OUR fittings will not pop out. This process is much more timely and expensive than using plastic wall plugs but the quality is unbeatable. 

It is not uncommon for us to quote an enclosure to take twice as many hours to build than other companies. Happy Cat Enclosures will quote you in hours how long a job will take, if we finish earlier we will REFUND you any labour not used. We are keeping it honest. 

Happy Cat Enclosures shows up close and detailed photos of all our work. We have done this so you can see the quality of our materials and workmanship. You can find many more photos in our galleries at 


The list of differences that set us aside are endless. If you give us a call we will  happily email you an in depth document outlining what we DO and Don't Do. 

If you are shopping for an enclosure it is important to know exactly what you are getting, see what you are getting and see a proven track record of performance. 

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Reviews of Happy Cat Enclosures

  • Daniel and his crew did a most amazing of our cats enclosure. Was most impressed with his work ethics, and the proficiency with which the job was done. I am happy to recommend Daniel to anyone looking for a safe and aesthetically pleasing enclosures as an add on to your house. It is most professionally built and comes with a guarantee. Thank you so much Daniel
    Stephen & Vivienne
  • Daniel, Ernest and Danny finished my cat enclosure a couple of days ago, and my two cats (one senior and one big kitten) absolutely love it. I previously had a cat enclosure by a big name brand at my old place, and they did not honour the warranty when it sagged and came away from the fence. This product is much better quality, and the guys were very inventive as to how they worked around a garden bed and and indoor and outdoor entertainment areas. Due to heavy rain on the first night, a wooden batten in the ground, anchoring the mesh sagged, and they came right out and fixed it, no cost and no fuss. I highly recommend them.#reviewtowin
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  • We are very impressed with the quality of our enclosure. I found that Daniel and his team were very efficient and worked well as a team to bring the enclosure together, they worked hard and finished in a shorter time frame than they quote. So Daniel deducted the amount of labour time not used off our original quote, I really did not expect that, so I was happy. Definitely hard working and passionate about his job, I would definitely recommend you guys to others. My cats are happy to be able to go out anytime of the day or night and I am happy knowing they are safe and not roaming the streets. #reviewtowin
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  • Awesome work done and Ive compared the workmanship to friends that have had similar done by others and the comparison is nothing alike.
    The cats love it and I feel that it was the best investment I've made. Daniel was great with the quoting and problem solving as I kept changing or adding things,
    The service was great, I loved seeing that Daniel and the team took such pride in their work and even after the work was done, Daniel contacted me to see how it was going. #reviewtowin
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  • We contacted Daniel for a second cat enclosure and was totally impressed again with an amazing enclosure. Daniel is very helpful in suggesting what works best, affordability, great products that blend in to the surroundings. His team are fantastic, great time management and all of them including Daniel work so hard and long hours to complete a job. Would totally recommend to anyone who wants a safe and secure environment for their furry ones! Very happy customer and cats!
    • Thanks for the feedback :) Very happy you and your babies are happy.
  • Wonderful work done with professionalism and experience. Dan was able to get there, install the 'catio' within budget and far quicker than I expected. Thank you, my cats and I appreciate it.
  • Thankyou so much to daniel & his team for my small upstairs balconey cat enclosure. My job proved tricky at some stages but the team dug in & produced a very high standard of work. I am so glad we didn't go the DIY option as this method is worth every cent. Supporting small local business is the only way to get great personal service.
  • Very pleased with Happy Cat Enclosures, I had a limited budget and Daniel worked with me to ensure I got a great affordable secure enclosure for my burmese cats. The work and materials are of a very high standard. Would highly recommend this business and also appreciate their work in supporting animal charities and causes. Thanks guys :)
  • Excellent professional service. I am extremely happy with the extension to my patio/cat enclosure just completed and can highly recommend Happy Cat Enclosures, their quality of materials and workmanship is 1st class. My enclosure looks amazing, thank you.
  • Can't say how happy I am with enclosure. Rupert is getting used to the idea that he can't leave the house via the front door any more and spends more and more time basking in the sun or climbing and hiding in the bushes within the enclosure. That is the best thing about this enclosure, he can still climb the shrubs and chase a few lizards, he's not confined to a cage or a tunnel, plenty of room to move, no dead bird deliveries any more. Every family member and friend I show is impressed, as at first they ask what they are looking for. When I take them into the enclosure for the first time, it is so unobtrusive that they need to spend a few minutes looking before they realise what it is. I am very very happy that I did this for my naughty cat. He is safe and I am friends with my once unhappy neighbours. Small price to pay for all that!!! Amazing customer service also. Thanks heaps!!!!!

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