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Reviews of Harry's Cafe De Wheels

  • This place makes really nice hot dogs, have been here a few times and the meat pie with mash potato and gravy is delicious. I'm sure ill be back here sometime soon.
  • Best Pies in sydney! Especially the potato pie-delicious!
    Staff alao lovely
  • The pies and hot dogs here are quite good. They have expanded from there original store, and i do feel that over the years the quality has gone down a bit. However this might just be nostalgia. I still find the pies and hot dogs tasty and for a quick bite you cant go wrong with these.
  • very tasty I always like to come here for a late nights snack!!!
  • mass.d Local Star 471 reviews
    A great american looking dining out on the streets. I love the look of this place, it definitely draws your attention towards it. They're known for their hot dogs which are quite the mouth full. The hot dog and bun itself are average but it's the toppings that make this place awesome. I had the chilli dog which I found was very chilli (I can't really handle my chilli). I would love to go back and try the other hot dog toppings and would most definitely recommend this dinner to anyone.
  • There are meat pies and hot dogs you must try in Sydney. I think I am pretty obsessed with their chicken meat pie with mashed potato and peas on the top and sauce. So Yammy! Eat it at least once per week. Vegetable hot dog and tomato soup are also very nice.
  • Just reliable good old-fashioned Aussie tucker. Ordered the pie with peas, and felt good about getting some vegetable intake. Reasonably priced, and a good selection of sauces on offer too. Perfect for cold weather or just when you get that pie or hot dog craving. A Sydney institution.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,300 reviews
    For reasons I can't explain- I tend to get craving for Harrys pies and hotdogs... I also frequent the Harrys carts When I have guests from overseas- it seems to be a fitting place for a great example of what and Aussie pie should be.
    Mushy peas, gravy and mashed potatoes never found a companion so fitting as a chucky beef pie... And the hotdog and its cousins, chilli sauce, minced meat and grilled onions have a glorious family reunion here.
    I would and already do recommend this place to friends looking for a tasty meaty treat :)
  • For some reason this is one of THE places to go to in Sydney at least once in your life. The pies are definitely good! However, you'll need to be okay with sitting and eating on a wharf watching the rats run around near the naval ships in the harbour - something that seems to make the most sense at midnight.

    If anything, it is a much better alternative to a dodgy kebab.
  • TQP 31 reviews
    The pies here are better than the ones served at Liverpool but the staff aren't as friendly. These pies are good when you need to grab a bite to eat at night.
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