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  • natalcha Newbie   1 review
    Bought a pricey TV and thought we had a good deal but found the same model a few hungies cheaper after the purchase... Spewin! Thought that was it but went back to see if we could get a best price guarantee or a refund. Spoke to Eddy who was spoke with his manager who called up his manager and we were able to get the price match and refunded the difference. Really won us over with their transparent service and even bought something else... Will def come back but maybe do the price research better next time.

    6 months ago - 06/02/2014

  • Max Mehmet   2 reviews
    I have been here 4times in last 2years and had same bad experiences with them each time . Shortly they ignore customers with rude behavior there is no such a thing exist at harvey norman stores.
  • Gr8:) Newbie   1 review
    My experience was somewhat different to everyone else. After reading the recent (unhappy) reviews I was almost reluctant in entering the store at all. My husband and I was in search of a new fridge. We had already been to Bing Lee but wanted to compare prices. Upon entering Harvey Norman's Blacktown we headed straight to the refrigeration section and was surprised to be immediately greeted by one of the staff members. He was cheerful and helpful and asked what our budget was. Within minutes we had decided on a product. We asked for free delivery and he willingly obliged without hesitation... And best yet - he threw in another product at a massive discounted rate. He took us to the counter where a friendly cashier finalised our transaction. My husband and I was very pleased with Harvey Norman's Blacktown customer service and will definitely come back. We hear about all the negative reviews but forget to write up the positive ones.
  • Chrisel Newbie   1 review
    Would be and insult to give this store even 1 star, the customer service in this store is disgusting, no one even bothered to come over and offer service which was in the bedding department, they were all just standing around the reception desk gas bagging and just looking everyone walking around after 45min of waiting for service i walked out no one not even said one word will never go there would not even recommend this particular store to anybody... nice to know Harvey employ's and pay's his worker's to stand there and gossip and laugh at people instead of being paid to do their job which is to offer friendly customer service, because without these customer's for them to service they really dont have a job! Well done Harvey Normans Blacktown nice to know your getting paid to be Rude, Unfriendly and to Bludge and Gossip!
  • rama02 Newbie   1 review
    I had a very bad customer service experience at Harvey Norman Blacktown.To start of no one really cares if you are there.I approached 3 sales staff regarding a landline telephone.All of them had no time to negotiate the price on the item.I even told one of them that their customer service was pathetic and to which he replied oh get out of here.Is this how you treat a customer ?I will never go to this shop again and will share this experience with my friends.Hopefully, they should treat customers better if they want sales.
  • xyzxyzSH Newbie   1 review
    I am very unhappy with HARVEY NORMAN BLACKTOWN customer service provided by Sales people at COMPUTER and LAPTOP Section.
    I went there 3 days in a row and spoke with 4 different people about a Laptop. First day, the guy was good. But i was not sure of the product. Then on Second day, I was sure to buy a particular model and these 2 guys tell me that the laptop I am interested in was no good for anything. But I wanted that as it was cheap and i knew it was good as i read the reviews online. But these guys from Harven norman were very rude in speaking with me. Then i left the place assuming the 3 day i will meet different guy. I did but unfortunately this guy was not behaving appropriately as well. I finally bought the laptop from HN itself but location -Auburn. At least they know what i needed.
    • rama02 Newbie 
      I am also a very dissapointed ane unsatisfied customer.The customer service at Blacktown was not good and the sales staff was rude.I approached 3 sales staff regarding a landline telephone I wanted to purchase and all of them didn't have time to talk to me regarding the price.I will never go to this shop again and will share my with my experience with my friends.


  • Bradbury6   24 reviews
    I'm one unhappy Customer.
    I had the Santa photos done at Blacktown Harvey Norman as promoted on the Television Ads.
    When I had the photos taken I was told that the photographer would select the best shot to be printed. They took 2 shots and the one they printed my child's eyes were in between a blink so they looked half asleep and instead of a smile was biting their lips.
    I asked the man behind the counter about this since it wasn't up to standards. He said it was for the photographer to write the correct number down, he just prints them. No refund or reprints of the better shot were even offered.
    I won't be going back next year.

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