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  • Sassa Newbie   1 review
    We purchased a $5000 leather lounge suite to be delivered the day we moved into our new home. The lounge was damaged on delivery & had to be sent away to be repaired. The lounge returned looking worse than it did before it went to be repaired. It's now 9 mth later & we are awaiting delivery of a new lounge suite. Their customer service level is very poor we have to call them to find out what is going. The only reason the lounge is finally going to be replaced is because I had mentioned I had called consumer affairs to get my rights. We have not been contacted to tell us when the new lounge will be delivered but know it is supposed to be here.

    3 months ago - 24/05/2014

  • cgwatch1 Newbie   1 review
    I've just purchased a brand new Simpson washing machine and it dosen't work, I also paid the extra for a five year warranty. So far I've been given four different phone numbers to contact and been told I'll have to pay for anything I've broken on the machine! This is totally un acceptable. I've just moved house and as it is had no washing machine for three days awaiting delivery. Now I'm told an electrician will be sent out next week some time. The staff who answered the phone at the Bundall store was extremely rude.
  • nealwyper Newbie   1 review
    I recently bought a printer from Harvey Norman Bundall (Epson NX 635). I was very unhappy with the quality of prints from the printer and asked Harvey Norman if they would exchange the $150 printer with me upgrading to a $340 printer (difference at my expense). I understand this is not Harvey Normans fault but as I had spent $3000 on electrical and bedding in store in the last month and more to be spent in the next month, I thought they would have gladly exchanged this for me. as I'm sure they wouldn't end up out of pocket! With the response of "we wouldn't be able to sell the printer on and wouldn't be able to exchange it" Has made me unhappy about there customer service and will not be shopping with them ever again.
  • am1td   12 reviews
    These guys came to our rescue. We bought a Whirlpool fridge and it broke down after 2 months. The repair was claimed under warranty but we waited for the part to come for 4 days only to be told by the manufacturer that it will take another 3-4 days. All our food had gone off and so had my wife's medicine. Whirlpool would not help at all and simply told us that there was nothing they could do and we just had to wait for the part. When we raised this issue with the Electrical Department Manager at Harvey Norman Bundall he told us that he would be happy to help us out and give us a brand new fridge but he will need an approval from Whirlpool first. After hassling Whirlpool and many phone calls later we finally got Whirlpool to agree to let Harvey Norman do a swap over and deliver us a brand new fridge. It was sad to see that the manufacturer themselves were simply just too lazy to pull their fingers out and help us but in the end Harvey Norman Bundall came to our rescue and we are truly grateful to them.
  • Yvette Bates Newbie   1 review
    I brought an acer touch screen computer there last week, 2 hours after getting it home a disc that I brought from Harvey Norman got stuck in it. I was told to bring it in within 14 days of purchase and it would be fixed on the spot or replaced as per the store policy. I took it in and was told I must have put the disc in wrong to jam it, even though it had downloaded information. And so it would have to be sent to acer and could take up to 6 weeks to repair! I am not sure if it is because I am a women or what but they treated me like I was a moron and showed me as much post-purchase care as one shows a cane toad. I will never shop at Harvey Norman Bundell again.
  • Kelly Nairn   11 reviews
    Wasn't happy with the service and knowledge of staff when I recently went here to buy a laptop.

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