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  • bargn$hopa Area Expert   78 reviews
    Nor here or there, shopped here a few times and received average customer service each time. Went looking to buy a new mattress in here just last Monday, 12th May 2014 and the sales person did not seem to know their products very well. Needless to say, we spent the money elsewhere. It wont however stop me from shopping here in the future, if they have a good deal on, I'll still go and buy it. But if its something that needs to be sold to me to close a deal, doubt it would happen here.

    3 months ago - 14/05/2014

  • kscu6047 Newbie   1 review
    Purchased a Astone media player and was told it was an easy to interface on demand streaming device by the salesperson, Ashmore and told if it did not meet. MY requirements I could return it. I specifically inquired that as I was out of area if I could return this to any Hrvey Norman. On proceeding to lithgow Harvey norman despite both parties speaking at the time to the Penrith store management staff This was declined by Lithgow as an unsafe practice. Do not reccommend shopping at any Harvey Norman.

    6 months ago - 19/02/2014

  • Danny73 Newbie   1 review
    My advise is do not shop at Penrith Harvey Norman if at all possible. Very poor customer service. Staff have no or very little product knowledge and refuse to help you if you are not in their section of the store.
    Worst of all if you do buy something and you have any post sale problems or enquiries they do not want to know.
  • greenbuyer Newbie   1 review
    This store is keen to make you buy but after that, the service stops. I bought a phone six weeks ago that was out of stock and had to be sent to me by courier. Harvey Norman Penrith had my money for six weeks and never, ever made one phone call to advise me there was a delay or to let me know the status of my delivery. Every phone call I made to them went unreturned (even to the management) until someone called the staff member told me they'd phone me as soon as it came in. No phone call. I've finally found out today that the phone will be delivered in 48 hours.It took about ten phone calls to get that far.

    I now get it in writing that I can have a refund in the event of any problem. If not, you are grilled, kept waiting, argued with.
    • Danny73 Newbie 
      Very poor customer service. Staff have very little product knowledge. Disappointing!

      7 months ago - 03/01/2014

  • Graham and Kathy Newbie   1 review
    My wife and I decided to purchase a 60" Sony television from HN Penrith. From a price perspective we were happy, and was happy with the choice of product. However delivery was a whole different affair. A delivery date was agreed upon between the salesperson and ourselves, however the day coincided with an important appointment in the afternoon. We were promised that it would be delivered first thing in the morning on a Saturday.

    I rang the delivery people first thing on the day of delivery to confirm a delivery time. They told us "between 9am and 1pm". I advised them that the store had promised that we were the first delivery. They said that the store didnt have that authority. I then requested an estimated time that the TV would be delivered, to which I was told to ring back.

    I rang back approx 90 minutes later. I was told that the technican had been delayed becuase technician had to get some cables for people (normally when you buy a TV it is your responsibility to have the right cables) and that technician was delayed. Delivery time was pushed out to 12:30.

    At that stage I wasnt happy as I was running out of time to get ready for the important appointment. I then asked for the delivery to be done straight away as I could install the television. They said that they could not do this. I requested to speak to somebody who could get this decision overturned. I was then put through to the store management at HN Penrith.

    They were also of no help. All I got was a strict adherance to the policy. Shortly after I received a phone call from the delivery guy, who said it was going to be 12:45. I asked if that time was guaranteed, as I was rapidly running out of time before I had to leave home. I then received another phone call from the delivery guy, saying they couldnt find my TV in the warehouse, and that they were driving to the store. This pushed the time out to 1:45 for an estimated arrival at my place.

    My wife then spoke with the management, who said that there was nothing that could be done and it would need to be scheduled for another day. My wife was unhappy at this and had no problems advising the store management of her displeasure, at which point they became abrupt and started complaining about my wife.

    The issues are as follows;
    HN Penrith promised a delivery time of first thing Saturday morning, and did not deliver.
    HN Penrith and the delivery people adhered to their rigid policy, and did not offer any compromises in order to resolve the issue.
    HN Penrith, even on Monday, have not offered any resolution.

    The order has been cancelled, and HN Penrith have been advised that we will never purchase from any HN store again, and that we will advise others to follow suit.
  • legreenie Newbie   1 review
    My husband and I live 4 hrs away from the store and ordered a camera from a local Nowra HN franchise. The staff were impeccable but unfortunately the camera we ordered became unavailable for 3 months. We had already put a deposit down so we were keen to try to track one down at another store. My husband called HN Penrith and thankfully they had one in stock BUT the manager wouldn't allow us to put a credit card deposit down over the phone to hold it (store policy apparently) despite informing we were a 4 hr drive away. We were told it was a 'hot item'. The manager wasn't even willing to allow my brother in law to come in to the store on our behalf and put a deposit down. I called other stores to verify if this was the normal procedure not to take a deposit over the phone and they both had options to do this. Sounding unreasonable? Bugger the deposit, couldn't they have held it for 24hrs? If so they could have made the sale that instant. Put off by the inability to assist us to put the camera on hold we let it go. Two weeks later I wondered if the camera was as hot an item as they claimed. I called the store and discovered that the camera was still available. Assisted by another employee I asked if it was possible to hold the camera as I live 4 hrs away but would be up on Tuesday to buy it. Lo and behold..."no worries"...he took my details and voila..SOLD! The whole experience was in complete contrast to the M A N A G E R's approach of being UNWILLING to sell us the camera. Is he in the business of sales or not? When my husband arrived there he also was unwilling to match Nowra's price and terms because "that was two weeks ago". The poor other guy who put the sale through must have felt sorry for us and ended up giving us a discount on the insurance. Needless to say, we'll never go to that store again and will let all our friends and family know how appalling the customer service is and the subsequent buying experience is there.

    (I only chose a half star because I had to!)
  • Karby   10 reviews
    fantastic stock, and the staff were really helpfull in helping me find the item i was looking for.

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