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  • A Taki Newbie   1 review

    1 week ago - 14/04/2014

  • DanHuynh Newbie   1 review
    We went in and purchased an ALBURY dining set, a matching coffee table, a matching bed and two bedsides in mid December 2013. We were told everything will be ready for delivery mid Jan 2014.By the end of Jan 2014, they delivered the dining set without the coffee table BUT we had to pay for the delivery in full EVEN THOUGH it was supposed to be pay on delivery!! I rang up the next day and the sales staff said it won't be ready until MARCH!! I demanded a refund for obvious reasons but the sales staff had to talk to management and we have to go into the store to sort out the refund to our card!!!! This has to be one of the worst stores ever. Go there or go to Harvey Norman ONLY IF you are really desperate!

    2 months ago - 16/02/2014

  • dom.n Newbie   1 review
    Horrible customer service. staffs were too busy always chatting up. Don't ever go.
    • zarfield1234 Newbie 
      I COMPLETELY AGREE, that place is a s*** h***. Paid a deposit for a phone over a month ago and still has no stock each time telling me it will arrive within a few days as they will "personally" pick it up which never happened. And as i am speaking i am still waiting.

      5 months ago - 06/11/2013

  • Torpay Newbie   1 review
    The worst service I have ever received.
    I had originally gone to buy a laptop.The staff member on computers was quite helpful and we choose 2 laptops and were waiting for a call from my husband for final confirmation when all of this happened.
    Was just walking around saw some vacuum on sale. Choose one, asked the sales staff about it,since there weren't any products left on the floor. I was told that I could buy the opened floor stock and that was it. It didn't have a floor stock only sign written on it and there were similar stock on sale too. So I questioned the staff about it. They got really angry and told me that since I was making such a fuss,they refuses to sell anything to me. And BY LAW they had the right to do so. They were loud and very rude.I had my kids with me so i didn't want to argue with them and asked to speak to the franchise. I was told that they were off for the day. I informed the staff I wouldn't leave the store without speaking to a management.
    I just stood there for 5 minutes then the staff came back after speaking to someone and said that they were doing me a favour and would sell me the new product.
    I was so upset by the whole vacuums cleaner incident that i came back home without buying the laptop and ordered it online through the other company.

    9 months ago - 04/07/2013

  • sbrao11   2 reviews
    Poor customer service,rude,don't spend time with customer, and their price is so high

  • MECK Newbie   1 review
    Totally agreed with SLH20, change of culture Harvey Norman Auburn Store is needed. 2yrs is gone, but didnt change anything.
    Staff are very rude, speak very loudly, when sell you something, it looked like as if you beg them to sell you things and they are last store on earth. Staff are loud , arrogant attitude. They are not interest to help, if you ask them question, youre interfering with their conversation.
  • MarcusPrs Newbie   1 review
    Went to purchase a dryer and never received such bad service. Sales staff was so rude when found out we wanted to get a deal on the price. Didn't want to help, was forceful on speech, then told us to go and buy it from another store since they were giving us a better deal.

    So basically, even though they advertise "good service, price match, best deals". They DON'T! They're rude, don't want your business and I will never consider going back. Especially to the Auburn store!! Never had such service from such a big store. The same products are in other big name stores and all the other sales people are much nicer and go beyond the call to help.

    Don't ever shop in Harvey Norman........please shop around.
  • Diane R Local Star   366 reviews
    My recent visit to Harvey Norman left me shaking my head. Wanting to buy a new PC, I researched products online and found the one I wanted for $663. Upon arriving I saw the same PC on the shelf for $689????? When we questioned this we were told it was the display model and the last one, the new model would be over $100 DEARER again..... While I could get the ex display for $599 - I didn't want ex-display and the difference between the 2 was a2% faster processor on the new one.... that was NOT worth $100!!! The monitor I wanted wasn't instock either and I was offered a bigger and more expensive one that I didn't want anyway...... needless to say we walked out - went to officeworks
  • Diane R Local Star   366 reviews
    The place is still an excellent store, with lots of variety, and a lovely cafe, however a recent shopping experience left me quite disappointed. We went looking for a new TV, the sale staff was great, answered all our questions, was very helpful, everything was organised, every item and cable we would need, the deal was done and agreed to and THEN we were told the TV wasn't in stock and we'd have to wait for it to come in, which would be a few days..... The annoyance is we weren't told FIRST that the Tv wasn't in stock, we could have gone looking elsewhere, there was no offer made to ring other staore and see if one could be found elsewhere. Disappointed that the deal was done first but there was no TV... it's been 2 days, still waiitng....
  • Diane R Local Star   366 reviews
    This is a great place to shop, I find the levels well set out with everything easy to find. If the section is busy, finding someone to help can be hard, but, if you're there when there are less people, the staff are easily available and eagger to assist. They have a great cafe on the second level as well, with everything from cold drinks, to rolls, hot food, tea and coffee, with plenty of places to sit and relax.

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