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Reviews of HCF

  • I transferred to HCF in November 2011 from another health fund. Boy, was that a mistake. The amount of red tape I have had to go through has been unbelievable. And some of the call centre staff are unbelievably rude and impatient. Case in point: I had surgery last month for the first time ever, so I didn't know how Medicare rebates, gaps, etc work, and I didn't know which services would be covered. When I asked a HCF representative to explain this to me, she gave me a clipped, ten-second 'explanation'. When I indicated that I still didn't understand, she responded with a series of deep sighs.

    My surgery was several weeks ago now, and I am STILL trying to sort out payment. HCF have thrown in the added bonus of denying small claims for other recent services. When I asked why, they said, essentially, that: "You have been charged a 14% lifetime health cover loading. We know this is wrong and that you are not subject to this loading. But to get it waived, you have to present some documents to Medicare, get documentation from them, and take it to your former insurer, who will then contact us. Then we will remove the loading. In the meantime, you are not 'financial', because you have not paid the 14% loading, which we know you are not subject to, so all claims will be denied."

    I would have been way better off sticking with the public system. If you value your health and your sanity, do not go with HCF.
  • Roddas Area Expert 45 reviews
    This place is very quick for hassle-free service - as long as you go outside the lunch break hours. All the staff are very knowledgable and understand the products they are selling and servicing which makes it so much easier. I stay with this company for the service here more so than the prices
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