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Looking for love in all the wrong places?

Whether you are new to fitness, a high performance exerciser or simply want to look and feel better, we have a something that will suit your money, mood and motivation.

Come and be part of a club where you do not have to queue or wait for equipment. Where you can work out free of crowds in a professional and fun environment, and be assisted by skilled and professional fitness coaches. Where you get to decide how long you wish to be part of the experience due to our NO minimum term contracts.

Located in the heart of Fitzroy North and Williamstown, we offer fat loss programs, personal training, semi private training, small group training, and a variety of gym memberships in a friendly, warm and welcoming community.

The Healthy Fit Team are passionate advocates of fitness and wellness and love helping people like you, feel good about themselves. You are never just a membership number at Healthy Fit. We understand that you are a person with your own unique story and individual goals and aspirations.

Be part of a personal experience where you are special, and your results and wellness are our priority.

Our goal is to help you get the results you want.
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Reviews of Healthy Fit

  • Wheelhop 1 review
    I can really strongly recommend Healthy Fit as a great gym. My wife and I moved there from the Northcote Gym several years ago and now my 20-something kids go there as well.

    This gym has everything you could want. There is a big range of equipment, and lots of it, so you rarely have to wait to use any of it. The staff are friendly and are all skilled fitness instructors. They get to know you, are interested in everyones progress, and are available for advice on the correct way to do various exercises and weight-training, or how to use particular machinery.

    The atmosphere is very pleasant - the room is large, light and airy, and is air-conditioned in summer, and at a comfortable temperature in winter. There is also a friendly feeling amongst the customers using the gym - and not the aggressive and competitive atmosphere you can experience in some gyms. Try it out - you wont regret it.

    I see Mums of all types, kinds, shapes, sizes and ages at Healthy Fit. We stay fit together. We motivate each other at 6am in the morning while the rest of our families sleep. We rush to the gym after dropping kids off at school or care. And then some even make it to gym in the evenings after a day spent at work.

    In between sled runs and kettle bell swings we share some funny and sometimes not so funny stories of our loved ones adventures and mishaps. I see we share with our own kids a passion for a healthy and happy life. It is not just for ourselves that we come to the gym (although the break can be enjoyable) we stay fit and healthy for our family.
    We don't just talk about being healthy and fit, we live it at Healthy Fit.

    When my son Angus said Happy Mother's Day today and wrote 'to the Best Mum in the world' I believed it. We all should. There's no better Mum than a healthy and fit Mum.

    A big thanks to the Healthy Fit team for making the gym a great place to train and to be the best Mums we can be. Come try and experience the real difference.

    • Michelle - Thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts about being a Healthy Fit mum.
      We love our Healthy Fit mums and think they're da best! ;-)
    • Michelle - Thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts about being a Healthy Fit mum.
      We love our Healthy Fit mums and think they're da best! ;-)
  • Healthy Fit Fitzroy is a fantastic gym with great trainers who are motivating, professional and enthusiastic! There is a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who trains there. Ive been training for about 6 months and Ive been nothing but satisfied with the staff, service and facilities. My training sessions are challenging but always fun!
    • Thanks Em f!
      Your positive feedback about Healthy Fit is much appreciated.
      We are happy that you are enjoying your training with us and achieving great results.
      Keep up the great work! :-)
  • Really enjoyed the treatment by the personal trainers and how professional everything is also lovely place to train and has all the equipment one needs to obtain maximum results. The motivation you get after a session with a personal trainer is the best feeling! Also best value for money
    • Firstly congratulations Lukas on your fantastic results in reducing your weight by 20 kgs over the past 6 months. You are looking terrific and are an inspiration to many.
      Many thanks for your vote of confidence and great feedback about Team Healthy Fit.
      We look forward to continue supporting you in your fitness journey.
      Well Done!
      Stay Healthy Fit :-)
  • I have been a member at Healthy Fit since it far my longest relationship with a gym. Boredom usually does me in but with Heathy Fit's range of group exercise options this has never been an issue. Add to that a team of fitness coaches who are knowledgable, committed, motivating and friendly and you have a great exercise environment. I highly recommend Healthy Fit to people who say they don't like gyms. I was one of those people it is just part of what I do.
    • Thank you Jen for your great review of us. We are pleased that we are able to provide you with a positive experience of gyms and that you are enjoying exercising with us. Keep up the great work! :-)
  • Having been overweight most of my adult life, I'd never really enjoyed training despite being a member of quite a few gyms over the years. After relocating to Melbourne, I struggled to get into a routine and find a local gym that was right for me. Fortunately, I came across Healthy Fit and since joining a year ago, I have not looked back.
    From the moment I walked into the gym the whole team have been encouraging, professional and great at what they do - treating me like a person rather than just a number. This friendly and welcoming approach is true of the other members too - during the last 12 months I have met some great friends from the local area and this really helps motivate me to continue training hard and keep in routine.
    Being a member of Healthy Fit has changed my view on going to the gym. I now enjoy training and working to achieve my fitness goals. The combination of great people, fantastic facilities and a varied and challenging mix of classes and semi private sessions keeps me coming back every week. I now enjoy training at the gym for the first time in my life! Thanks to the whole team and my fellow members for the support to live healthy and fit.
    • Wow...thank you for such a great review. Your comments truly inspire us to continue doing what we love. Thank you for being part of the Healthy Fit community :-)
  • Spotlessly clean, spacious, never overcrowded, attended by exceptionally friendly and helpful staff, and stocked with the most squat racks and olympic barbells I think I've ever seen in one place; if you're serious about strength and barbell training, then this is the place you want to be (and there's a wealth of shiny new cardio equipment, too, if that's your bag). Easily the best Melbourne gym I've ever had the pleasure of training at!
    • Thank you for your positive review. We are so happy that you enjoy being with us and appreciate our Club. It's clients like you that make what we do an absolute pleasure :-)
  • Healthy fit is the best place to satisfy your health and fitness needs. Trainers are always available to help you.
    • Thank you for your review. Glad that you are enjoying being with Healthy Fit. Thank you for trusting us with your fitness needs :-)
  • Nice and clean and the music is encouraging, not deafening like in some gyms. It's close to work so it's perfect to drop into.
    • Thank you for your positive feedback. We are glad to hear that you are enjoying being at Healthy Fit. Enjoy your workouts and keep fit :-)
  • Also went here, they have plenty of amenities in this place. They have also great staffs who would help you whats the best thing to do in case what needs you to your body to stay fit. Great place here. Thumbs up!
    • Thank you for your positive review. It is much appreciated and we will continue to be passionate about what we love to do - help people Live Fit - Live Life! :-)
  • Healthy Fit is an excellent place to re start your health and fitness needs. . Their trainor listens to your needs and works you towards achieving your goals. they will gleefully guide and motivate you . You'll be exceeding your expectations before you know it. great! a huge thanks to healthy Fit for helping me to stay fit and healthy. .
    • Thank you for being part of Healthy Fit. We are very happy to be able to assist you with your health and fitness needs. Keep exceeding those expectations and enjoy greater fitness challenges :-)

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