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Reviews of Heart To Heart Patisserie & Cafe

  • Really bad service. One of the serving staff asked us to move into another sit while we were eating,cause big family came...can't believe it..
  • The cheese sweet was terrible..it tasted like it was in the fridge for too long and it definitely is wasn't fresh..the whole dish was a very big let down. .I ordered the cocktail and the only fruit in it was rockmelon..someone paying 13$ u would expect to see a mix of fruit..overall the whole experience was a let down..definitely not going back!
  • This place is amazing. Really, the widest range of sweets you will find anywhere! its also really cheap compared to other places...to have a slice of blackforest cakes its $5 eat in...in others places such as titanic is a ridiculous $10!! The resturant is also really good, try their chicken fillet with mushroom sauce...by far their best dish. The only downside might be its popularity!! it gets wayyy to busy but hey its better than sitting in an empty resturant right? their argily and cocktail is really good! service is reasonable considering the place is packed out all the time! the place is crawling with staffs!

    highly recommended!
  • Did not like the service. Way too expensive for what they offer. Also, the place gets too crowdy where you can't hear your friends on the same table.
  • SD 11 reviews
    Great food and lebanese sweets!

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