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Reviews of Heatherbrae Early Learning Centre

  • I can not recommend this pre school enough!!
    They have 3 different classes for different age groups: Babies,toddlers and kids.
    They cook the children's meals fresh everyday! (and it always.smells delicious)
    And the staff go out of their way to make the children and the parents feel welcome, they are the nicest people I have ever met and my son loves all of them!
    My son absolutely loves it here,he used to be the very clingy to his parents but now he is very social and has learned how to interact with kids his own age.

    Like I said I can not recommend this pre school enough.
  • My daughter Isabella has been attending this early learning centre also, Isabella only goes one day a week.
    I put Isabella into this centre as she was shy and withdrawn and very clingy to her parents, in just a couple of months there was a massive improvement, Isabella is a social butterfly now :)
    Isabella loves the staff at Heatherbrae and i also appreciate the staffs efforts for educating her she comes home more and more advanced each day she goes!

  • My son Ashton has attended this early leaning centre since August 2009 in that time I have appreciated the staff efforts in educating him. He has been very happy and attached to the girls and I am pleased with the way the Centre conducts itself. I am leaving the centre for financial reasons only.

    I would recommend this Centre for anyone who is looking for a loving enviroment.


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