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  • Corollaman Newbie   1 review
    I have to say staff is one of the rudest people I've met in my life!
    After quoting me on a complete manifold back stainless exhaust system and me stipulating at least 5 times I didn't want the exhaust to be too loud this person then went ahead and custom built my system. After the job was complete i walked up to this person and the first words this person said to me " I'm going to have to charge you $200 more as we accidentally fitted a high flow cat that I didn't quote you for! Now the cat is after the manifold so I took it for granted it was included in the quote. Then said to me you should of notified the exhaust fitter that it wasn't included, I thought WTF! Anyway I met them half way and payed them $100 more.
    I then started the car and it was too loud I told them why I wasn't happy with it and they said don't worry you'll be alright and sent me on my way! A week later I was involved in a car cruise and after an hour the droning got so bad I could hardly think and my wife said it's ridiculous take it back, so I rang them, spoke to the same person, took the car in and went ahead to make a custom longer centre resonator for me, something they should of done in the first place!
    A week later I returned to have the new resonator fitted and staff was not a happy, staff was rude and continuously ridiculed me every time I opened my mouth so I didn't say another word and finally as I was leaving staff made a sarcastic comment about my wife as I had earlier explained to staff she wasn't happy with the car.
    None of this was my fault as I told them what I wanted, quoted me and as far as I'm concerned staff did the wrong thing! I would not recommend them to anyone and I've never written any review before.

    2 months ago - 08/06/2014

  • GP2013 Newbie   1 review
    Outstanding experience with this company. No wonder why it has been in business for over 25 years.
    A+ on service, quality and efficiency.
  • L Lee Newbie   1 review
    Excellent value for $.
    Very happy w my full exhaust & the noises. Wow!
    Luv the customer service too ... & the great sense of humor.
  • James Hills Newbie   2 reviews
    Happy w my full exhaust sys. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Luv the noises
  • Mark0512   4 reviews
    I have been to Lambros in 2001 to fit a turbo back full exhaust system for my rexi and I was really happy about it. The quality, worksmanship, service and finally the sound was awsome!. I did try other exhaust brands but nothing beats Lambros Exhaust. Anyways I did go back again for the second time in 12 yrs and nothing has been changed. The owner Lambros was there at 7:30am (this is the time I went there on sat) even before the workers came. He offered me a free cafe coffee from across the road and made feel like someone I knew for a long time. He was the same man 12 yrs ago.
    He gave me a good price for the kind of muffler I wanted and chucked in free tip.
    After waiting about an hour, the job was finally done and went for a test drive. The sound was really good but it was a bit loud (since it's a VW) for me so went back and told Lambros about it. He then with a smile on his face said "No worries mate, we'll do something about it" dont worry!. then the boys started to add bits and pieces (like new resonator and silencer) and the sound was perfect!. I couldn't want more!.
    He then shook my hand and said "It's all yours mate!".
    If you want to add or fix your muffler just go to the well known specialist and don't gamble and take it to a corner shop or some muffler places on internet. You will regret it big time!.
  • James Hills Newbie   2 reviews
    Excellent service. Highly recommended.
  • Phyl Mc Newbie   1 review
    Very happy with my full exhaust. Dealership rep went out of his way to mention it and said all the mechanics agreed it was one of the best quality exhaust they had seen (and heard).

    Managed to fit me on a Saturday to complete a custom exhaust - couldn't ask for more!
  • Steve Foy Newbie   1 review
    Long time, loyal & satisfied customer of almost 15 years. I have had all 5 of my cars (Jaguar XJS, Subaru WRX, CV8R Monaro, VW R32 & Audi S5) done by Lambros and his friendly staff. I could not speak highly enough of the service, workmanship and products that this great Australian company offer. Yes, they are pricey but that is what happens when you have to pay employees with money, not rice.

    If you want the absolute best for your pride and joy, look no further.
  • Amayzingone Newbie   1 review
    Agree with "ffishface". These guys provide fast, efficient and professional service at the best price. What more could you ask? Hi-Tech Mufflers manufacture their own mufflers and exhaust systems onsite so they suit your vehicle perfectly. No hassles. No long waits. No deposits required. The owner, Lambros has been in the industry for over 30 years. He is very friendly and patient and will greet you with typical Greek hospitality along with a joke or two. Told him I would be there in an hour and they were ready and waiting for me. Said the job would take an hour and it took just 20mins. Lambros even set up his big LCD TV for me to watch whilst I waited. Why would anyone (such as freemason) complain about such wonderful service? If you are happy with the price and the quality and they get the job done quicker than they thought why complain? I'll certainly be recommending Hi-Tech to all my friends!
  • ffishface Newbie   1 review
    Been using them for more than 25 years , always great service
    Excellent value for money
    There is a review about having the job done too quick , the time a normal shop would take to do the job would be xxxx and it is worth that time . If they can do the job quicker and still have excellent quality as I know they do , It is worth paying for their expertise and experience

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