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Reviews of Highlands Dry Cleaners

  • As a prominent Australian business I have used the services of Highlands Dry-cleaners for many years and cannot fault their professional personal service any higher. As a well known family business it was encouraging to witness the recent return of the original family to the day to day operation of dry cleaners which has resulted in the return of real country personal service.
  • I would not recommend this dry cleaner. I dropped off my wedding dress and after 4 weeks it was returned to me in the same condition as I dropped it off. I was told that he spent 16 hours soaking and spraying my dress and wasn't able to remove the dirt on the edge of my skirt nor the red wine splash on my trail. I still had to pay $250 and they still tried to convince me to get it boxed! I decided to try myself at home and after only 2hrs spraying it with soapy water I was able to get my dress spotless- so either the owner does not know how to clean wedding dresses or he really didn't clean it and charged me for it! What a shame I'm local and work with brides in the Southern Highlands, I know what I will be telling them where NOT to dry clean their gowns!
    • Dear katherine,after reading your comment i was very suprised, that a well know / longtime local business,couldn't provide the service you wanted(+ then expect you to still pay them{that what wrong with thing these days). i saw a someone with a same type of problem. however i might have the andsew to your &/ or any other bride's 'special day mishap problem(s)'. there's a product ive used a few times.
    • Dear katherine,the other day i left a comment with some information concerning a product that i used myself. but for some unknowning reason the name of it (& a certain well known stain remover/soaker's website has been deleted from my original comment.

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