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Hills Osteopaths

Alternative Medicine
Castle Hill, NSW

The ABC of Healthcare, Adults, Babies and Children. Why live with pain when you can be freed from it to live a normal active life. Come and see us today!

How can osteopathy help you? 
Treatment is aimed at improving mobility and/or reducing inflammation and pain by using gentle manual osteopathic techniques on joints, muscles and ligaments. 

Osteopathy is suitable for work related low back or neck pain or sporting injury and it can help with acute or chronic conditions, such as sudden sharp back pain, or long term ache. It is also beneficial for painful ankles, knees, shoulders and elbows. An osteopath may assess the role of an individuals' diet in their health, or use visceral or cranial osteopathy. As the underlying causes of pain are addressed further improvements may be obtained with postural advice and with an exercise programme if required. Age is no barrier to osteopathic treatment as each patient is assessed individually and treatment is gentle. Osteopathy can reduce pain, increase mobility, and contribute to a healthier more active and fulfilled life.
Cranial osteopathy is one of the tools of the osteopath, and while ideally suited to children is often a perfect treatment for adults too. 

Cranial osteopathy is a refined and deep osteopathic treatment based on anatomy and physiology. Cranial osteopaths are trained to feel a very subtle, rhythmical shape change that is present in all body tissues. This is called ???????Involuntary Motion??????? or the 'Cranial Rhythm'.  The movement is of very small amplitude, therefore it takes practitioners with a very finely developed sense of touch to feel it. Tension in the body disrupts the cranial rhythm. Practitioners compare what your rhythm is doing to what they consider ideal.  This shows them what stresses and strains your body is under at present, and what tensions it may be carrying as a result of its past history. It also gives them an insight into the overall condition of your body, for example if it is healthy, or stressed and tired.
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Reviews of Hills Osteopaths

  • I had a fantastic experience here. I saw them for osteopathic treatment of my low back pain that had been irritating me for a few years now. I was amazed at how it cleared up after several sessions. He described to me what was happening with my back and taught me how to prevent further injury. I'm very happy with the service, it was well worth it.
  • Friendly osteopathic practice offering various services. Seemed genuinely understanding and knowledgeable. Happy to recommend

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