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The Hog's Breath Cafe success is based on providing quality food and beverage service in an informal, yet comfortable environment with an overriding friendly, party atmosphere. Hog's Breath Cafe themed restaurants cater to all ages with a casual  menu based on hearty favourites such as prime rib steaks, burgers, ribs and parmas.
Hog's Breath Cafe Hogs Breath Cafe
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Reviews of Hog's Breath Cafe

  • Wasteland Local Star 244 reviews
    We went here for our friends birthday and this was my first time at this restaurant.

    The food was mediocre and we didn't have the greatest service as well.

    The person dressed up in the Hogs costume was annoying customers while they were eating as well.

    The one good thing is they had nice cocktails.
  • Poor service waited a long time to receive wine that was ordered then they brought us the wrong wine. The mega size ribs which you pay extra for are supposed to be 300g larger then the traditional ribs, they are the same size. A one litre jug of coke cost $10 this makes it very expensive to take a young family there.
  • had a few bad experiences here with food - not always the best.
  • best food, love it.
  • I love the chain, however the Hogs Breath at Parramatta is hopeless! I keep going back, hoping that each time it'll get better. Meals are average, customer service poor and no one really cares. One time I tried to book a table and the phone kept ringing out. When we went to the restaurant, the staff asked had we made a reservation, I said no, because no one would answer the phone. The staff then followed by saying, well I have been standing by the phone the whole time and no one has called. I showed them my phone to prove that I was calling the right number and I had tried four times. Then the staff tested the phone, and to no surprise wasn't working. Turns out someone had unplugged the phone to charge their iphone. The staff had a major attitude problem. Despite my repeated attempts to give it another ago, I have now given up. Don't bother wasting your time.
  • winglee Foodie 182 reviews
    Steaks are as good as advertised, tender and tasty. Although the marbled fat means you are going to hoover up some fat with your meal. Service was friendly but nevertheless hopeless. It took forever to get our drinks despite frequent requests. The prices were quite a shock. Its not a place you can take your kids for a reasonable priced meal, its way too exy.
  • The food was really nice, especially the Hogs Fries that are curly and cute. Customer service is alright although there can be long waiting times. However, the prices are very dear for the amount of food that is given, if they had more food offers it would be a great frequent place to dine in.
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