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The Hog's Breath Cafe success is based on providing quality food and beverage service in an informal, yet comfortable environment with an overriding friendly, party atmosphere. Hog's Breath Cafe themed restaurants cater to all ages with a casual  menu based on hearty favourites such as prime rib steaks, burgers, ribs and parmas.
Hog's Breath Cafe Hogs Breath Cafe
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Reviews of Hog's Breath Cafe

  • We went to Hogs Breath Cafe in Tuggerah for dinner, ordered 2 drinks and 2 steaks, got the drinks, waited 1/2 an hour for the meal. Then the waitress served the next table same as we ordered, my wife heard what the waitress was serving and said, that sounds like our order. In the meantime, the people from the other table started to pick on the food that was served to them. I then called the waitress and complained why we have not been served yet as they came later. She went to their table and they said, they have not ordered the meal but came to them. She then took the plates of food and said to us " here you are'. We stood up in disgust and walked out of the restaurant. I told the person at the reception area how we felt and walked out. My thought was, what about if our order went to another table away from us and we did not know what happened, we would never know that other people had been picking on it already.... what a disgusting way to treat your customer.
  • went last Thursday for my daughters 18th birthday. The staff were very friendly and really made her feel special even sang happy birthday to her. I haven't been there for some time but as an avid steak eater I was extremely happy with my meal, great size too. In fact everyone was especially all the guys! I had overbooked the size of our group but they didn't mind at all which I was pleased with... we brought along our own cake which they served no problem and made sure we were all happy through out our stay. I look forward to returning again and would happily rate them a 5 for our experience.
  • Service was great here, very friendly. My main meal of surf n turf was yummy but, holy moly, the ice cream dessert with all the marshmallows in a massive glass was absolutely to die for
  • Awesome food ,fantastic staff good service good place to eat out
  • bmurray225 Local Star 603 reviews
    Hog's Breath food is great and the staff was helpful. The night I went was very hot and everyone wanted to be inside so we had to wait 20 minutes. Parking shouldn't be an issue.
  • Hungry Owl Foodie 56 reviews
    Nice, friendly staff who actually seemed happy to be there. Quite enjoyed the food, and the atmosphere. Will be happy to dine there again
  • this resturant was and is still fantastic! went there a couple of weeks ago and the service was amazing and very polite and friendly...they make u feel very welcome and at home!! 5stars :-)
  • The steak was absolutely fantastic, the service prompt and polite (as we were in a hurry to see a premier movie) ..I would recommend Hogs Breath Tuggerah to anyone who enjoys a good steak and great friendly service...thanks guys!
  • Good food and pleasant staff. Worth every cent

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