Homestead Pizza

Roxburgh Park, VIC
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Reviews of Homestead Pizza

  • Poor service rude staff. Ordered was told 45mins next minute it's 1 hr 30 still no food. Finally it arrives and it's cold. Try somewhere else stay away from here is all I'll say
  • Great service, great food!!!!!
  • Great food!!!!!
    Have ordered a few times now.
    Has been great every time.
  • Never ordering from there again! I was told 45 minutes for delivery and it took 70 minutes. It arrived cold and was the worst we have had anywhere period. They also forgot to deliver part of the order. Bye bye substandard Homestead Pizza!
  • I have ordered a few pizzas from here and they are usually great! But this time was different, the pizza box was dripping in oil and my pizza was way under cooked! I was not impressed. Will not be going back there!
  • Placed order and was rang back saying two of the meals were going to take hour and that they would home deliver in 45 minutes . Waited another hour no delivery. So I rang back asked to hold had no choice the staff just put the phone down. staff finally came back and told me that they were short on drivers. At this stage Im fuming and the staff said that it would be another 20 minutes. Well its now 45 minutes since I rang back complaining. The customer service is absolutely disgusting very rude. No I will never order from there again.
  • Nice food. Great menu.
  • Good fantasic pizza but the pasta is unbelievably unedible! I actually returned it and asked them to deliver me another one the first time, but now I realise its the way they make it, watered down sauce, overcooked pasta. How hard is it to make spaghetti napoletana? Hope this feedback helps you.
  • The best pizza ever all around Australia especially on thin base.
  • Where does one start, ohh the pizza. Well I ordered the Hawaiian and it it had maybe 2 strands of cheese on it. It was under cooked had chunks of some form of meat on it not sure what it was it was truly disappointing to say the least. On to the pasta I ordered the chicken mushroom with fettachinne, and from memory does not come with bits of anchovie here and there not to mention the foriegn crunchie bits that was like biting into tiny rocks.
    • Oh, you were lucky the last pizza that we ordered had no cheese on it. Even though we had asked for extra cheese.

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