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Hailing from America and serving fresh, juicy steaks and other delicious foods, Hooters Restaurant in Parramatta is a great venue to go and eat good food, watch sport and have a beer with your mates. Open 7 days from midday, Hooters Restaurant in Parramatta is a fun and casual dining experience. 

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  • Wast3land Local Star   122 reviews
    I would recommend this place to hangout with your friends and have a few drinks.

    The food and service is great. I love their fried pickles - Even though sometimes it can be a bit oily.

    The atmosphere was awesome with a lot of dancing, music and eating.

    I recommend visiting if you're in the area. :)

    2 months ago - 16/02/2015

  • lorby   3 reviews
    Service is pretty good in my experience. I've been there around 5 times or so. Food is good and the servings are decent. Some of it is a bit on the expensive side, but other dishes aren't too bad. Only bad thing I can really say is, depending on where you are in the restaurant the music is too loud sometimes,
  • erinangel Local Star   198 reviews
    As soon as you walk in you are greeted! The food is reasonably priced with a massive serving! One thing I will say it was Halloween night so they were all dressed up but the girls were more interested in getting there photo taken by the photographer that was there.
  • Spreadlove   20 reviews
    I've dined here 3 times, the first time wad back in early 2010, the meals were cheap and delicious. Mid 2010 we came back and the menu had changed - the range shrunk and prices increased significantly. The meals were less than satisfying. Infact, my side included a whole pickcle? Random? Yes! We tried again, but it just wasn't the same. I'm disappointed to be very honest. Unless I had to go, I wouldn't waste my time.
  • Yum! Newbie   1 review
    I went to Hooters the other week for my Mums birthday after hearing mixed reviews of the restaurant.

    I can honestly say that I was more than impressed with the huge selection of food, friendly service and fun atmosphere.

    After speaking to our waitress (who was so helpful all night). she advised that the restaurant is back under the original ownership and has had a ball working there ever since which was certainly evident amongst not only the staff but all the patrons there.

    My family and I will be going back shortly the tots and chicken wings were amazing!
  • Aobryan Local Star   160 reviews
    I have been to Hooters over 5 times now and can honestly say that with each visit, the service only gets better! Three out of the five times I have had the same waitress who not only remembers my partner and I but treats us with wonderful hospitality each time.

    We are made to feel like VIP customers by all staff including management. I love the food, the fun atmosphere and the great attitude of the staff.

    I would recommend to anyone, especially if you're celebrating a party. It's always a lot of fun and monitors on your table show you their extensive up-coming events!

  • natalia123   2 reviews
    Love the new menu! So many choices..

    Hot wings, beautiful girls and cold beer.. What more could you want?!
  • videodrome Foodie   38 reviews
    I must agree that the drink service is slow and dumb, and yes, the food is overpriced. But that's kinda missing out the on whole point of the place which is to relax, stuff your face and look at females and sport. With that in mind, set some $$$ aside, go with some like-minded work mates or footy buddies and don't order a salad (learned that the hard way). Highlight is definitely the buffalo wings - they are a hot 'n' greasy knockout when you have a few brews under your belt.
  • The Boy   41 reviews
    I was expecting another usual steak bar and that's all I got. Food was average (only just) and the prices were expensive considering the amount of food, and especially the poor quality. Service for the food was quick, that's about the best I could say (service for the drinks was disgraceful - forgotten and incorrect orders, and had to wait 10 minutes for a drink and we were only one of 6 tables there).

    They need to improve the quality of their food (nothing seemed to have much taste, and the $19 mixed entree had about $3 worth of food on it). I can't see what all of the fuss about their buffalo wings is about either. My friends and I won't be going back - there's just waaay to many other better restaurants to spend $35 at. Sorry!
  • cal_stock Newbie   1 review
    personally i think the resturant was terrible. the service was slow and when i asked to speak to the managers, i was treated disrespectably and rudely. i would not reccomend this resturant to anyone, its below par.

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