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  • Mark Which Newbie   1 review
    A Year ago, (Me dumb enough at the time didn't know how to build my own PC), I brought one of there value Boxed PCs which had a ASROCK Motherboard with a 3.4ghz duo-core processor. Worked perfectly for 3 days until the PC Frooze, ever since then I had random freezes at the desktop constantly, with WinXP and also Windows 7. Angry that I was that I paid good money for a faulty PC and also lost my warrantly receipt, it wasn't until until 6 months later I finally pinpointed the cause of the lock-ups. I now got a stable machine by having to underclock my CPU from 3.4 to 3.2ghz. Guess my CPU is too fast for my motherboard. IT Computers are overpriced, you pay a fortune for any rare parts to be ordered in, and the last time I shopped with them I paid $90 for a digital TV USB Tuner. Only to come across a few months later at other store priced at only around the $34 price range.
  • chrissie24 Newbie   1 review
    It's not even worth the 1/2 a star. Ive been there 3 times and the last time i went there was to get the software thing fixed, and now if i want to go onto the net, it doesnt even load or it loads all wanky and freezes on me. As for the first 2 times, its not even worth mentioning. Theyre just lazy, think they know it all and keep trying to tell me im wrong and play down the issues.. Will NEVER come back again.
  • DaveyJones   2 reviews
    Whenever I need computer equipment this place is my first choice. The advice is good. They don't always try to sell me something if they know it doesn't meet my needs. The prices are always good. I didn't give it 5 stars, but I can't think of any computer retailer I would give 5 stars to - the business is too competitive for anyone to really give outstanding service or prices, however IT Warehouse is a good as, or better, than most. I've made about 5 purchases from them.
  • Nathan Sivewright   12 reviews
    I believe I have had a terrible personal experience with IT Warehouse, Here it is, I bought a mid range desktop computer, good specs, decent machine, now it was supposed to have 4GB of DDR3 ram installed, they had only put in 2GB of ram. Now that is only the beginning... I brought the machine back and the staff tried to come up with every excuse they could. Even blaming me, "you must have taken it out" which I couldn't have without voiding to warranty, "we had on record that it was put it", after a while they pulled out a stick memory and stuck it in,

    now, to cut it short, I got it home and the ram they put in corrupted the bios, so they had to replace the main board, they did, I got it home and they had not put it back together properly, I had to take it back again.... after that it still has issues that they "cannot seem to find", they would not refund or give me my money back....

    In the end, I had to open it up and within 2 minutes I had assessed it and determined the memory stick they stuck in it was corrupt, once I removed it everything worked, I thought if I could figure out the problem, a professional business could, I guess I was wrong.

    this is my opinion, but as far as a personal review goes, I ended up with a fairly decent desktop computer! It just took a while to get it to that point :)

  • monkeys   39 reviews
    I find the staff here always trying to tell me I am making wrong choices and suggesting better options - the problem is they don't always get their facts right. I know enough to generally know when to listen and when to ignore what they are saying however I can see how this type of hyped up sales approach in an area many people don't know much about would get results. Anyway they at least have a pretty good range of computer components at good prices - so somewhere I visit often. I would never buy a complete system from them however because I would imagine their follow up service to be to blame everything on you. TO sum up great prices if you know what you need.
  • Barrie   6 reviews
    Sales person Michelle was very helpful and her price was the best I could find. Unfortunately when I had problems with the PC I was dealing with their technicians who every time I'd complain about missing software or software problems would charge me to reinstall Windows and return my PC to me. This normally took upto a week. After several times I replaced the Hard Drive and voided my warranty, but to no ones surprise the computer problems have now been resolved.
    If I was after something that Michelle could sell me, I'd go in and see her, but for service back up, I'm sorry they lack any customer service or technical skills in my opinion.
  • Ritz Newbie   1 review
    Very friendly staff with knowledge explained in simple terms to me. Turn around of my pc build was very prompt. Can not fault them at all.... highly recommended.
  • Popette4   18 reviews
    Very helpful, did heaps of research when buying my computer, this was the cheapest with the most thrown in. Thoroughly recommend

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