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Reviews of House Of Lee Chinese Restaurant

  • great Chinese restaurant in Padstow my family have been coming here for years!
  • The best prawn cutlets going around! Their red curry chicken is delish and so is the satay combination. The owner is very friendly, great atmosphere, a delight to eat at on my lunchbreak.
  • Great food but way too much spice and chili in pretty much everything but the honey chicken. I could not enjoy any of the food because my mouth was literally on fire. Restaurant is like an old fashioned house, toilet area was quite disturbing it really needs to be cleaned and seeing insects just outside of where we are eating is disturbing please clean it up. Waiters were very friendly and made sure to double check everything so everyone was happy.
  • I am a local and have used this restaurant many times for years and found the food always good, the management very friendly, however after I was treated very rudely on the phone when I called on a Monday night, my family, and anyone I can convince, won't be using them again! If you are closed on a Monday, either be happy to answer the phone and say "sorry we are closed" or buy a $20 dollar answering machine and turn it on for goodness sake. It was obviously the staff who answered and they were beyond rude! Sorry, but it's not good enough. I feel for the actual management, they are wonderful, but your staffs are too precious and display the traits we do not want in Padstow client service. This is not the last you will hear of this.
  • Best Chinese food in the area !!
  • good food the best chines in miles of the area
  • I love the food here at House of Lee. Their renovation has really enticed me to go back. I've been a regular customer and the staff are always friendly. Always quick service! I went there once when it was busy and my food was delayed a bit but they said sorry and gave me free drinks and prawn chips! so nice of them! i definitely recommend this restaurant to any people out there who love chinese food.
  • I have been to this place twice, the 1st time while we were still dining they brought out a bucket and started to wash the chairs down.Here is your hat what is your hurry?

    The 2nd time was just a couple of weeks ago. We were still eating the entree when they came for our main meal order. Then the vacuam cleaner came out-here is your hat again and what is your hurry.
    • Maybe because you went into the restaurant to dine 30 minutes before they're closing time? Be more considerate.
    • No actually it was not at closing time. It was about 8.30pm on a Saturday night the both times that we went.

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