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Reviews of Hoyts Cinemas

  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    A few years since my last visit to Hoyts at Entertainment Quarter, the place was just like when I left it! There seems to be no changes whatsoever at the place, and the chairs in the cinema that we went in seem like they need a lot of scrubbing and extreme cleaning that we were watching a movie that hasn't been long at the cinemas.

    One exception, though. The cinema is now featuring the LUX class, which is perhaps a rename of their old La Premiere concept, with a more intimate cinema and free popcorn and soft drinks for guests.

    The one thing that makes me go back is its easy parking especially in the evenings, and very little things happening in the area that could distract you from enjoying a movie, unlike those located at major shopping centres except when you are talking about food which the area has plenty.
  • Great cinema complex. It's always well managed and the cinemas are always clean before a new movie starts. It's always a pleasant experience when I'm out here with friends.
  • The La Premiere is a must on a tuesday! The staff are great and let us take the popcorn tins and big soft drink containers you get normally and refill. This is great as it saves us filling up 4 times! Free popcorn and Free drink when you go la premiere. The only annoying this (why i didn't give 5 stars) is the stairs and location of the cinema in relation to the lounge.
  • WeenieM Local Star 88 reviews
    Always enjoy movies here, however they are quite expensive (although I guess most cinemas are these days). Comfortable seats, lots movies to choose from, and they play the movies at good times such as having an 8:40pm option (compare to others which have 9:30pm). Recommend taking your own water to avoid paying $5.40 for a bottle - rip off. I like the way they have little trolleys of snacks just inside the cinema before the movie starts in case you change your mind and want a treat.
  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    When people say that this cinema has everything, they are absolutely right. I've been to this cinema numerous times and I can confirm that the this place ranges from the spacious, near-state-of-the-art La Premiere cinemas, up to the ones with smelly, soggy-chairs that usually play movies soon to travel to oblivion.

    One thing that disturbs me the most is the absence of mirrors at the mens restroom at ground level (so guys, don't say you haven't been warned). Still, the staff are very friendly; and with the absence of overcrowding you can pretty much take your mind off things and enjoy the movie like you originally intended.
  • Attended Harry Potter in the small cinema last week for a corporate function and the service and food was surprisingly good. From the waiting staff at the door with a smile and drinks, to the high quality finger food pre-show. Much better than I expected, a great way to see a movie.
  • heypesto! Local Star 51 reviews
    WOW! What a night out! We were treated like stars on opening night at the upstairs Screening Room. The bar staff were friendly, the drinks kept coming, the food was delicious oh, and the movie was also great (Harry Potter 7). A great night out made more special by excellent service and attention to detail. Thanks also to TrueLocal...! :)
  • seanaussie Local Star 1,094 reviews
    Great place for a corporate function, went to one there tonight & they have a special area ('studio 12') with specialised staff, nice snacks, range of drinks. The cinema is a nice 'friendly' size, I'm guessing it fits about 30 people with comfy seats & a table to put your drinks on.
  • Hoyts at Fox Studio is truly an enjoyable movie experience on a day or night out.

    It is large, Gold Class feeling, comfortable and enjoyable.

    It it not too clammy or crowded.

    Prices from candy bar and food is too expensive.
  • flora 114 reviews
    We enjoyed a confortable seat whilst we relaxed & watched a great movie & after the movie we did some shopping since the stores are open late this is a ideal place for an evening out which is filled with a variety of enjoyable things

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