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Reviews of Hungry Jack's

  • To the hungry jacks roxbury park store I must say I was discussed today at your level of hygiene and cleanliness of the store. The benches were dirty, the high chair was filthy and the floors were all sticky. Even the counter where you order food was appalling. I must say it was below the lowest standard of any food restaurant I have ever been to. Behind the counter was no better. There was ice cream on the floor and paper tissues. It was at 8pm and the store wasnt even busy the staff were standing around chatting and when I asked the staff member if they could please wipe down one of the many empty tables that were all dirty they looked at me like I had asked them to go above and beyond their requirements as a worker. I had spent about 4 years working at store in my teen years and even though that was an extremely busy store at all hours our standard of cleanliness was extremely high. People eat at your store. Your management need a serious kick up and better training of your staff. Your prices have become low on some items but that doesnt give you the right to now skip on quality. I will never again be returning to your store.
    • Totally disagree with u. Been there love their service n food was great. And visiting once at any restaurant u cant judge like that. U must have a bad experience. But trust me its a great store. I love eating there.
  • Went there only once. Had a quick drive thru which wasn't quick at all. The coke given with my meal tasted bitter and weird. The burger looked squash and warm. Worst Hungry Jack's I have ever visited.
  • Great people working there and great service
  • By far one of the worst fast food outlet i believe i have ever been to. I have been there about 5 or 6 times and have been let down every time. Shocking service, not only are they very slow but everybody looks depressed. Even in an empty drive thru line I waited 15 minutes for 3 meals my last visit . When I got home my chips were cold and one burger was missing and that was only my last visit. We wont even go to hygiene at this point as i only have about 560 characters remaining. My orders have always been wrong all the time obviously due to the wrecklessness of staff. What do you expect, if management is poor so is the staff. Lets not bring up the cold burgers with missing ingredients. With poor customer service, Disgusting attention to hygiene, Food half cold and management who dont even seem to care this time I think Hungry Jacks Roxburgh Park is BY FAR the worst fast food outlet i have ever been to. I have no upside with this store.

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