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Reviews of Hunter Express

  • THE WORST COMPANY EVER! They work with Realtime Express and fail to deliver, then deny you a refund and give you attitude about it. They are the most laziest company and have no self respect when it comes to handling angry customers. DO NOT USE THEM.
  • the worst service that I have experienced in a long time. contracted to deliver a 40kg parcel to my home. Extra $$ paid for re delivery if not at home. Was home all day went to letterbox and found 40kg parcel dumped in carport. driver did NOT ring bell. I have emailed the company daily, phoned. All to no avail as the parcel still sits in my carport as I am unable to lift it on my own. Why was the extra fee accepted for (see above) when they have no intention of honouring this service, let alone ring the doorbell so I can open the door.
    I do not recommend due to lack of service. The one good thing was that it came from QLD to Melbourne so I can only assume that its the local drivers that are falling short. also the admin staff at the head office - hopeless!!!
  • Bad service, bad experience.
    Driver forgot 18 Kilograms huge package to deliver on negotiated delivery (Friday).

    I canceled my daywork for this package & stay home but company said sorry mistake happened all time.
    Now I have to cancel again other day (Monday) stay home for delivery.

    They make mistake then costumers have to pay for them mistake.#reviewtowin
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  • Nightmare experience and my large box was severely beaten and mistreated. Driver refused to deliver to my door and was going to leave it by side of the road. I had to help him carry a very heavy box to at least our carport. It was then too heavy for me and my husband to lift ourselves and I ended up having to call in removalists to help us get the box into our actual house. Despite complaint to Hunter I haven't received a apology. If I find out a shop I want to purchase from is using Hunter Express I will not shop from them. Worst delivery experience ever.
    • This happened to my pregnant wife. She was nine months and driver refused to giv her a hand even when he knew that our flat os on second floor
  • As with most people here, I was very concerned about my package being delivered in one piece.
    Contrary to everyone's reviews, my 60KG Bed arrived today (Syd -> Mel) without a hitch (it was shipped Friday, arrived Tuesday @11am). The only thing that bothered me is they called my mobile at 8am while I was getting ready for work, and they didn't leave a message.
    Also, the packaging was in pretty poor state as well, but all seems to look okay inside. It may have been like that before they got hold of it - I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. In any case the driver was careful not to drop it too hard on the trolley.
    The driver wasn't a thug, nor was he rude or inconsiderate. He didn't leave a card and run, and he was very polite - he was walking towards the door when I got there!
    I'm posting this so that people know that it's not all bad - certainly no worse than Couriers Please or TNT.
  • Don't EVER go through this company! They told me 3 times they would call an hour before and then found a missed delivery card in my mailbox, called them again to find out they had no notes in the system, was then told they will put it in the system again, I asked to speak to the management and was told that company policy was NOT to call customers to let them know, Even though I was told by 3 different people in their customer service that it was no problem. This company is a joke. I will never recommend this company!
  • Despite their bad reviews they delivered my large item without any issues just like any other courier company however I'd be hesitant to use them again after reading so many bad stories on multiple websites.
  • Thanks for:
    *Late delievery for almost a week
    *special thanks to the driver who threw almost 40kg worth of stuffs infront of our unit and claimed thats its too heavy to help carry upstairs and led my 37weeks pregnant wife to cary on her own
    *force customers to follow their company policy which I never agreed to or informed with
    *asked for apology and again and again and again till I got sick.

    And for my worst day.

    P.s to business management

    I bought a set of baby bed and a drawer then the store outsourced delievery to this conpany.
    Everything went wrong since we made a payment for this unprofessional people and we dont hope to shop in that store anymore.

    Delivery is also a very important component of your business, choose other company and dont waste your hard work.

  • Worst people ever dealt with, always damaged my goods, over charged me all the time, take 3 weeks to refund my money, worst customer service. do yourself a favor don't use them as almost 100% you will regret it every time. they don't give a c**p about their customers. even if you gave them a block of steel they will find a way to damaged it somehow. most terrible people to deal with, never again.
  • I have to speak for Hunter Express, without them my business is not going anywhere,
    I regularly send bulky item, 2m long, 20cm diameter to all over Australia, never had any loss, their door-to-depot choice made my postage charge so competitive.their delivery fee within Melbourne is lowest! Highly recommend!

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