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  • carsrus Newbie   1 review
    Worst people ever dealt with, always damaged my goods, over charged me all the time, take 3 weeks to refund my money, worst customer service. do yourself a favor don't use them as almost 100% you will regret it every time. they don't give a c**p about their customers. even if you gave them a block of steel they will find a way to damaged it somehow. most terrible people to deal with, never again.

    1 week ago - 04/04/2014

  • BrillianceOnline Newbie   1 review
    I have to speak for Hunter Express, without them my business is not going anywhere,
    I regularly send bulky item, 2m long, 20cm diameter to all over Australia, never had any loss, their door-to-depot choice made my postage charge so competitive.their delivery fee within Melbourne is lowest! Highly recommend!

    2 weeks ago - 02/04/2014

  • Sarah Gal0 Newbie   1 review
    WORST TRANSPORT COMPANY EVER do not use them the customer service is absolutely appalling my parcel was sent to the opposite side of the country and then I was told if I wanted it in under 10 days I had to pay them more money the management refused to deal with the issue the office staff are extremely rude and do not care about the fact they have made a mistake I got hung up on 3 times one of which I was put on hold then hung up on at 5:02 so I couldn't call back! Still don't know when I am going to receive my parcel where in western australia it is or if they are even going to send it to me. I've been working with transport companies for years and this one is by far the absolute worst I have ever had the experience of dealing with user beware you won't have a good experience and if they stuff up too bad they won't fix it.
  • nate86 Newbie   1 review
    What an unreliable company and customer service is RUDE. I would never recommend people use them
  • Customer23 Newbie   2 reviews
    Worst Courier company I ever dealt with. The tracking were not accurate. The operators were rude and not helpful. I have deliveries from Hunter Express twice and worse service ever. The drivers were polite but they were contracted. I will not give them any business at all!

    4 months ago - 29/11/2013

  • Mpec29 Newbie   1 review
    What a rude and couldn't care less company - AVOID AT ALL COSTS -

    Bought an item off Harvey Norman, so had no choice as to who they delivered with, but if I know it goes thru Hunter Express ever again, i'll tell them to cancel the order.
    Got called 3 times to ask the same question and gave the same response every time.
    They then proceeded to tell me it was on the truck for delivery, nothing came. 2 Days later I get another call asking me if someone was home (every time they said delivery was to be made, someone was home every time for the WHOLE day) and still nothing came. Then a week later we get another call asking the same things again, so I asked why this kept occurring, got told it was the way they do it and it's our problem if we didn't like it.
    Terrible company, terrible service, terrible delivery.

    5 months ago - 14/11/2013

  • Scott Elli   1 review
    Another local courier who wont go outside the city limits. They want the business but don't want to deliver. When they saw I lived 30 kms away they pretended they had incorrect contact details & sat on my parcel until I complained to the seller who then complained to another connected courier who then contacted Hunter. They told the seller that the parcel was undeliverable as they couldn't contact me. Eventually Hunter contacted me & refused to deliver my parcel so I had to arrange for it to be dropped off at a business in town.

    8 months ago - 24/07/2013

  • LeoRX Newbie   1 review
    1. The tracking system is inaccurate, it stated "Delivered". However, I was not contacted by Hunter Express still 2 days later 2. The driver wasted a day to schedule time for delivery. but they didn't show and no phone call to rearrange till another day. 3. Receptionist was not helpful. they weren't able to contact the driver either. 4. When another driver finally arrived. Left the item next to the stairs on the ground floor. 5. In total, from Queensland to Melbourne took more then 2 weeks for delivery.

    10 months ago - 12/06/2013

  • wendzee Newbie   1 review
    Do yourself a favour and use someone else. Hunter Express (Realtime Express) have below average customer service. They said they would take 1-2 days to deliver a package that was only 2 hours away. After they failed to deliver it on time I discovered that they had taken it to Sydney 9 hours away, and because of Christmas, they wouldn't deliver it for 2 weeks. At no stage when they picked up the package did they mention that they were going to be closed for 2 weeks over Christmas.When I contacted them via email to explain that the package contained a car part and without it I couldn't run my business, I got gruff one-line answers basically telling me, tough luck. These people have no concept of customer service. Don't touch them with a barge-pole.
  • KatG   2 reviews
    Would never use this courier. They rang me 2 hours before delivery telling me someone had to be home to help carry the boxes, I let them know that I could not as I was pregnant and there would be someone home after 5 to help, they told me they would be back between 5-7pm that night, hubby stayed home to wait instead of taking our son to his swimming lesson and there was NO delivery, and no phone call to let us know. Extremely slack.

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