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  • David Anderson Newbie   2 reviews
    I am very impressed with the customer service from the service department at Hunter Holden.
  • Emil Minty Newbie   1 review
    Just picked up my NEW VF Holden Calais yesterday. What a great experience it was dealing with the team at Hunter Holden. They were friendly, professional and nothing was a problem. I got the best deal on the car and they did the finance as well which was easy to do. I look forward to having my car serviced there as I`m sure the service department will be just like the sales side. Overall the operation at Hunter Holden is like a well oiled machine.

    3 weeks ago - 01/04/2014

  • blossomingnowbloomed   10 reviews
    Great personal service, after I purchased the car, they contacted me a week later to make sure everything was Ok, I highly recommend Hunter Holden.

    1 month ago - 14/03/2014

  • ErikaAtVauclue Newbie   1 review
    Loved the service at Hunter Holden not to mention the brilliant coffee with the egg & bacon roll while I waited. Highly recommend the team at Hunter Holden to anyone looking for a new or used car as they very much feel like a family owned & operated business as opposed to other experiences I have had with many other dealers.
  • David Anderson Newbie   2 reviews
    The team at Hunter Holden are brilliant, from the sales people to the service team. I love the onsite restaurant Nong's Kitchen as well serving some awesome Thai good. I would highly recommend this dealership.
  • TechHeadMan Newbie   1 review
    Fabulous service.

    A special thanks to Jason in the service department who as usual has taken care of things in a professional and polite manner. The Astra has been repaired and the engine now sounds MUCH better.

    Please pass on my sincere thanks to the whole team for making what can often be a trying experience so simple and easy.

    2 months ago - 12/02/2014

  • Anthony Cavalli Newbie   1 review
    NOT HAPPY bought a used car from Hunter Holden in Ryde NSW. Put deposit on car last Saturday 23/11/13 and the Odometer read 38022kms. Picked car up yesterday 28/11/13 and when I got home at Liverpool about 30km away and whilst spending time to setup the car stereo the way I like it, I find to my SHOCK that the Odometer reads 38998Kms!!!!Within 5 days AFTER I PUT MY DEPOSIT DOWN, someone has driven MY CAR for an insane 976km!!!! NO one told me anything whilst I was there. All the paperwork states 38022Kms. They did say that they added 25 litres of fuel... BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE UP FOR DRIVING ANOTHER 976Km. Extremely unsatisfied!!!

    I believe for that I should be re-inburst for $976 for all that mileage they drove.

    Only good note I can give is with the Finance staff member. He was great.

    I am not a negative person and it disturbs me greatly to put down negative comments, but that is DISGRACEFUL!!

    Buyer beware!

    Disgruntled Customer

    4 months ago - 29/11/2013

    • hunterholden Newbie 
      Hello Anthony,

      I have just checked the records and nobody has driven your car however there has been a clerical error. The car when valued had the kmâ??s you mention however when traded had approximately (test drives aside) the kmâ??s you have had on delivery. As the paperwork could affect your warranty period I will have new documentation organised and sent to you and apologise for the clerical mistake. For your understanding when do not drive any sold cars at all unless required for preparation to the customer. As a gesture of good will for the clerical issue please see me when youâ??re next in and I will provide you lunch for two in our Thai restaurant.
      Once again my apologies and you can be absolutely certain the car was not driven as you reasonably thought.

      Kind regards

      Mark Roach
      Dealer Principal

      4 months ago - 29/11/2013

    • Anthony Cavalli Newbie 
      Thankyou for getting back to me in relation to this issue. I do recall seeing the 38022kms when I was there but as you stated it may have been on the ticket/plaque attached to car window instead of actual Odometer.

      I accept your apology and accidental mistake with printed paperwork.

      As you have updated all records and sent me the updated paperwork and state that the vehicle has not been driven, and that Holden is a reputable dealer, I will take your word for it.

      I am extremely happy with the vehicle and it seems to be in perfect condition mechanically and cosmetically. Your offer for a free lunch next time I am there is greatly appreciated.

      So since I am very happy with quality and service of the vehicle I am happy to recommend anyone to Hunter Holden in Ryde in relation to the vehicle quality and friendly staff, I could not ask for more.


      4 months ago - 29/11/2013

  • Justthefacts Newbie   2 reviews
    Holden dealer i bought my car from closed down from which they offered me a few dealer around my area to service my new car warranty. Hunter was the most convenient. I have service the car a few times now and every time have asked them to do something i would always have to come back either to fix something they didn't do properly or something they did not do in which i had asked them to do. Lucky i m charging them for my man hours.

    7 months ago - 04/09/2013

  • Leeanne09 Newbie   1 review
    Not happy at all with the service. Initially chose to go to this particular Holden as my employer has connections with them.
    Went to this Dealership 2 days ago with my mother. I had pre approval for a car loan from my bank and was ready to make a decision that day. Was looking at 3 cars, at 3 different dealerships fairly close to each other - Hunter Holden Ryde was the last dealership I went to.
    After walking around the car lot for 10 mins with my Mum (who had a broken knee and crutches) not one person approached us to try to help. We even walked inside, but not one salesperson looked up or offered any information.
    I decided that if they couldn't even show the courtesy to help us then I wasn't interested in buying from them.
    Ended up going back to the 1st dealership and purchased a car that day.

    8 months ago - 25/07/2013

  • TM Barina Owner Newbie   1 review
    TM Barina was purchased in Oct 2012 from salesperson. they told us the car is new and has only about 20 kms on it and the management just took it home to try it out as the wanted to get a feel for it, so we can\'t see it but we can get a slightly better price as it was going to be used as a demonstrator. They negotiated with us we were to collect it a couple days after. They told me they rang the management who said they would return it to the dealership straight away given it is now sold and they said there would be only another say 80 kms on it given the distance from the management's home to the dealership. We signed contract in good faith without even seeing the car. when we collected the car it had nearly 500kms on it and there was a rough feeling patch on the left rear door sill area and there was also a gash in the plastic grill for the speaker. When I spoke with one of the service people at the dealership they said it\'s likely to have had an accident while being test driven. Anyway they were slow to provide an offer of compensation for the above so I spoke to the finance staff that was also in charge of customer relations. The finance staff said they are very sorry to hear what happened and they passed it onto the other management. All departments agreed that they will offer the first 9 month service free of charge to resolve the issues. They said sales department will cover the service cost. The Sales person acknowledged this resolution had been made in a subsequent communication and we were all happy. 9 months down the track I try to book the free service in, and service tells me they have no record that the car is to be serviced free. I contacted them and said they will check with their management get back to me on Monday (service was supposed to be on the Friday before). It\'s Tuesday now and I still have no word from anyone. I now have to deem the original issues unresolved and will seek for more compensation now. very disappointed and wary of continuing to deal with them.

    9 months ago - 23/07/2013

    • TM Barina Owner Newbie 
      Update - They called on Tuesday to say they will do the free service and put it in writing so the matter is resolved. Serviced it today (Thursday) and so far no issues. There was some rattling lifter or tappet noise on idle before the first 9 month service but it seems to have disappeared now and the car also has quick responsive startup revving when you turn the key. There was also no fuss when I said Sales department is paying for the service, though they did ask if I am paying by credit card or what method, when I came in in the morning - thought it would already be noted in their system. Glad it finally was over but I should not have had to do so much chasing up for this. This dealership sometimes does things like no windscreen washer fluid when I took delivery of the car and there was a squeaky sound from front left brakes which took 3 trips to convince them to fix it but eventually they do fix things. Just not pleasant to have issues in first place.

      8 months ago - 25/07/2013


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