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For the best prices, service and purchasing experience in Sydney. Come to Hunter Holden. The hunt is over.

Hunter Holden dealerships in Sydney provide the best prices on new, demo & used Holden cars, HSV, Holden Service & Holden Accessories. Visit a Hunter Holden dealership today & SAVE!
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Reviews of Hunter Holden - Ryde

  • Hunter holden always looks after me with every service i travel far distance to take my car there even though i have 2 dealer ships closer because of the great service
  • Other than parting with the money it was surprisingly a very painless experience with a great outcome, a new car ! which we really love.#reviewtowin
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  • Stress free service on my car. the staff acted professionally respectfully and politely.
  • We bought a 2014 used demo from Hunter Holden back in November last year. I was very impressed by the Sales consultant who sought to our needs with a high level of respect and professionalism. I cannot speak more highly of him. Although it helped having a sales savvy partner to negotiate, were granted a very good deal. The car was presented to me in mint condition and after its first service came back to me washed. I did not expect a washed car! Our experience has been flawless to date with not car woes (touch wood). I recommend them based on our experience with their customer service and great value for money vehicles.
  • I had my vehicle in for the 45K capped-price service @ $295 on Friday last week. When I picked up the vehicle I was given a bill of $409.15 apparently because I had to pay an additional charge to change the break fluid. When I questioned this I was told that this was not part of the scheduled service and therefore, not included in the capped-price. The service coupon states that it has to be changed every 27 months regardless, the Tax Invoice also clear states Flush Brake Fluid as per service schedule so why is there an additional charge?? This is not my cost. In total I paid $89.40 for labour for this alone (plus $14.38 for the fluid). The service coupon says that this takes .4 of an hour. That equates to $223.50 for labour for a full hour. Do you really charge your mechanics out at that rate? The total labour cost for the 2 hour service was $219.13 which equals $109.56 per hour so .4 of an hour would be $43.83 and NOT $89.40 and even then, I shouldnt be paying it. On another point the Capped Price Service brochures clearly states If any additional service or maintenance work is required that is not covered under the HoldenWise Capped Price Service program, your Holden Dealer will discuss any additional costs with you prior to performing the work. No one said anything when I booked the vehicle in, no one said anything when I dropped if off and signed the paperwork. It seems very convenient to just do it and add it to the bill. If I do not get a satisfactory outcome to this matter, I intend to take it further. Between my wife and I, we have purchased 4 vehicles at your dealership, continued to have them serviced there but after this experience, it will most likely be the last. At the 30K service they had the car for close to 2 days and didn't manage to repair the rear left door as required. The car was also returned to me with oil over the engine.
  • If you're a private car owner find somewhere else to service your car if you can.
    They don't admit when they've made a mistake and leave it to you to foot the bill for extra repairs(I know better now).
    I don't deal with them anymore because I have found an honest mechanic that charges fairly and have fixed the issues that this service centre created - apprentices do most of the work and the mistakes they make on your car they will charge you for hence the reason why an oil change (approx $180-200) can cost you up to $600 (when they call in a specialist to rethread the oil plug thread because they stripped it) - but you don't know any better and you can't prove anything so you pay the bill.
    Many more stories - not a once off - but no point looking backward - just thought I'd warn you.
    The power you have is to take your business elsewhere - do yourself and your car a favour - find an honest mechanic that can do the job right first time and charge fairly for it.
  • I recently purchased a Holden Captiva 5 from this showroom.
    I would say that the experience was ok, I would definitely look around with other dealers first.
    I was told before signing the contract that the car and the colour was in stock and would be delivered in a matter of 2 weeks. 5 days later, when I called them to follow up, they advised that the colour is not in stock, and gave me 2 options, either to change the colour or bear the cost of delivery which was $700 on top. This wasn't fair as it wasn't part of the delivery was the responsibility of the dealer as part of the contract. If they didnt have it in stock, thye should have advised me before signing the contract. After around 3-4 weeks, they finally delivered the car.
    There was no communication what so ever after singing the contract. The customer needs to follow up vigorously, they will not provide any updates at all.

    Another important thing is I would definitely stay away from their finance person. I wish I had the recording of what they told me before signing the contract and what they advised me on the delivery date when I questioned the contracts. In the finance contract, they added around $1500 as misc payments which I was told will not be there and they totally didn't agree to their statements.

    My advise, please be carefully and read the contract line by line and if possible stay away from their finance people. There are many companies out there who would provide you a better deal. I saved a fortune by getting a finance from a third party instead of Hunter Holden.
    • Hello anonuser12345,

      I'm Mark the Dealer Principal and I have just reviewed your comments and find it difficult to believe but would really love the opportunity to get to the bottom of this. As you have signed in anonymously I would like to ask you to contact me on either email mark.roach@hunterholden.com.au or on my office phone number 02 88787878 I would be very grateful to have the opportunity to understand exactly what you are referring to and look in to your complaints. I do take these things very seriously and our online reputation is a testament to how well we manage customer satisfaction but we are not infallible and sometimes a rogue staff member can cause an issue which if so I would love the opportunity to fix. I hope to hear from you soon, regards Mark
  • The price of the service at more than $180 under the capped price servicing policy was OK I guess given that the service interval is 9 months, but as with the previous service I had, the car sounded fantastic when I turned the key, like it was tuned or something, which is why I like to go back to them. They washed the car too, though I think they accidentally lopped off one of my 4 plastic licence plate protector holding clips, but can't say for certain!
  • From the long term servicing of my previous Holden's right up to helping me select my new car Hunter Holden have always strived to not only professionally manage my needs, but to treat me and my family as more than just a customer. Thanks again
  • I am very impressed with the customer service from the service department at Hunter Holden.
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