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  • To Ichi- Ban Boshi
Located on the top floor of the Galleries Victoria on George St (opposite the QVB and in short walking distance from Town Hall), the famed 'Ichi-Ban Boshi' Japanese restaurant could have easily gone unnoticed by prospective diners. In truth, I only "discovered" it after taking a visit to it's neighbour, Kinokuniya bookstore.

Once you have discovered it you'll be hard pressed not to be making return visits, for great value for money Japanese cuisine right here in inner city Sydney. The large restaurant is almost always full of people, which makes how quickly they serve their food surprising to say the very least. Their menu contains an exhaustive list of ramen, udon and green tea ice cream (yum!)

Worth the lunchtime wait!

Reviews of Ichi- Ban Boshi

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  • chopsticks Local Star   190 reviews
    I can't quite understand the long lines during peak lunch hour at ItchiBan Boshi. The food is fairly average. Admittedly, the serving is generous and the price is cheap. I tried the entree sized Chicken Karaage and the Pork Tonkatsu. The Chicken Karaage consisted of large marinated fried chicken pieces lacking any crunch. The Pork Tonkatsu was good with a generous amount of sauce. I do appreciate the spacious area with tables widely spaced apart. It can be hard to wave down a waitress for service during the busy peak hour.

    3 months ago - 31/12/2014

  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star   660 reviews
    Decent Japanese food for a good price. This place is great if you want a quick meal. Not really where you would go to eat out (as it is in a food court) but an absolutely decent Japanese meal. There is a huge amount of competition in this space, but it is one of two places in the vicinity that I would seek out to eat a Japanese Meal!
  • ChowTime   42 reviews
    Average Japanese in a convenient location. It's not bad, but I feel there are better Japanese places in the city. I've tried the chicken katsudon and ramen here and they were alright but nothing to rave about. I do appreciate the side of miso that comes with rice dishes.

    9 months ago - 15/07/2014

  • liddlybee   7 reviews
    Decent place if you ever need to eat ramen. Just wish the broth is flavoured a bit more, as it feels that all the same have practically the same base. Queue is not too long and price is decent
  • julia2014   5 reviews
    Possibly the best ramen in Sydney and the closest I have found to the real thing. Reminds me of being back in Japan. The chicken katsu don is also to die for.
  • beanboy Local Star   305 reviews
    Top Japanese restaurant, they have one of the best and well known Ramens in the city. Be prepared to queue, but its well worth the wait.
    My fav is the Udon Set, with Salmon Sashimi, rice, and Ramen.
    • Joanne Lee Phin Local Star 
      Disagree with the "worth the wait" and "one of the best.. ramens" comment. What other ramens have you tried in Sydney?


  • hazmatt_05   5 reviews
    This is a great restaurant. Probably the best I've tried in Sydney so far outside of Japan in terms of taste. If an authentic taste is your priority (which I'm sure it is very important) then this is the place for you. The views and the environment isn't the greatest in the world, but that shouldn't matter when you're talking with friends or looking at the great food that's been served. Oh, and the waitresses there are Japanese, adding to the experience.
  • Matti Puckridge   59 reviews
    This is a great place to eat, the ticket for a table system is a little annoying but well worth it once you get a table. I'm a huge fan of Kaarage Don and Ichi-Ban Boshi do one of my favourites. while waiting for a seat have a wonder around the latest books at Kinokuniya.
  • MONBAB   19 reviews
    This place serves great ramens and rice dishes, especially tantanmen, aburi-chashu ramen and the curry rice. The food are worth the long lunch-hour queue.
  • CLEMSTAR   26 reviews
    This place is worth the wait, generally they always have long queues (which ths is a very good sign when going out to eat). The place speciallises not only in ramen but also some very good rice dishes. One of my favourit have to be the Tantantemen (one of the best in sydney).


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