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Reviews of IGA

  • If you shop carefully and buy up big when what you want is on special, I find shopping at IGA competetive to Aldi. The benefit is, IGA has most everything you could possibly need, where as Aldi doesn't. I haven't found the meat competetively priced and I try to avoid buying it at IGA. Don't go near the marked down meat which is close to Used By Date. I think the new Deli at IGA Woodrising is fantastic for those one off buys, but not competetive if you want to buy up big like I do. Best going to a bigger Grocery shop and buying up whatever is on special. My biggest disappointment with IGA Woodrising is the three big and brand new checkout points with conveyor belts are not used. One is occassionally used when there's a line up. You've got the point by now, when I shop I mostly have a trolley full (thanks to four kids). After complaining a number of times the staff know me and generally open up one of the new checkouts. Still, it's disappointing that it got to that point. Give IGA a go, they are local and it's good to support the little local guy.

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