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  • GeraldMUC Local Star   90 reviews
    Its always amazing coming here and overwhelming, its so huge this place. I hate it that they always make you go through the whole store even if you "only" need one item from down the end and they always make you buy so many things you actually don't need :o) the food lately isn't as good and cheap anymore and made me deduct 2 stars. My tip: Go and get breakfast its a huge portion and you only pay a fraction as in the close by cafes....

    2 months ago - 12/05/2014

  • mins Local Star   392 reviews
    I'm fast becoming a regular shopper at Ikea. This time for a fit out of a baby bedroom. We bought some great drawers for $249 and shelves for $89 which makes for a super good value room overhaul. It would be great if they had an area or staff members to assist those a little less able to get the goods in your car. However, in saying that part of the cheap prices are managed by the reduced number of staff and help your own approach which is understandable.

    4 months ago - 24/03/2014

    • Delabenrelaby Newbie 
      There are staff/trolley guys that help you to load your car :)

      3 months ago - 25/04/2014

  • Sean f87   4 reviews
    Great place! There's a great little cafe I can sit at while the kids eating ice cream long enough for my wife to do her shopping.
    Huge huge place, plenty of parking space and the service is great

    6 months ago - 19/01/2014

  • mins Local Star   392 reviews
    This is a great Ikea, whilst still new it has a great floorplan. And Ikea cannot be beaten for price matching quality. I was really impressed with their kitchen selection at this store - you can build a whole brand new kitchen for so such a good price!

    7 months ago - 10/12/2013

  • Tiaraaaaa Local Star   714 reviews
    Although I previously said I would avoid Ikea Tempe in the future an urgent present run required me to reluctantly try again. The mistake I made on my first trip was I went on the weekend during the day - wrong! Much better to shop at night during the week as they are open until 9pm weekdays, there are no crowds to battle for the products, the food court or the check outs and there was plenty of parking right outside the entrance. Oh my, such a difference! I specifically was shopping for a plant and found their selection of orchids and indoor plants to be impressive and available to the public at such a good price.

    8 months ago - 30/10/2013

  • Tiaraaaaa Local Star   714 reviews
    Waiting months in anticipation that the hype of this mega store would die down, it is just not the case. The car park is in fact huge and as you drive in you think to yourself there couldn't possibly be that many people in this place - but yes, there are! Prepare yourself that you will probably have to park almost a suburb away from the entrance to get a spot unless you are willing to arrive at 6am, then once you actually get to the entrance you need to weave your way through a maze of crowds and home furnishings. The place is huge so unless you like the idea of sardine can style crowds to fulfill your well-earned day off - avoid!!!
  • J@ckie B Newbie   1 review
    Have just purchased some storage, shelving and lounge furniture - 8 flat packs and an assembled unit from the bargain basement! Service was excellent, we loaded up the rented van in the nearby loading zone and the whole process was easy and streamlined. Thanks IKEA at both Tempe and Homebush for a really great experience.
  • beanboy House Proud   309 reviews
    Everyone loves Ikea, this place is HUGE.

    I'd never purchase a bed or lounge from here, but for glasses, vases, picture frames and odd bits you can't go wrong. Everything is so cheap.
  • bradlyloco Local Star   173 reviews
    Just massive. There's 3 "meeting points" to stop & revive energy levels as you follow the arrows on the floor through a labyrinth of furniture and home wares. Well stocked and I really can't imagine not finding something that suits any modern home.

    Yes, it's totally soulless and you will be feeding the corporate giant - but, how can you argue with the range and prices for a lot of situations.
  • Cee Zee Local Star   278 reviews
    When you first pull into the car park of this Ikea, you realise just how big it really is as it could be nearly as big as a shopping centre. Even though there is an expansive car park, no matter what time you come you have to drive around to find a free spot. Visiting this IKEA is not for the feint hearted and its not a quick visit either. When you get to the kitchen section, you realise just how big it really is with over 10 kitchens on display and a whole area with computers to plan your kitchen. Also I never realised Ikea did bathrooms and vanities before and again there is a whole section for these too. Obviously you get what you pay for but there are some items which are great value. I love the market hall area where you can get all the knicky knacks for your kitchen and bathroom, its hard to walk through here without buying something. The storage ideas are great, especially when you are limited for space and don't want to spend a fortune. If you are looking for a quick visit then maybe head out to Rhodes but this Ikea is heaving with the masses at the moment so make sure you are in a good mood before you get there.

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