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Reviews of Indian Chopsticks

  • Jess_2014p Local Star 170 reviews
    Walked in and sat down at a table, the wait staff acknowledged us but took an age coming to take our order so we started to walk out. The wait staff saw us leaving but made no attempt to apologise so we kept going. We wont be back.
  • If you are left with no option then only try for Indian Chopsticks.I would never recommend it to anyone.We dined at Indian Chopsticks and ordered for Gobi 65 and noodles.Firstly you have to wait for a long min. approx. 45 minutes till you see something on your table.Even for water bottle we called the wait staff number of times and after so many reminders they gave us the water.Thereafter Gobi 65 arrives.We thought noodles will be there in a short while.I would say hats of to the patience.You will die waiting in hunger till you will get the other dish so that you can enjoy both of them together.After we tasted Gobi it was very much bitter.We told them can take it as it not worth eating.On that the wait staff said they will get Gobi Manuchrian without any additional charge.Within 5 minutes we got Gobi Machurian. It was the same Gobi added with sauce which was horrible to taste.We left of the Gobi Manchurian and ate noodles.At the time of billing they charged for the Gobi Manchurian as well.We were really shocked as we clearly told the wait staff about it that it was very bitter and they will not charge additionally. The wait staff said the Gobi in Australia is like that, as if we ate it for the first time. The wait staff didn't even bother that they are not only depriving the customers with a good quality food but hampering the reputation of their restaurant as well.I would warn people to think twice before taking there decision to dine in there.
  • We recently dined at indian chopsticks and were quite disappointed with the food quality and service provided.
    The soup served to us was disappointing, we could not even eat it - when advised staff they took it back. Along with that the dishes were not served together even though we specified so we couldnt enjoy the dishes with the rice and noodles which we ordered - when coming to payment of bill we advised the soup was disappointing and we didnt even touch it however the staff member asked us to pay for it!! Never dine there ever again!! one of the worse places I have been too! food quality - service all very poor!
  • Good food... Value for money..
    Nice ambiance for dinner in their outside sitting area.
    But very slow service as they seemed to be really short staffed.

    I would make this my regular joint.. at least they prepare fresh food.. unlike most food court joints..

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