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  • Rebecca Ma Newbie   2 reviews
    Worst hair dresser I have ever been to!! They butched my hair leaving me with a chunk of hair missing, made me wash my own hair and still expected me to pay $50! Went straight to another hair dresser after who said there are no layers which I asked for and its not even straight!! I worn everyone do not go here!! Defently taking this matter further!
  • zaram13 Newbie   1 review
    Had a lovely experience with Laila and her staff, clean and relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff.
  • debweddingdress Newbie   1 review
    I have been here once. Great service. Love it
  • MontanaC Newbie   1 review
    I have only been coming to this salon for the past few months now, and I am glad to say that I look forward to every visit! The service at this salon is wonderful and it is so nice to be treated with such generosity and kindness by Laila. I have become a regular customer now and am so impressed with the continuous service that I know I will never have to find another salon again!! It is often difficult to find a salon that is so clean and offers such a range of beauty products and services, I highly recommend coming here
  • sussan m Newbie   1 review
    Just visited for a 3 hr pamper package and it was wonderful....very relaxing and Laila
    couldn't have been more accommodating warm and friendly..I will definitely be
    going back to treat myself again.
  • AprilClara1   3 reviews
    This salon is overpriced and the service is shocking. The treatments are appauling. Do yourself a favour and avoid this salon!
  • korins Newbie   1 review
    Very disappointed....prices seem reasonable but service and facilities are not comparable to other local beauticians. I will not bother with this salon again.
  • Saane Newbie   2 reviews
    I am a long term client of lailas and have followed her for years. Its always hard to find a therapist who knows what theyre doing and i have found that in laila. Your work is great.
  • joseph anon   2 reviews
    I am a long term client of the owner and have followed her throughout Sydney for years. I have been to a lot of other places and the fact that I travel to come see her religiously every month speaks volumes. Laila I find you professional and your treatments are like magic. Opinions are likea - everyone has one so chin up. I will continue to come and see you and the debacle about the vouchers is bad but some of that stuff was out of your control (staffing issues etc). Anyway this is just my 2 cents and i will see you again next month. xoxo saane
  • Nayzie Newbie   1 review
    I have visited this salon twice now & both times I had an amazing experience. The 1st time was with a voucher for a 3hr pamper package & yesterday for a micro & glycolic peel which was again extremely relaxing & I will be returning in a few weeks for more treatments. Laila is a lovely lady who takes great pride in her work. I have nothing but positive opinions about this salon......
  • joseph anon   2 reviews
    I have 1 day off every 2 months and I decided to go to this salon with my girlfriend and can I say it was my first massage and facial and by far it was the best most relaxed day I have had in years the male masseuse was so friendly and funny and kind and gentle the young lady that done my facial so soft and kind natured.
  • Wooooo Newbie   1 review
    Do not waste your time visiting this salon!!! I wish I had read some of these other negative comments before I wasted my time and money on a 3 hour pamper package. Waited 6 months to get an appointment only to visit an unprofessional salon. The facial was so short and I could hear other customers full conversation while they were in the sauna next door. Staff member there the entire time servicing 4 customers. The management tried to convince me to get an air pressure massage which I did not want - then could not offer the manual massage. Why offer an aromatherapy massage if you can't do it!!! Sauna was like a small box - not good if you are claustrophobic!!! Overall if I could rate it 0 out of 5 I would.
  • BalkyBean Newbie   1 review
    TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE - not relaxing, would not recommend to anyone and will never be returning. If businesses want to advertise an offer they need to deliver and this business does not. An indulgent foot spa treatment is not a home spa with some detergent and hot water in it!! Laying under a blanket that the previous client was laying under rather than a clean towel is also off-putting!!!! So many other great salons in the area - don;t bother!
  • Laila1 Newbie   1 review

    I highly recommend this salon the service was excellent friendly and well presented this salon was respectfully immaculate the massage was sensational and the facial results were perfectly executed I could write a book of all the good thing on this salon but long story short it is a must go to place!
  • AprilClara1   3 reviews
    DO NOT VISIT THIS SALON! Horrible customer service, terrible treatments, overpriced, not relaxing at all, stressful atmosphere, unclean, pushy staff. I would not attend this salon again under any circumstance.
  • LizzieH Newbie   1 review
    Worst experience ever - buyer beware. Reading the other reviews reads exactly the same as my experience. 3 hour pamper package went as follows:

    40 minutes spent waiting at the front, listening to a sales pitch, fending off attempts made to switch my massage to a machine air pressure massage and then being told that there was no other choice as there was no masseuse to give me the massage I had paid for. I then lay under a light for 10 mins and was told to get up and swap rooms with another client. No linen was changed and I used the same pillows and was put under the same blanket. I then had a 10 minute facial and that was my one hour facial.

    The advertised package was a 1 hour facial which was not provided!! I then sat in a small sauna for 30 mins and after that I had my 30 min indulgent foot treatment - which was a home foot spa that had boiling water and body wash poured into it. The water was initially so hot that I had to use my own water bottle to cool it down. I could only endure the foot spa for 15 mins as the water then went cold.

    • sunflower2791 Newbie 
      Definitely a waste of money, waste of time, waste of an annual leave day off work, couldn't relax at all! Wasn't a soothing atmosphere either. I paid an extra $70 for microdermabrasion which lasted about 7 minutes and an additional facial package which lasted 30 minutes (even though I paid extra, I still did not get my 1 hour facial as advertised with the initial package I bought off scoopon, so this facial should of been an hour and a half with the extra money I paid but received all up 35 min with 30 min of that being under a UV light of some sort).


  • sunflower2791 Newbie   1 review
    bought a scoopon deal for $59 - felt as though even that was too expensive for the service I received. There was only 1 person in salon doing every person - got massaged with an air pressure machine! I wanted a person to get into my neck and shoulder which the machine doesnt even cover - its an air pressure machine that does legs and lower back - not the same as someone manually doing it. Foot scrub wasnt even a foot scrub - it was a foot wash you can buy at the other stores filled with some (what appeared to be) body wash. No person was physically there giving me a foot scrub.. I got a facial and and paid extra for microdermabrasion which honestly lasted about 7 minutes. Blankets were reused and no new linen was provided. I took the day off work to get a nice pamper package done - MIND YOU I have never had one before (no facial, no pampering of some sort) - so for this being my first time, it was a really bad first time experience. Won't be going back there. I am not a fussy person so for me to actual write my first review ever on something should speak for itself.
    • LizzieH Newbie 
      Seems as though this 'indulgent' experience was a waste of money and a nightmare for all those who bought it!!


    • LizzieH Newbie 
      What a joke I can't believe you paid extra!!!!I contacted Scoopon and got my money back.


  • anonymous anonymous Newbie   1 review
    I went for a couple 3 hour pamper. Was a few mins late and told I couldn't do it or my time will be cut to only 2 hours. so no massage. then I was told to pay $50 for a machine to massage me instead of the staff, who was the only staff member and we were the only clients in the whole shop! staff then refused to see us for only 2 hours even thought staff wasted our first hour. then staff's friend came in and served before us while we were still waiting. Staff also claimed our scoopon before even stepping a foot into the store so they got their money. then told us the staff member that was going to pamper us and went home. Absolutely horrible DO NOT VISIT THIS PLACE
  • shay1199   2 reviews
    well a $60 voucher was what i paid for and $60 worth was about all i got. a 3 hr pamper package, this is not! very pushy up sell, not enough staff to actually provide the services advertised (push to use massage machine instead of conventional massage). salon is old a dingey but the worst part, was the lack of linen and reuse of blankets instead of clean towels for each client!
  • Davidd23 Newbie   1 review
    I received both a hair cut and facial at Infinity; the hair cut was great and I would recommend Jimmy as he is a great hairdresser. Laila was excellent with the facial, it was both relaxing and rewarding (I fall asleep every time I go under the LED light therapy). I go to her at least twice a month for facials and especially for the "herbal active peel" which works great with acne. My skin has improved so much since I've been using these services and products. I highly recommend Infinity!!
  • kathylas Newbie   1 review
    I attended a fundraiser event a few months ago and I won a voucher for some pampering. Last week I visited Infinity Hair & Beauty. I had a dermabrasion and Light therapy done on my skin. It was a great experience and the owner Laila looked after me in a very friendly manner. I left that place very relaxed and looking & feeling 5 years younger. It has been nearly a week and my skin is glowing. I will go back in the near future and now I have to make time to experience the hairdressing. Thanks for the everything Layla and team.
  • Tanje79 Newbie   1 review
    I just used my second voucher that I bought immediately after using my 1st as I was really happy with the offer.
    Great value, being pampered for 3 hours for under $50 , that works out at just over $16 per hr!! I had the microdermabrasion which felt and appeared as though I had received brand new skin, glowing :) I was given an option weather to go for the massage or another slimming treatment . I got my 1hour relaxing massage which was the best massage that I have had in years. The Spa is their best idea. You have a sauna to yourself with the sound of peaceful music , detoxing inside & out. The foot soak was also lovely and relaxing. For a tiny bit extra I upgraded it to a pedi & my feet were also happy. Me & my body , skin , soul, relaxed & happy to " infinity " @ Infinity ! Thanks Leila , you and your girls are truly the best !!!! Keep up the great work :)
  • Tracey' Newbie   1 review
    After reading the comments below I was actually quite shocked because I loved every minute of my treatment.
    My bestfriend and I took the day off and came in for a relaxing and fun-filled day and that's exactly what we got.
    The facial was outstanding.. I had the microdermabrasion on my face and was amazed at how much healthier and more alive my face felt afterwards.
    The air pressure was to die for, I was in absolute heaven. I loved it.
    The sauna was also fantiastic and relaxing.
    All in all I will defiantly be back again, the staff were lovely and I had an amazing treatment.
    Highly recommend !!
  • kaz188   2 reviews
    i bought a scoopon as well for a 3 hour pampering package. i was pressured into paying extra for a facial that would suit my skin and was duped into a massage by a machine that they would apparently normally charge for. i think it's just a spiel they use so you don't ask for a manual massage. the foot spa is just like a foot spa you can get from other shop and the sauna is tiny, i felt claustrophobic in there. i didn't feel pampered at all and now i want to book a proper massage elsewhere.
  • helenz Newbie   1 review
    I don't normally go for massages but I got this on scoopon and thought why not. It was the best experience. The owner Laila was the nicest lady and very helpful. I will go again,
  • goddess1234   2 reviews
    I bought a scoopon from this place and i must say i was horrified!!!! 3 hour pampering package was less than 2 hours and their foot spa was a foot spa i have at home so i could have done that myself and the massage was a machine not even a proper massage. Then they say it was valued at over $300 i wouldn't have paid more than $20, their facial was a quick scrub and then sat under a light for half hour and to top it off they kept pressuring me into paying extra for extra services. so in the end all i got was a short 30min massage with a machine that didn't feel like a massage, a 30 min facial, a 10min foot spa, and sometime in the sauna i was expecting a manicure and pedicure also at least , they call this a pampering package? i call this a load of crap and a waste of money i left feeling like i didn't get pampered at all i wasted my time going there never gain.
  • Leontine S   2 reviews
    This salon is hidden on Connells point road, just of King Georges road. The management is a lovely person and a highly skilled beautician. I have treated myself to several treatments here and been very happy every time. After one of her facials, compliments on your skin are guaranteed!. The infrared sauna is just define, very relaxing & detoxing.
    The pricing is very reasonable and the products that she uses are fantastic.
    Apart from beauty salon, Infinity also has a hairdressing salon. The main hairdresser is great and very passionate about his job. You be cut & coloured as in a high class salon in the CDB without having to travel all that way.
    Highly recommened !

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