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Reviews of Into Camelot

  • This store would be perfect if everything in it were free, and it were in Sydney.

    I only say this because I can't afford to buy as much stuff as I like (and I like it a lot), because I live in Sydney, and because I am clearly being selfish and unreasonable about what is a very wonderful shop.

    The most expensive dress I have ever bought was from Into Camelot, but given the quality and quantity of the fabrics (brocade, satin), the attention to detail in the sleeves and the boning in the corset (not a real corset, but the boning does give shape to the dress), I actually think it was one of my best buys. A dress from the QVB in Sydney would cost as much, but wouldn't be as unique, nor as lovingly crafted.

    They have a decent range of unique clothes (my dress has some nice steampunk features) which I wish more people would prefer to wear on a daily basis, but I guess I'm a sucker for old fashioned style or historical clothing.

    Wearing a soullessly efficient and profitable garment made in bulk and sold to the masses to look like a clone of everybody else in the world doesn't interest me, and while I understand that it may not be an effective business model for Into Camelot to market their clothes as 'casual wear', I wish we lived in a world where they could.

    They also seem to do bridal wear; I'm actually getting married in about a month, but I'm going to wear plain clothing rather than a wedding dress so that I can spend more money on my partner and guests and less on myself. Were I to want to dress up (and if I couldn't sew or didn't have the time), and were Into Camelot situated in my state, I would very probably want to go to them for my wedding dress, from the photos I've seen of their products.

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