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Carpet repair Sydney wide, with over 20 years expert experience in carpet restorations. Call us for a free quote on carpet burn repair, carpet stain removal or carpet stretching.

Invisible Mending Sydney Carpet Repair provides carpet restorations to all area of Sydney. Our carpet repair work is fully insured and personally guaranteed for the life of the carpet, subject to fair wear and tear. Patrick, the sole owner and operator of Invisible Mending Sydney Carpet Repair, has over 20 years experience in repairing carpets Sydney wide.

If your carpet has damage like carpet burns, split joins, carpet stains or carpet holes, call Invisible Mending Sydney Carpet Repair first. Carpet restorations are usually much cheaper than the cost of laying new carpet, and Patrick is able to leave most repairs looking invisible.

Invisible Mending Sydney Carpet Repair fixes carpet burns caused by irons or cigarettes on carpet. Carpet stains caused by pets, red wine stains, vomit or urine on carpet can also be removed and repaired by Patrick. A piece of existing carpet from your home is used to patch the carpet burn or stain, then blended in so the repair is invisible.

Invisible Mending Sydney Carpet Repair can also perform carpet stretching Sydney wide. Carpet bumps and ripples are a health and safety hazard due to trips and falls, but they can be easily stretched back into shape by Patrick. Carpet holes, split joins, carpet mould and carpet tear damage can also be restored by Patrick.  

Squeaking floorboards are another of Invisible Mending Sydney Carpet Repair's services. Patrick can take up your carpet and underlay, then rescrew your floorboards to eliminate most squeaks and creaks. Your floors could seem like new again.

Patrick at Invisible Mending Sydney Carpet Repair places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. Patrick wants you to feel safe when he enters your home. With many years building up a reputation for expertise, honesty and friendliness, Invisible Mending Sydney Carpet Repair is a safe choice for carpet restoring in your home or business location. Call for a free quote today.

Reviews of Invisible Mending Sydney Carpet Repair

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  • leah_1306 Newbie   1 review
    I just had a deep burn in my carpet fixed by Patrick and I am so happy with the results, I couldn't even tell where it had previously been! It was so quick, easy and affordable, and Patrick was just lovely. Such a relief to have it fixed. I recommend Patrick to anyone with a carpet repair needed.

    4 months ago - 12/11/2014

    • Invisible Mending Newbie 
      You are very welcome, Leah, and I am so pleased you are happy. Thank you for your kind review. All the best, Patrick.

      4 months ago - 13/11/2014

  • Nick1960 Newbie   1 review
    Dealing with Patrick was pure joy! I needed a variety of carpet repairs due to a leaking bathroom, worn carpet on stairs, some stretching of carpet and even placement of speaker cables under the carpet. Patrick powered through them all with a very reasonable quote. Patrick's standards were very high.....higher even than mine! I would highly recommend Patrick as; reliable, courteous, honest, trustworthy and genuinely interested in the needs of his customer. Many thanks Patrick for a job well done, Nick

    6 months ago - 24/09/2014

    • Invisible Mending Newbie 
      Hi Nick, thank you so much for your kind review. I really do appreciate it! However, it is more important that you were happy with my service! All the best, Patrick.

      6 months ago - 25/09/2014

  • step ahead ccc Newbie   1 review
    wow i wish all the trades men where like this guy,
    on time efficient and actually has pride in his work hard to find these days
    great service and good job would definitely recommend

    9 months ago - 03/06/2014

    • Invisible Mending Newbie 
      Thank you. Your carpet will last much longer now - money worth spending. All the best, Patrick.

      9 months ago - 05/06/2014

  • becky_boo66 Newbie   1 review
    Extremely happy with the service and workmanship. Polite, punctual and did a great job at a great price. Thank you
  • Al H.   4 reviews
    Patrick is a great guy and does a brilliant job - had two deep iron burns in carpet. I texted him Saturday morning and he called straight back, He gave me a very reasonable quote over the phone. I made booking and he turned up as arranged to the minute - great start.

    He then looked over the damage and explained what he could do and made it clear that I was under absolutely no obligation to proceed. I decided to go ahead and as I had to leave I paid him ( the price he quoted ) and left.

    The result is way better than my expectations - you can not see the repair unless you really really get down close and know exactly where to look for it.

    Then as I was gone my wife not knowing I had already paid tried to pay him twice - he politely informed her he had already been paid.

    He was on time, polite, honest and his repair was amazing. Thanks again Patrick!
    • Invisible Mending Newbie 
      Hi Al,
      Thank you so much for your time and effort to post the review. I was hesitant, but the carpet repair result was a bit better than I expected. So we are all happy!
      All the best, Patrick.


  • Rana22 Newbie   1 review
    Hi this is Garry , I was in deep trouble when I burn my carpet but when I contacted him he fixed my carpet and in less money I owe heaps of thanks to Patrick
    • Invisible Mending Newbie 
      Hi Gary. I really appreciate your time to let me know you were satisfied with the carpet repair. All the best, Patrick.


  • Rochelle Berryman Newbie   1 review
    I have used Patrick twice now to fix up patches of carpet destroyed by pets. Invisible is an understatement, you can't even see where he's done the work, he's amazing!! I would highly recommend Patrick to anybody that needs carpet repair work. He is extremely prompt, can fit you in quickly, is on time, and very tidy. He has saved me from losing my bond twice now. He is definitely worth every penny.
    • Invisible Mending Newbie 
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write me such a wonderful review, Rochelle! Making my customers satisfied is my top priority - thank you for letting me know you were so happy. Patrick.

      5 months ago - 30/09/2014

  • Sarah and Greg Newbie   1 review
    My husband and I recently engaged the services of Invisible Mending to tend to some repair work at our rental property. Sections of carpet and underlay had sustained some water damage (i.e. rotten underlay and carpet needed re-stretching). From my first interaction with Patrick I found him to be polite and honest. He gave a good estimate in terms of cost involved, which was very reasonable. He confirmed the appointment time and was punctual with his arrival. At all times he presented himself and the business in a completely professional manner. We would definitely use this company again, and would have no hesitation in recommending him to any of our family and friends.
    • Invisible Mending Newbie 
      Hi Greg,

      Your kind review is very much appreciated as you have appreciated my carpet repair services!


  • lynfocus Newbie   1 review
    Very happy with the repair to our carpet! Fantastic after years at looking at a patch and thinking it was we have the carpet blending in with the age and finish. Patrick was efficient and pleasant. He phones to confirm his appointments and this makes the whole experience business like. My neighbours have also used Patrick and are very happy with the results. Well recommended. Lyn
    • Invisible Mending Newbie 
      Hi Lyn,
      Thank you so much for your review letting me know you are happy with my carpet repair services. You have made my day!
      All the best, Patrick


  • Uttara2009 Newbie   1 review
    Simply put, Patrick is the best bet for your carpet repair needs. Very professional, friendly, honest & good at his job. Highly recommended
    • Invisible Mending Newbie 
      Thank you Manav, for your very kind review. As long as you are happy with my service - that is all I care about!


  • protonc Newbie   2 reviews
    I have gotten to know Patrick from Invisible Mending over the last couple of months, first as a private customer and then on an ongiong basis as a business service provider to Patrick.

    Patrick was an extremely friendly and professional carpeter repairer. He did an excellent job on our carpet, and made a great improvement to the room. He also offered us helpful advice which saved us money! That speaks volumes about his honesty and genuine commitment to customer service. Thank you Patrick.
  • Bruce.Little Newbie   1 review
    Incredibly rude. Was called early in the morning and yelled at and spoken to with zero respect over the phone after THEY got the appointment date wrong and turned up to realize nobody was home. When I still tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and rescheduled, they didn't turn up at all nor did I receive any notice that they weren't coming despite confirming my appointment. Wouldn't recommend to anyone, find somebody else!
    • protonc Newbie 
      I doubt it. I've got to know them personally over the last couple of months, and I can guarantee that I've seen nothing at all that fits with this review. They have been professional, courteous, friendly and helpful to me.


    • Invisible Mending Newbie 
      I am sorry Bruce has had this treatment - pretty sure he is mixing me up with someone else! I could never treat one of my customers this way - I would be out of business in no time! You notice my name was not mentioned - something is fishy because I work by myself for myself and for my customers.


    • Invisible Mending Newbie 
      Bruce must be a disgruntled competitor! If Bruce would like to contact me I would be very happy to discuss this matter with him. He must have me confused with someone else with whom he has had a bad experience. In the meantime I will continue to excel in my carpet repair expertise to keep all my clients happy as Sydney's Best Carpet Repairer!


    • Bruce.Little Newbie 
      I absolutely DID NOT mix you up with another company, nor am I your competitor. I found another company (who shall remain nameless in a bid to prove I am not a competitor) who did a fantastic job for $150, while your quote was well over $300. I spoke to you early one morning in Spring of 2012. I called you for a quote and asked about your availability, telling you I would call and confirm an appointment in the coming days if indeed I wanted one. About a week later you called me early in the morning saying you were on your way to my house and wanted to confirm I was home, which I was not. You then raised your voice, berated me and denied any wrong-doing on your part when I apologized for the confusion. ''WHAT CONFUSION? THERE WAS NO MIX UP ON MY END!'' You were incredibly aggressive and told me you'd be there at a later date to do the job. I arranged to be home from work on that date (which was about a week later), and you never showed up, nor did I receive any notification.


    • Invisible Mending Newbie 
      Cyber bullying. I have no recollection nor diary entries of this. Someone upset you? I'm sorry. Get over it. Believe me it was not me. I am very polite over the phone or person to person. Have a good day.


    • princessbluebell Newbie 
      Patrick is an extremely helpful and considerate person. he even responds to people whilst on Annual Leave!



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