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  • SJMA Newbie   0 review
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  • Christina7801   23 reviews
    The pork buns here are absolutely amazing! A unique taste that I have not really tasted anywhere else. A must visit if you are near Pitt St mall in the city.

    4 months ago - 04/12/2014

  • exia   3 reviews
    The stock of ramen is good, but the portion is a bit small.

    11 months ago - 15/05/2014

  • chopsticks Local Star   190 reviews
    The Ippudo pork bun is the latest sensation in the Oriental Pork Bun family. It consists of a soft steamed bun folded over a tender slice of braised pork and crunchy iceberg lettuce, finished with Japanese mayonnaise. It is better tasted than described.

    As for the ramen, I highly rate it - the tasty tonkotsu broth, the simmered pieces of pork belly and the noodles cooked to your liking. It is pricier than other ramen joints around town, but my taste-buds are not complaining!
  • atan7 Local Star   1,009 reviews
    Cane here again to try the special- warm ramen with hot dipping soup. The staff explicitly teach you how to eat it (don't pour the soup in the ramen- make sure you just dip the noodles in and eat it). Best ramen experience... Delicious...
  • m_steins   8 reviews
    a fancy restaurant! enjoyed the food, its not your classical Japanese cuisine so be warned for all those expecting sushi and agadeshi tofu!!!
  • atan7 Local Star   1,009 reviews
    Warm, modern and inviting... The large wooden tables, and chic lighting make this restaurant in the Westfield food court area inviting. Lines start forming out the front after 6:30 so make sure you get in early and everyone part of your dinner is there, if not everyone is there, you don't get seated! Start the meal off with a pork bun, don't ask, eat it and you will know why I said that... The ramen is next, all of them are good (well I haven't heard anyone complain about any variety, except if you don't like bean sprouts, you might want to tell them when ordering a pork soup based ramen). You can even ask how 'cooked' you want your ramen, I get it the traditional 'hard'/al dente noodle cooking method.
    Warm ramen goodness, with a slight sweetness, add a bit if chilli... Amazing!
    Service was great too- Angelo was so friendly and polite! Highly recommend this place, top 3 ramen spots in Sydney.
  • KingEatingChamp Local Star   22 reviews
    Definitely over-rated - partly due to the price, and partly due to the small serving size. $18 for an ordinary ramen?? If you haven't been, go for it; but I won't be rushing back as there's plenty of places in Sydney that trump this place.
  • IMakeMolecules   9 reviews
    Admittedly the food is great but also on a pricey side (this is probably some of the most expensive ramen in Sydney). The soup stock is exceptional. The wait staff are generally lovely although if you ever have an issue that is brought to management, you will meet with arrogance. I think they know they're popular restaurant, and thus don't see a few disappointed customers here and there as a big deal; but only time will tell. Ensure that you ask where the queue for getting a table starts and ends, as we accidentally cut in front of a few customers who were lining up at the "Take Away" sign, not realising this was actually a continuation of the exceptionally long "Dine In" queue. 30 minutes of waiting later, management insisted that we "should have known" that it wasn't actually a takeaway line because the restaurant had been around for quite some time, but it was our first time there so what gives hey?! To avoid the disappointment we experienced, also ensure that you get them to add your name to a notebook they've got tucked away somewhere - in addition to waiting in line - because if you don't (it's not obvious but it's somehow your responsibility), you won't get a seat. But if you can get through the massive and totally counter-intuitive queueing system, the food is quite actually good.

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