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Reviews of Ipswich Road Medical Centre

  • Don't go you will have to pay loads most doctors don't bulk bill they booked me in and charged a fortune $75 for me child to be looked at for 5min and I was told oh well that is a standard fee hehe from the reception staff I asked why I wasn't told of the high fee oh the phone this is so beyond what is normal they says ops oh well.... P.s I have been going to this doctor for over 35years but it has become to much the over charging the docs that hate children the very very rude reception staff. It is hard to get the few good doctors at this place some are fantastic but if you can't get them you are doomed... That in my mind is not worth it find a nice place that will not drain you of as much cash as they can get off you. And a place that have good staff at the front and good doctors after all what are we paying for? At this place treatment well from now on I say No No No .....
    • Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about your recent visit to the Ipswich Road Medical Centre.

      I apolgise that you were not informed of the fee and that you feel it is too high. The staff have been made aware of your feedback and reminded of the importance of informing all patients of the practice billing policy at the time of making an appointment.

      If you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Practice Manager on 3848 2447.
  • I am a regular with Bill Tritton at this medical centre , who I believe is the Principal of this practise. I always recieve the most excellent, courteous, friendly and professional care. He spends as much time with you as you want, and most of the time the consultation is Bulk billed. Its a very busy practise and sometimes you have to wait a bit , but just ring before you go and ask if the doctor is on time -- simple really.
  • I first visited this practice about 8 months ago when I wasn't able to make an appointment with my regular GP of many years.I was so impressed with the standard of the consultation that I decided to change doctors and never went back to my other GP.
    I would not hesitate to recommend both Drs.Edi Sottile and Jim Griffin to anyone.They are both very professional,caring ,thorough and not arrogant as some doctors can be.
    The only complaint would be the waiting times (in one instance it was one and a half hours) however, the receptionist informed me of the situation as soon as I arrived. Anyway,as it seems, some patients have multiple issues they have to discuss, so realistically,how can they expect to have them all dealt with in 20 minutes! Just book a long appointment !
  • Comments are made with such passion towards other reviewers. How odd. Horrible experience with one of the treating doctors.
  • I have visited this practice for several years & generally all good. However, I have now lodged a formal complaint about the attitude and behaviour of a GP. I have never been treated with such arrogance by a Dr. in my life. Hopefully his demeanour will be addressed and I receive an unreserved apology.
  • Most successful outcome for patient at GP clinic will be (1) for long term patients well known to doctors who have patient's accurate and comprehensive medical history (2) affordable care (i.e. bulk billing/discounts offered for low income) (3) competent Doctors providing timely (no long waiting times) thorough consults/treatment (4) good Doctor / patient relations including consideration of social/economic/mental health issues (5) efficient and courteous admin staff (6) geographic proximity, car-parking facilities, closeness to public transport. For me, Ipswich Road Medical Centre IN MY CASE has provided all these very well, altho in regards (1), (4) has improved after I became a long term patient. Some patients "doctor shop" - visit more than 1 clinic. I have never done that in recent years, you can't expect the best care for a Doctor you've never or regularly do not see, and who does not have your complete medical record (talk in Australia of making digital records accessible for any clinic for any patient altho don't know where this is at - privacy issues obviously of paramount concern). 1 or 2 doctors at this clinic may rush patients through too quickly, and generally GP consultations are fairly short (though not terribly so), and this is standard practice across Australia. However, I can say my regular Doctor at this clinic is thorough, competent, and easy to get to see with a same day appointment. On rare occasions I can't see my regular Doctor at this clinic I have been able to see another Doctor, and been impressed with several of the other doctors at this clinic. Perhaps one or 2 can be a bit brisk and too quick in their consults, but they do provide basic care very effectively I have found.
  • Always running late, most times with no patient even in the room with the doctor. Kept me waiting for 1.5 hours with a 18mth old with a broken arm, to then be told to take to Mater Emergency (after ambulance told me to take to doctor). Reception staff do not communicate how long it will be untill you are seen and all the doctors have different opinions on treatment. Even after going to this practice for the past 20 years, and putting up with the bad service, I have finally had enough of the high fees and impersonal treatment.
  • i have been here many times and all the doctors i have seen have been beyond great. sure waiting times vary, and anyone who winges they wait to long are obviously just havin a bad time because they have a chance right here. any med centre that can guarantee low waiting times is compromising the quality of a patients right to a proper consultation. if your late getting in its more than likely the patients fault or many before you for not booking a longer consultation if they have multiple problems. its a medical centre not a service station. they have great doctors here. wont go anywhere else. it is worth a little wait! :)
  • After leaving work early for my appointment I arrived and booked in.....50 min later I approached the counter to let them know I couldn't wait any longer, "We're sorry, it doesn't look like anyone has entered you in.......and your medical staff has gone home".
  • I had an infected finger in 2006 that Dr. Jim Griffin handled perfectly. There was a chance of losing movement in this finger for the rest of my life, however Jim diagnosed and performed a minor operation in my initial visit as the infection was quite severe. The wait time was about average, but with the level of prefessionalism I was dealt I am happy to drive the extra 20 minutes to get to this practice when I need to. Good Doctors with proper medical training like Jim are very hard to come by these days, I recommend him and this practice to the nth degree.

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