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Resume Service & CV Writers

We provide specialist resume writing and resume services to clients across Australia. Itouch professional resume writers have earned numerous industry awards and recongnition for our work. We are TORI winners, WOMO Winners, and our staff are made up of leading recruiters and industry head-hunters - a powerful combination.

Resume writing services for:

Executive Resumes
Professional Resumes
Competency Based Resumes
Senior Management
Trade Personnel

Interview coaching and career management support also available

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  • Sweetnesssugar Newbie   1 review
    I've been out of the workforce for a number of years and I needed a kick ass resume. I searched online and the only name that kept coming up again and again with positive reviews was itouch resume solutions. So I sent an email, I got a response straight away and after a few interactions, Roland Coombes gave me a resume and a cover letter that's just amazing. I've never seen anything like what he has done, so professional, thoughtfully laid out, exactly what you need to stand out from the hundreds of other applicants. I applied for 2 positions and got 2 interviews in 1 day, one of them already turning into a second interview. And the extra information he gives you really takes you over the line. Forget spending money on cheap resumes done by people who just don't care about you, INVEST in yourself by going with the best. And trust me, I am a hard person to please and he is an absolute winner. Thank you Roland for the amazing service.

    2 weeks ago - 27/08/2014

  • Cris3 Newbie   1 review
    Resume, cover letter and LinkedIn account all professionally made. I will definitely recommend Roland to colleagues and friends. He offers a real service, asks all info needed and writes a professional resume. The investment is definitely worth the results, and I will stay away from any cheap service advertised on the net. I've heard of few disappointing stories and after a friend recommended me itouch solutions, I had the pleasure to verify the quality of this very reputable business. Thanks a lot for your work Roland.

    1 month ago - 15/08/2014

  • Jackie n Joe   3 reviews
    So I'm writing this on behalf of Joe my partner who needed a new job !!! Firstly, I never knew this type of service existed until my friend who had used this company said I should call them. So our budget is tight financially and paying $350 is a lot of money to us. I spoke with Rowland who was a very big comfort and I valued that he said he would never take on a client unless he was confident. Well last week Joe was called in for 3 interviews and better jobs than he had before (from no calls to so many and i think he will get a job as a company want to talk about salary now). I'm sorry if my English is not brilliant but I just wanted to say thank you for helping us out. it means so much to us..

    1 month ago - 27/07/2014

  • Carkysg Newbie   1 review
    Look no further than itouch solutions for your resume writing needs. A true professional Roland is without a doubt a leader in his field. After using him to create my first resume many years ago, I didn't think twice about returning to him to update it and give it a freshen up. Again excellent work from him. Thanks Roland! Your a champion.
  • Craig 123 Newbie   1 review
    After doing all that I could think of on my resume and only 1 interview in 6 weeks after arriving in Australia, I got my Resume, cover letter and Linked In done by ITouch. Immediately I was getting an average of 3 interviews per week and they were real potentials. I now have a job and I thank ITouch largely for that. They helped me to get through the stage where each applicant is a paper and become a person.

    I was a skeptic, but was proven wrong. Worth every dollar!

    My only regret is not doing it sooner. I have subsequently recommended ITouch to many others in my situation who have received equally positive results.

    3 months ago - 22/05/2014

  • Miller_SF   5 reviews
    Total revamp of my resume - bit like getting a totally new hair cut. Confidence levels now up and I have received results, in fact 3 interviews. Nothing to fault, maybe a 24 hour turnaround next time would be nice. I agree with other comments people have written about the company. Very good value for money.

    4 months ago - 15/05/2014

  • clementsydney   10 reviews
    After receiving a less than satisfactory experience from another competitor resume writer (I will withhold their name but they come up in many searches), I turned to Roland, itouch. Right from the start, I felt the difference i.e. the questionnaire was relevant, they were knowledgeable and approach was exactly what I wanted. I've been blown away with the resume and what has been achieved. If like me, its hard to know which agency to go with. Annoyingly, this company was on my short list at the start but I choose an alternative agency at the time due to turnaround times. Having seen the difference in quality of resumes, from here on, I would suggest you seriously consider this company (i.e. itouch resume).

    5 months ago - 15/04/2014

    • aly_r Newbie 
      I had a similar experience with another provider - I won't mention their name but their work was less then impressive.. Thank you Rowland and itouch for putting me back on track, and thanks so much for the changes.

      3 months ago - 25/05/2014

    • clementsydney  
      Yes, it was frustrating Aly - the other version (from the other provider) really wasn't high end and a lowly attempt (despite all the claims on their site). Looking back, I think I just jumped at the best price and fast turnaround without doing some research first.

      3 months ago - 28/05/2014

  • Ana Soares Newbie   1 review
    With the unemployment rate increasing, I felt that investing in a professional to give you an outstanding resume and who knows what the job market entails at the moment is extremely important if you want to shine while applying for work. Roland has exceeded my expectations and has totally transformed my resume. Was very happy with my end results. Every single detail has been well thought in ways that I would not have been able to do myself. Worth every dollar. Thanks Roland!!!!

    5 months ago - 25/03/2014

  • ListRMason Newbie   1 review
    I gave them a challenging assignment and I have been extremely impressed by the resume and feedback from recruiters and colleagues. I should mention that I am in a senior position and have the advantage of having recruited many personnel myself i.e. seen many resumes. The fact that I would now employ myself demonstrates just how much I value the work these guys have done :) The only concern (not really a concern but advice) is booking time which was 7 days (not the 5 days on their website). But I was happy to wait providing it is quality which it was.

    5 months ago - 23/03/2014

  • Zubbus Newbie   1 review
    Roland was amazing, he guide me through the process.
    I was a bit nervous because is not cheap, but I can tell you that at the end was worth it.
    My resume was completely changed and looks amazing, I have been called for most of the positions that I applied, Im very impress.
    I also recommended this company to my friends, this is one of the best investments I ever done.

    6 months ago - 11/03/2014

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