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We provide specialist resume writing and resume services to clients across Australia. Itouch professional resume writers have earned numerous industry awards and recongnition for our work. We are TORI winners, WOMO Winners, and our staff are made up of leading recruiters and industry head-hunters - a powerful combination.

Resume writing services for:

Executive Resumes
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Interview coaching and career management support also available

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  • Smokey53 Newbie   1 review
    I recently engaged Roland to review my current CV and write or make changes where he felt it necessary. I was concerned about the process however Roland assured me that he could meet my requirements and provided me with the confidence to proceed. After sending me his questionnaire and completing it and returning the document which cover my previous work history, Roland forward me a revised copy of my CV for comment. I was very impressed with the results and look forward to positive results from application for positions. He has captured the essence of what I have been trying to put across to employers in a succinct and precise fashion. I would highly recommend this service.

    2 months ago - 16/01/2015

  • QuantP Newbie   2 reviews
    Provided the team with a difficult challenge which has been both met and exceeded. Consulting service was of particular interest as my choice was to move away from a hybrid CV which hadn't seen the results I once had. Selection of competency based resume/cv has been easy to manipulate. All in all, excellent results and 2015 now employed starting on the 5th.

    2 months ago - 01/01/2015

  • Caroline Xi Newbie   1 review
    I am writing a review on this company as I want to express just how much of a help they have been to me and indirectly for my family. I was made redundant in Jul and have been really worried as I wasn't getting any interviews for jobs. I was pretty much at a low point. My friend recommended itouch and I went through their whole process. What has been a true value add was their comments on how I should approach the market (I was probably sending out too many CVs to too many jobs, and not enough relevance). The CV was a knock out, and very targeted. Well, in Oct after the CV I got my first call back. A week later three calls backs and later on not one but three 2nd interviews and two job offers (now proudly accepted and working). Honestly, this has been a massive boost to my confidence. I would highly recommend anyone experiencing any problems in the recruitment market to talk to these guys. They weren't the cheapest, but my gosh, the results spoke volumes.

    3 months ago - 27/11/2014

  • kmeston Newbie   1 review
    I'm so in love with my resume. This really has surpassed expectations, and thank you so much to Roland for working over the weekend for my project. Regard, Kay

    5 months ago - 19/10/2014

    • kmeston Newbie 
      to update on my resume, two weeks on and I have a job offer. speaks volumes for the results.

      4 months ago - 03/11/2014

  • twisted4587 Newbie   1 review
    This is the 2nd time I've used Roland's service, I find him professional, responsive and am delighted with the end result again. I had a few tweaks/changes and nothing was to much hassle, he seems to genuinely care about what you sort of role you are looking for....I highly recommend Roland!

    5 months ago - 09/10/2014

  • Guy83 Newbie   1 review
    i touch resume services did an outstanding job on my resume, Roland is very professional and was able to format my resume in a way that it would stand out from the rest, would highly recommend to anyone looking for their resume done the right way.
  • SeffyC   7 reviews
    This has been clearly a step above the rest and thank you so much. I initially tendered to 3 resume writers and chose you guys for the samples you provided. You haven't let me down, Also, after looking deeper into the content, the information you have provided clearly demonstrates that you have really researched my projects (I wasn't expecting that !!!). Cheers to a great summer and thumbs up to you.

    6 months ago - 15/09/2014

  • Cris3 Newbie   1 review
    Resume, cover letter and LinkedIn account all professionally made. I will definitely recommend Roland to colleagues and friends. He offers a real service, asks all info needed and writes a professional resume. The investment is definitely worth the results, and I will stay away from any cheap service advertised on the net. I've heard of few disappointing stories and after a friend recommended me itouch solutions, I had the pleasure to verify the quality of this very reputable business. Thanks a lot for your work Roland.

    7 months ago - 15/08/2014

  • Jackie n Joe   3 reviews
    So I'm writing this on behalf of Joe my partner who needed a new job !!! Firstly, I never knew this type of service existed until my friend who had used this company said I should call them. So our budget is tight financially and paying $350 is a lot of money to us. I spoke with Rowland who was a very big comfort and I valued that he said he would never take on a client unless he was confident. Well last week Joe was called in for 3 interviews and better jobs than he had before (from no calls to so many and i think he will get a job as a company want to talk about salary now). I'm sorry if my English is not brilliant but I just wanted to say thank you for helping us out. it means so much to us..

    7 months ago - 27/07/2014

  • Carkysg Newbie   1 review
    Look no further than itouch solutions for your resume writing needs. A true professional Roland is without a doubt a leader in his field. After using him to create my first resume many years ago, I didn't think twice about returning to him to update it and give it a freshen up. Again excellent work from him. Thanks Roland! Your a champion.
  • Craig 123 Newbie   1 review
    After doing all that I could think of on my resume and only 1 interview in 6 weeks after arriving in Australia, I got my Resume, cover letter and Linked In done by ITouch. Immediately I was getting an average of 3 interviews per week and they were real potentials. I now have a job and I thank ITouch largely for that. They helped me to get through the stage where each applicant is a paper and become a person.

    I was a skeptic, but was proven wrong. Worth every dollar!

    My only regret is not doing it sooner. I have subsequently recommended ITouch to many others in my situation who have received equally positive results.

    10 months ago - 22/05/2014

  • Miller_SF   5 reviews
    Total revamp of my resume - bit like getting a totally new hair cut. Confidence levels now up and I have received results, in fact 3 interviews. Nothing to fault, maybe a 24 hour turnaround next time would be nice. I agree with other comments people have written about the company. Very good value for money.

    10 months ago - 15/05/2014

  • clementsydney   10 reviews
    After receiving a less than satisfactory experience from another competitor resume writer (I will withhold their name but they come up in many searches), I turned to Roland, itouch. Right from the start, I felt the difference i.e. the questionnaire was relevant, they were knowledgeable and approach was exactly what I wanted. I've been blown away with the resume and what has been achieved. If like me, its hard to know which agency to go with. Annoyingly, this company was on my short list at the start but I choose an alternative agency at the time due to turnaround times. Having seen the difference in quality of resumes, from here on, I would suggest you seriously consider this company (i.e. itouch resume).

    11 months ago - 15/04/2014

    • aly_r Newbie 
      I had a similar experience with another provider - I won't mention their name but their work was less then impressive.. Thank you Rowland and itouch for putting me back on track, and thanks so much for the changes.

      10 months ago - 25/05/2014

    • clementsydney  
      Yes, it was frustrating Aly - the other version (from the other provider) really wasn't high end and a lowly attempt (despite all the claims on their site). Looking back, I think I just jumped at the best price and fast turnaround without doing some research first.

      9 months ago - 28/05/2014

    • SeffyC  
      Just to stick my oar in (so to speak), I asked for samples from each resume writer and then printed them. Both me and a friend went through each and itouch was our preferred. I think it important to really look at the content at see what style of writing grips you.

      6 months ago - 15/09/2014

  • Ana Soares Newbie   1 review
    With the unemployment rate increasing, I felt that investing in a professional to give you an outstanding resume and who knows what the job market entails at the moment is extremely important if you want to shine while applying for work. Roland has exceeded my expectations and has totally transformed my resume. Was very happy with my end results. Every single detail has been well thought in ways that I would not have been able to do myself. Worth every dollar. Thanks Roland!!!!
  • ListRMason Newbie   1 review
    I gave them a challenging assignment and I have been extremely impressed by the resume and feedback from recruiters and colleagues. I should mention that I am in a senior position and have the advantage of having recruited many personnel myself i.e. seen many resumes. The fact that I would now employ myself demonstrates just how much I value the work these guys have done :) The only concern (not really a concern but advice) is booking time which was 7 days (not the 5 days on their website). But I was happy to wait providing it is quality which it was.
  • Zubbus Newbie   1 review
    Roland was amazing, he guide me through the process.
    I was a bit nervous because is not cheap, but I can tell you that at the end was worth it.
    My resume was completely changed and looks amazing, I have been called for most of the positions that I applied, Im very impress.
    I also recommended this company to my friends, this is one of the best investments I ever done.
  • loftus1234 Newbie   1 review
    2nd time of using this company. My background is HR so I do expect quality. I had one job to update and I'm pleased with the way resume was restructured for the update i.e. not just had a new job tacked on. This shows excellent diligence from their end. I've already referred two members and now use itouch as an unofficial resume writer for outplacement. Whilst they remain independent, I will keep on using them.
  • Jay_Sydney Newbie   2 reviews
    I think Roland did an amazing job. I'm quite a picky person and I must admit, Roland was extremely patient. Most of the communication was by email (some phone) which I guess keeps the cost reasonable, but I found the questions very relevant, and useful. As others have mentioned, the resume is precise, professional, concise, and clear. Moreover, the resume targets the market well. The results have been fantastic.
  • Montecute Newbie   1 review
    I thought the price very reasonable given the attention to detail and the level of service offered. The finished product was succinct and not just a reformatting of the information. It gives the reader a snap shot of skill sets and experience in a style that is quick and easy to digest. Having been through this process previously with another national Resume Writing firm, which was more expensive, I would have no hesitation recommending iTouch to others and would definitely use this service again.
  • LouisMPSyd Newbie   1 review
    I must admit that despite the price quoted being slightly higher than some other agencies, I was compelled to use this team (reassured following a call to them). The results of my resume have been nothing short of outstanding - the sheer ability to align my resume has resulted in a massive hit rate from recruitment agencies. This is a genuine service and I can see now why they are getting the reviews they have. The questionnaire was a little arduous but it did bring to mind useful pointers which I have since used to my advantage in interview. Be prepared to work with them and listen to their suggestions (which are sometimes quite frank but very useful).
  • simonlincl Newbie   1 review
    Extremely satisfied with overall outcome, and a fascinating insight into how recruiters look at my resume. I did notice a typo (easily rectified) but the resume was a totally new outlook on anything I have done before. Well worth the investment. Cover letter succinct and suited my target well. Good ratio of interview to applications so delighted.
  • PravSingh   3 reviews
    I did get a booking with the company, waiting time was 7 days. I'm in finance and found the market very tough especially being of overseas descent. I realise now that I wasn't focusing on my target. The resume was a real change from what I had before and very precise. Parramatta Chandler McLeod and Drake both have been very receptive since the new resume and have won me interviews. This is very good news. If I had to give advice to others it would be:

    Make sure you focus your resume on your target market
    Get rid off too many bullet points and irrelevant information
    Be critical and listen to recruiter feedback

    I really liked using itouch and their approach works for me. If you use a professional resume agency, then you will need to pay money though.
  • secondchance34 Newbie   1 review
    Was really looking forward to this companies services after all the praise I read on other reviews - was disappointed to be turned away as the person who specialised in my industry was on scheduled break. I appreciate the honesty and quick response - however I'd spent a good hour researching the best resume service to go with and after choosing them received a generic email turning me away.
  • LT-Tressle   5 reviews
    $310 for a resume BUT 7 interviews and payrise now on the cards. I can't praise this company highly enough. Extremely knowledgeable of the market. My personal opinion is that the success from itouch was down to the consultant (a roland combes) who was able to advice me on the best approach, and how to target my job applications.
  • MsMilly Newbie   1 review
    Covered what I thought would be a very difficult and complex project extremely well. It's been two weeks and so far so good. Was offered very straight forward advice and words of wisdom in avoiding a hybrid resume (probably why I was going wrong to start off with). Content was strong, well worded. Format is simple black and white, but recruiters have all said they like what they see.
  • Emma-theITGeek Newbie   1 review
    WOW - what a great surprise. I'm not really into posting online reviews but I'm absolutely ecstatic with the resume produced. Was nervous about the end result, my delight when I opened up the resume couldn't be held back. HAYS already had my CV but this version has re-ignited their interest, and booked in for a new contract Wednesday week. Top marks.
  • JobsonC Newbie   1 review
    Excellent work, resume is very punchy, targeted and very different to the version I first supplied (I guess that's why I went to them in the first place). Solid strike rate so far, with 4 interviews from 5 applications. I will update once I'm satisfied with the full employment outcome.
    • JobsonC Newbie 
      Job application successful. A very satisfactory result. Update to 5 stars


  • karen@lime Newbie   2 reviews
    I've had them running round in circles and jumping hoops. Can't believe they stayed with me the whole way. An absolute pleasure to work with the team and they were very patient to meeting my needs.
  • xuilou Newbie   1 review
    Project Manager 10 years experience. So, last month I didn't hear anything from recruiters. now I'm there best friend ! What a difference this resume has made :)
  • saleshma   4 reviews
    2nd time round and just as good. Needed advice this time on direction and was duly impressed with the strategy provided. Really pleased that you guys have remained in the market, please don't go anywhere as I'll be back ! :)
    • saleshma  
      BTW - you may get a call from a recruiter friend who wants to refer someone to you.


  • Diver27 Newbie   1 review
    I wasnt impressed with the service. Received the CV back from the management, was full of typos and grammatical errors. After an attempt for them to fix this up I did it myself. Didn'tt receive any increased hits with the CV and reverted back to my old one. They offered additional services such as creating an online profile before even sending the CV. The CV that came through was very similar to a friends (identical format) the only difference was my information plugged in (wouldn'tt take the $300+ in time to do). I would only recommend if you cant format a word document, you will find samples online of the CV format and how lay-it out.
    • itouch resumes  
      Please could you contact me as a matter of urgency. We have high expectations of our work and need to know when something isn't working out for our client. It's part of our guarantee and our commitment to you as a client. I would be extremely grateful if you can contact Roland Coombes.


  • SiKai Newbie   1 review
    Sceptical at first but swayed by the reviews. Has been a very good learning experience especially given the feedback on how to approach the market. I'm putting this review up as I believe others should understand that recruitment market knowledge is paramount. I joined one of the banks next week and I doubt I would have succeeded if it wasn't for the CV and the guidance by this firm. Don't get tempted into cheap services. This company was First class and worth every cent --- already recommended to others.
  • DeakinNSW Newbie   1 review
    Last month, I sold my company resulting in 3 members of staff being made redundant. We engaged Roland and his team to assist with the outplacement from a Resume/CV perspective. I take my hat off to these guys. They were empathetic, professional and treated the staff who were leaving with the utmost respect. They offered the team full support throughout the transition process. All 3 members have since found employment and passed on fantastic feedback to itouch. This has made an extremely difficult process a positive. *** 5 stars ***
    • itouch resumes  
      Thanks for your comments and I am delighted that all three are now working (follow ups now all completed).


  • makkasy   3 reviews
    Delighted !!!! LinkedIn profile completed last month and received two calls from Sydney search agents last week, with profile showing 30+ hits. Love it. Would highly recommend
  • prasadg Newbie   1 review
    I was in need of a CV and a covering letter. Contacted Roland from itouch professional solutions and he completely understood my specific requirements. Resume and covering letter was prepared in accordance with my need. All thru the process I was kept informed. Service was impeccable.

    Thanks to Roland and his team of professionals. I am delighted to recommend you.
  • pricettaj   6 reviews
    Recommended to itouch following a less than desirable experience with another resume writer. I must admit it took a great deal of pondering before I was willing to part with more money. The change in direction that this company took was exactly what the CV needed. Its given me a renewed leap of confidence. Companies all call me on the first approach since the CV was redone. For those out that considering who to use, I cant recommend itouch highly enough. I live in Canberra so work was online, but this really wasnt an issue. Money very well spent. Just a shame I didnt go here first.
  • LeytonSi Newbie   1 review
    First time I've used a CV writing services and saw a significant improvement (on what I tried). Received two calls for interviews next week so all good so far. Will give 5 stars when I get the job ;)
    • LeytonSi Newbie 
      UPDATE TO 5 STARS !!!! - Received call back and confirmation of job this week. Strike rate post CV has been exceptional (around 90% hit rate) Very impressive and I am delighted. Thanks guys.


  • colin8317 Newbie   1 review
    A big thank you to Roland and the team. Came to them at a cross-roads in my career and the advice they provided was exceptional. Really like the sensible approach they take to how recruiters will see the resume in the real world, and how I needed to narrow my market. Loved the CV and service.
  • shaunxi_auz   2 reviews
    Relocated to Sydney last year and it's been really difficult to find work. My friend recommend my resum to be done professionally and I used this company. Over the last three weeks, I have been receiving phone calls direct from Hays, Michael Page and others, and last week I accepted a contract. This is a great service.
  • annjen   3 reviews
    Not the cheapest out there but price point is realistic. CV presented well and looks very professional. I tested the new me last week on the market and did get interviews, so I guess it works. Does what they say they will do. Thumbs up +1
  • tinrobert   2 reviews
    Really liked what they did with my resume, wasn't an easy job at all. Recruiters I used were also impressed - makes a change ;). Would I recommend? Already have. Not really any negatives other than I had to wait a week, but the wait was worth it.
    • itouch resumes  
      Update received and thanks so much for referring. We've received your friends CV and are working with them at the moment.


  • romagrahamau   3 reviews
    Some points:
    --) Price is very competitive (I shopped around for quality not price)
    --) Format and overall visual appeal was great, my particular resume needed to cover a couple of layers (BA, Project Management) so was delighted that a cross-over could be achieved.
    --) Service - initially online but called them, wanted to check they are real people. Very professional and I must say "switched on" to how the recruitment market works.
    --) Results & Feedback from recruitment agencies has been extreemly positive. My old resume tended to be passed over, so very refreshing.
    If I had to pick up on anything was some minor errors but these were readily fixed (the conultant called me.

    This was a great experience and well worth the investment.
  • billion$$$ Newbie   1 review
    price was bit more than I wanted to pay and but i have since found job.
  • romagrahamau   3 reviews
    Resume was nicely presented, excellent quality of content. Also came with an information guide which helped me understand how to make adjustments against specific jobs. I like what these guys do.
  • luska Newbie   1 review
    Accepted a job last week of the back of the resume they did. Happy New Year :)
  • Jdoc23NZ Newbie   1 review
    Strong resume, well worded, content has the impact I was looking for. Extra marks for their understanding of a difficult situation.
  • HnyRadhakrishnan Newbie   1 review
    I am a new PR to Australia. With the resume I had, I was not even getting a response from the recruiters. The CV made by the Itouch resume solutions was awesome and it captured the essence of my IT work experience. In just 2 weeks, I started getting responses and now I am going to be starting work by the end of Nov. Worth every dollar spent!! The interaction was very easy and pleasant. Would definitely recommend them for any IT specific resumes!
  • LRana Newbie   1 review
    This has been a very pleasant experience; turned my useless attempt at a CV into what has landed me a key promotion. CV was punchy, excellent content and really like the format. Would I use them again - yes definitely.
  • Dutton23Sam Newbie   1 review
    absolutely ecstatic - worth every cent. I've seen results within two days of applying to jobs; a massive turnaround to before (previously, I was lucky to get an automated response!). Thanks guys and extremely happy to recommend you.
  • Lord Petro Newbie   1 review
    If I had one word to describe this service, it would be 'value'. You could spend hours looking at job ads to pull out key words and try incorporate them into your resume and even spend days pondering on all the things you done at your workplace then try summarise it all in an easy to read format. What this all boils down to is time and energy, which is what iTouch Resume Solutions will save you!

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