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Reviews of James Dean Pizza Cafe (byo)

  • As my family owns a restaurant I am well aware that you have to be so careful with customers or they can write the unfairest of reviews however it turns out that the pizza from James Dean was actually terrible and the bad reviews are truthful! They were the only takeaway near us open late so we tried them out and as it says in several other reviews on other websites the pizza took over an hour (hour and 20mins), it was lukewarm at best, and I didn't even recognise what I ordered, it was very oily and basically seemed like dried cheese/splodges of tomato/weird pureed rocket rather than anything fresh! I'm not a picky eater and I couldn't eat it. Also when we called the shop to see where the pizza was after an hour we had to ring 3 times before an answer and then the management just told us all the drivers had left now without even checking our order number and was not particularly polite. I've posted on several websites to warn people not to waste money!
  • Decided to try this place out after getting a discount flyer.

    The management was rude to me when I gave them the discount voucher and told me it was invalid.

    Pizza was too greasy and won't be going back to that pathetic place again.
  • Num Num - eaten here loads and the food is always good
  • Isy 4 reviews
    best pizza ever!!!!! full of fillings, daily made crust, fresh!!!! real local business!!!!! you got to try it!!!!!
  • Very very nice tasting pizzas, value for money and good local delivery times.

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