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Reviews of Jane Anita Nail & Beauty

  • Agree that they're in a hurry to get you out. They were friendly enough but I left with a lot of "broken" hairs and leftover wax stuck to my legs.
  • Kikininja Local Star 277 reviews
    I have been to this salon a number of times and each time I get a different therapist and the experience and outcome depends on which therapist you get. The Thursday therapist is awesome this person does an awesome job and is really friendly and makes you feel comfortable the Tuesday therapist, well does the bare minimum and the experience wasn't as pleasant and made me think twice about returning to the salon.
  • I'm very surprised with the first review! Every time I've been there the service has been fantastic. I've always had a girl called Angela, who's really lovely and and makes me feel very comfortable. I've been there for waxing and fake tans. I would defiantly recommend Anita Jane Nail & Beauty :)
  • Jane Anita Nail & Beauty is not my first option because every time I go there a different person does my waxing. Also, they are fast to do the work because they want to be on the top of their appoitnments, but because of that the quality of work is not always good. The best lady only goes Thursday and Friday and she has more care during the waxing, especially on your eyebrow. Also, the customer service has gone downhill. They used to be at least friendly and now they seem to be a bit over-stressed even when there is no clients waiting! Other day I was there and was a bit late because traffic jam and the lady gave me an attitude when there was nobody waiting in the clinic. Unnecessary attitude towards a client who often comes to her clinic and has waited before to be attended. Moreover, as stated earlier, the clinic was empty and no customer was waiting. Thus, it tells you the customer service level has dropped and if I am paying for a service it needs to come with positive and friendly attitude as well.
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